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  1. OK, thanks for the feedback. I'll let the player know so she can revise her character.
  2. Is a Force-using character allowed to use his initial 7D to improve any Force skills, or just the ones on his template? I let our Failed Jedi allocate 2D to Alter, but I'm not sure if that was correct.
  3. OK, that helps, although I wonder why they call it a free action when you have to use your action to perform it. Just one of life's little mysteries...
  4. At a recent store tournament there was a disagreement over Free Actions. A player said that because the Expert Handling card has the "Action" header you have to spend your Action to use it, but the card says the barrel roll is a Free Action. The TFA Rules Reference states that Free Actions do not count against your usual limit of one Action per turn. He also said that Expert Handling could not be used to barrel roll off an asteroid, but the Rules Reference and the FAQ both say that free actions can be performed if you've overlapped another ship or an obstacle. As far as I can see, Expert Handling can be used at any time (not just to break target locks), and a Free Action is just that - free. Am I missing something?
  5. Well, the tournament has come and gone and, despite by back giving me hell, I actually showed up. I decided to go with the stressbot squad, even though I'd never used it before. Lost the first round to a Han Solo/4 Z-95 squad, and a 6 TIE swarm (including some of the new pilots) in the second. My lack of practice with the squad really showed, but I went the distance and had survivors in both games. By then, however, my back was worse and my nerves were shredded so I withdrew. I later found out that a still managed to place 12th out of 16, actually beating a couple of guys who played in every round! I had trouble sleeping that night because something was nagging at me (one of the joys of having OCD), so I got up and confirmed my suspicions; my opponent in the 1st round had fielded a 108-point squad! Not only that, he'd been using C-3PO to defend against every attack instead of just once per round. I'm going to offer my services to the TO for the next Store Championship, since an obsessive points checker is just what he needs to keep things running smoothly. BTW, the eventual winner fielded two YT-1300s.
  6. OK, I know it's not next week, but looking at the advice from Gersun I've come up with this list for 100 points: Tycho Celchu A-Wing Test Pilot Outmaneuver Push the Limit Proton Rockets Autothrusters Gold Squadron Pilot (2) Twin Laser Turret Bandit Squadron Pilot Ion Pulse Missiles That's giving my opponent four targets, and the most expensive ship is going to be hard to hit, with the option of dashing in to Range 1 to finish off a fat turret with his rockets. The Z-95 is dirt cheap and can ionize a large ship, and the Y-wings have a lot of hull points. I'm assuming I should use the BTL-A4 title to maximize their damage output; am I right?
  7. Thanks for all the advice guys; you've given me a lot to think about, both squad-wise and in a broader sense. I think the problem in our circle is that with all the excitement over Episode VII a lot of new players have joined in and, rather than learn to handle their ships well, they see turrets and upgrade cards as the way to win. I'm going to see if I can put together those squads you suggested; if not, I'll probably withdraw and stick to co-operative games for a while. At any rate, I'll let you know next week.
  8. The squad I faced at the weekend was a YT1300 piloted by Chewbacca (so, no critical hits), and a wild space fringer in a YT2400 with a turreted HLC. I suspect a few people will be fielding Y-wings with TLTs. Again, I have only two of those cards, and I've never had much joy with wishbones. As far as arc-dodging is concerned, how does this sound? Soontir Fel Push the Limit Royal Guard TIE Autothrusters Stealth Device Turr Phennir Push the Limit Royal Guard TIE Autothrusters Stealth Device Maarek Stele Push the Limit TIE/x1 Adv. Targeting Computer Twin Ion Engine Mk. II If I concentrate fire, Stele can use his pilot ability after the others strip away the target's shields (although Chewie would be immune, obviously). Phennir has the option of either using PtL or his innate pilot ability. The engine upgrade gives Stele a better chance of dumping stress tokens, and his shields will help to offset his lower agility. Re the post from TezzasGames - I'm seriously thinking of quitting, perhaps permanently.
  9. I only have two Autothruster cards, but I might be able to come up with a 2 Interceptor, 1 Advanced squad. It might be time to dust off the Defender I won in my first tournament, even though it's expensive. I'm using a library computer, so I'll have to get back to you - thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I used to fly Imperial squads, but arc-dodging is no use against turrets, and I'm finding it hard to adjust to Rebel ships' relative lack of manoeuvrability. Even the guy I played on Sunday, who's fielding a YT1300/YT2400 squad, thinks it's ridiculous that the X-wing can be out-turned by a couple of freighters!
  11. All the matches at our games store are dominated by large turreted ships. I thought the change in scoring might make a difference to this but no, nearly everyone in our upcoming tournament will be fielding Decimators or YTs. I was stupid enough to enter after being trashed by two Decimator squads in the last tournament, and now I feel physically sick at the thought of playing. Even in "friendlies" I seem to face nothing but turrets, and I'm losing on a regular basis to players I could usually beat when it came to ship handling. My confidence is at rock-bottom and I'm seriously thinking of withdrawing, even though I'll forfeit my registration fee. Is there any way I can still play and avoid being humiliated?
  12. Well, the tournament has come and gone. I placed 7th out of 10, down from 4th in my last tournament which took place BD (before Decimators). I played three rounds, and had to face Decimators in the first two. I actually won the second, mainly because my opponent forgot to decloak his Phantom at a crucial point and he flew his Deci into an asteroid on the same turn. The tournament was also won by a Decimator squad and I've a feeling that, in future, EU ships are going to dominate. Each new wave is likely to yield an all-but-unbeatable ship, and being on a low income I can't afford to keep buying ships just to win games. So, no more tournaments for me. I'll stick to friendlies where you can focus on handling your ships well and enjoying the game.
  13. I usually play an agile, defensive 3-ship Imperial squad (Soontir Fel, Turr Phenirr and Whisper), but virtually everyone in our local tournaments (and even so-called "friendly" games) is fielding large turreted ships. The real bugbear is the Decimator; there are going to be at least two in our upcoming tournament, and coupled with the Darth Vader crew upgrade they invariably cripple my fleet before I can inflict significant damage. Quite apart from sucking the fun right out of the game (what's the point in trying to fly well when you can be blown out of the sky wherever you are?), I've only been able to beat it once, using an A-wing/B-wing/X-wing combo. Any advice for someone who prefers to fly Imperial?
  14. This thread encouraged me to break out my Y-wings and play as the Rebs for a change. I used the following squad: Horton + R2 astromech + 2 torpedoes Dutch + R2 astromech + ion turret + adv. torpedoes Garven + R2 astromech + torpedoes Horton did so much damage to Soontir Fel with his first torpedo salvo that Dutch was able to finish him off with his ion cannon on the same turn. Dutch handed out focus locks to Horton whilst Garven passed his focus token to Dutch, who took out Vader with a point-blank 5D attack. By the time the last TIE went down (Dark Curse, who else?) my guys had each lost two shields with no hull damage. Not too shabby!
  15. I've only used him once, and had the satisfaction of his taking Wedge down with him. Once the Imperial Aces expansion come out in the UK, however, I think I'll be using Tetran Cowall.
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