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    Role: Player(new) Looking: Group Type of Game: any Session Specifics: voiced preferable but can work text if done over a computer Region: Edwardsville, IL Time: Any day from 12PM to whenever Game Style: Any It dosent really matter to me. As long as were having fun. Game Specifics:Deathwatch Comments: I am a relatively new player to the Warhammer 40k scene, however i do have experience with DnD so I have a rough idea of how a session could go. I have most of the books with only the background and the errata and free web supplements missing so I am studying up on the game tho I would appreciate help from other players if we are in a session together.
  2. If its still possible I would like to play this as well. I have All the books necessary saved to my computer and my preferred Chapter is Blood Angels while playing as an assault marine tho i can fill any other role if its needed. Im in the US Central time-zone.
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