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  1. Unfortunately I've got to be in Santa Monica around 5pm, so not gonna be able to make it. But good to know.
  2. Gameology in Montclair? They don't have anything about X-Wing listed on their calendar.
  3. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Everything you say is true, but neglects several other factors. Sure, you can lose a TIE Fighter on one bad roll. Or you can get lucky and have it survive an unexpected number of attacks. You can also guarantee that you evade one attack per round. With the bomber, you know pretty much what you're getting: a ship that's very, very likely going to die under 2 turns of fire. Now, that's true of a lot of ships, but if that sort of certainty is what you're looking for, I might recommend you walk over here to the other end of our showroom and check out one of our new X-Wings, which are sporty yet reliable, with lots of power up front.
  4. TheKestrel

    game mats

    Very nice. I do with the outer border was actually the deployment zone, though.
  5. It might work against other low attack ships. Against anything rolling 3 dice or more, though, it doesn't take long at all for 1 less defense die and no evade action to cost you those 3 hull points. Otherwise, inclined to agree with oddeye.
  6. My (untested) variant on this: 2 Daggers with Advanced Sensors 2 Golds with Ion Cannon Trading the autoblasters for enhanced maneuverability to help you stay out of arcs. Not sure yet if it's an improvement but I plan to give it a shot.
  7. I think you're really unlikely to get off both of those torpedoes. 6 hull isn't as much as it seems, and especially if Wedge is on the opposing team, you're going to feel the hurt in a hurry, especially with no way to pass focus to Rhymer. The easiest way to solve this is probably PTL – so you can at least guarantee one heavy hit/kill shot – but that's just putting more points on Rhymer. Tough one. I do like that this distracts the enemy from Howlrunner for a couple turns, but I'm not sure if that's enough to justify the cost.
  8. No, I agree. Advanced Sensors is game-changing, but definitely much more effective on the high PS pilots than the grunts. The HLC build is a much different beast. It can potentially wipe 3 TIEs off the table in the initial volley, while you're still going to take very little damage in return. That's appealing no matter how you slice it. In the game I documented above, I *should* have gutted one of the HWKs in the first volley, but my rolls were pretty bad. If I had pulled it off, it would have at least been a fight. I think my favorite B-heavy list is going to be 2 Bs and a Biggs to keep them shooting.
  9. Played the most annoying game of my life last night against a list that certainly proved the B-Wing is not invincible! I took 2 Blues (Targeting, HLCs) and Ibtisam (Adv. Sensors, PTL) against the worst possible opponent, and one I never would have expected: 3 Rebel Operative HWKs with ion cannons, and Wedge. I'll make a long story short but I got in ONE round of firing, nearly but not quite killing a HWK. After that, the HWKs simply ion'd all 3 of my ships every turn, while Wedge drifted freely along my flanks, routinely doing 3-4 damage per turn. I conceded after 3 consecutive turns of this. One of the B-wings was down to 1 hp, the other 2 had 1 shield left each, and even with barrel rolls and boosts there was never any way for me to escape this eternal torment, for which my opponent was forced to guiltily apologize every turn. So there you go. Surefire way to deal with B-Wings and drive your opponent to the edge of insanity.
  10. Thanks for this post. I sent him an email about two weeks ago with some questions. This was at about 11pm on a Sunday, and I got a response within minutes! I thanked him for the rapid response and good service, clarified my question... and then never heard from him again. Sent two more emails after that and gave up. Glad I didn't purchase, even though I like the design/quality better than other options I've seen.
  11. That is very close to where I was going. For the record, I only fly Imperial due to financial restrictions, I only have the two X-wings from the two core sets, the YT and now 3 B-Wings. I am a big Interceptor and Slave-1 fan and really want the Lambda to work but once the guy with the B-Wings showed up it was like Saddam Huissein in Desert Storm. I love maneuvering with Soontir, Turr and Fettigator but all the b-wings had to do was wait for one shot and that was it. Back to the practice board. That's a tough matchup. I love my Interceptors too, and HLC does make life tougher than usual for them. But as an Imperial player you just have to be prepared to take losses. Play the target priority game on them. Or, put an ion cannon on the Lambda or the Firespray, then use the Interceptors to punch them in the flanks.
  12. I get it. I've just never heard of anyone else using them. But anyway, there you go: a squad that eats Dagger ships for breakfast.
  13. All right, InvestFDC, I think we get it... you like B-Wings. I like them too. But plenty of people here have shown you plenty of ways that they can be killed. You're right that the GSP A-Wings lose the initiative battle against Dagger B-Wings. I haven't heard of anyone flying Daggers. But since we continue to play this game... here's another squad that will similar vanquish the hopes of the 3 B-Wing squad. ============= Heavy Defense ============= Killin' B-Wings like it was cool. 98 points Pilots ------ Gamma Squadron Pilot (26) TIE Bomber (18), Proton Torpedoes (4), Concussion Missiles (4) Gamma Squadron Pilot (26) TIE Bomber (18), Concussion Missiles (4), Cluster Missiles (4) Gamma Squadron Pilot (22) TIE Bomber (18), Concussion Missiles (4) Captain Jonus (24) TIE Bomber (22), Squad Leader (2) ------ This one has the advantage of increased versatility versus a lot of other squads. I would have preferred to keep a couple Assault Missiles on there, but this keeps it at 98 points, guaranteeing initiative – and therefore practically guaranteeing you can fly straight into the mouth of a B-Wing flight and knock its teeth right out. Turn one you almost certainly can kill a B-Wing before it can shoot. If you're quite lucky, you also damage another. In exchange you may lose a single bomber. Even assuming you do, you still have at least one torpedo/missile left and 18 hit points to the enemy's 16. If you can launch again the following turn, you're in very, very good shape. You could swap the proton torpedo for cluster missiles to ensure a follow-on shot the next turn, but I prefer a slightly broader allocation of resources just in case, I dunno, someone flies something that's not just B-Wings. Or if you prefer risking a bit more on the roll of the dice, in exchange for raw capability: ================ Heavy Defense V2 ================ Heavy Defense without Jonus 98 points Pilots ------ Gamma Squadron Pilot (27) TIE Bomber (18), Assault Missiles (5), Cluster Missiles (4) Gamma Squadron Pilot (26) TIE Bomber (18), Concussion Missiles (4), Cluster Missiles (4) Gamma Squadron Pilot (23) TIE Bomber (18), Assault Missiles (5) Gamma Squadron Pilot (22) TIE Bomber (18), Concussion Missiles (4) ------
  14. Here's another one, if you're feeling really frustrated. =============== Rebel Civil War =============== An A-Wing strike force, designed exclusively to kill B-Wings. 100 points Pilots ------ Green Squadron Pilot (27) A-Wing (19), Assault Missiles (5), Push the Limit (3) Green Squadron Pilot (24) A-Wing (19), Assault Missiles (5) Green Squadron Pilot (26) A-Wing (19), Cluster Missiles (4), Push the Limit (3) Green Squadron Pilot (23) A-Wing (19), Cluster Missiles (4) ------ I would think that would give 3 Blues a hell of a lot of trouble. One of them probably dies before it can shoot. You have pilot skill advantage, they'll have some trouble hitting your guys, and the B-Wing is one of the only ships the A-Wing can continue to reliably hurt with its 2 attack, after missiles are gone. Obviously this is not a competitive build, as its designed to beat only one squad. But I think it would make mincemeat of that squad, and I will test this matchup next chance I get. Might be better keeping both PTLs with the Assault Missiles but I was trying to make opposing target selection slightly more confusing.
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