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  1. The only (bad) scan I know of is of the trove-variety On DTRPG it is a legit PDF.
  2. My thoughts on this subject is more in the line of: Does a creature exhaust before announcing it's action, or after? If it is before, then the issue with 'You may ready and attack with a creature' just goes away. If it is after, we really need this confirmed. So, it is all about sequence of play.
  3. How is this even an issue? NR has always been my favorite game since it was released bu WoTC. A:NR had a fantastic run and we have gotten cards that will last for a lifetime. The game is not dead, we still have our collections. I will continue to play this and so will my friends. Why do some people act like this game is dead just because they are no longer able to pay more money for it? Is that the main reason for playing? Now I can treat this as - finally - a completed game. I will build 20 decks that are ready to go and that will be it - just grab a couple and play.
  4. I approve! Pre-ordered. Whatever can get us to sit down, relax and pick up a book to read gets full scores from me. The world seems to think book are 'old' but in truth, there are very few other pastimes that are be more rewarding. Also - books makes us smarter - even the Mad Arab knew that.
  5. I am all in on this one. I see no comparison between those two games. Yes, they use minis, and that is about it, but one is a board game and the other is a tabletop game. I will also unsurprisingly keep on playing Armada. And also Arkham Horror LCG despite Legion will have cards in it
  6. While there is nothing that points to the death of this game, no matter how conclusive it feels that the Saga is coming to a close (all tales must have an end after all) - there is something to be said about how long the game can be maintained in it's present form. I am talking about the shear amount of product that has been released and how difficult it is to keep it in stock. It is completely possible to find only packs and no deluxe expansion in a store, making the packs unplayable. That is very off-putting for a gamer and perhaps said gamer is curious about the possibility to play a co-op card game look towards the very much more manageable Arkham Horror LCG. Until FFG gives us a possibility to buy a whole cycle in a single box after a cycle has been completely released, to make it easier for both the customers and the stores, this type of game has a limited lifespan. For completionists, and lets face it - Tolkien fans are like that - to begin this game right now is something of a nightmare, not least from an economical point of view. And finally, the game is beginning to show it's age. There is just so much that can be done within the games framwork, as opposed to Arkham Horror LCG that has a much more open design and built-in mechanics that allow for the adventures to be designed in a multitude of ways. LoTR quests are saddled with the (monotone) Quest phase and the (boring) Locations and no clear campaign structure, while AH LCG has solved all that in a very beautiful way. If the game would end to be replaced by something fresh and new set in Middle Earth, I for one would welcome it. I have around a 1000 hours of LoTR LCG under my belt and still come back for more each week, but it would be nice to get a game in Tolkienverse that dripped of theme as much as Arkham Horror LCG does, and a fresh start would taste like Lembas in this old elfs mouth
  7. Is not the Bonus Action cancelled if bumping terrain? I'm fairly certain it is, although, I do not have the rules in front of me.
  8. We did the first one right. The second though, we were completely wrong. I envisioned the back rank as the rank that was opposite the attacker. Thanks a lot for the help. That really cleared up a lot of questions.
  9. 1. Opponents General is in base contact with the swamp but have not entered it. I charge the terrain, occupy it and is now, since opponent is in base contact with the swamp also in base contact with me - therefore the charge succeeds? 2. I assault a big unit spearmen with a frontline golem from many sides, making it take casualties from all over the place (by taking casualties from the back rank counted from where the attack comes from) After an Uncertainty Morale result, the large unit turns 180 degrees and what previously were the front is now the rear, wich I attack and deals 10 damage to. In the new back rank there are 7 spearmen and the golem. How do we take the damage after having removed the seven spermen, leaving only the golem at the back.? Great game - horrible rules
  10. There have been miles of text written about how people thinks Nebula outskirts should work. Now I see that it has somehow been ruled to be a minimum of 1 dial. Where does this ruling come from? I have searched but cannot find the source and there is nothing in the rules that actually support this.
  11. Thanks for the reply. About that Destroyed Base..... I wonder if anyone in their right mind would gamble on building a new base on that same planet. Fluff-wise, I think it never happened in Star Wars lore, always whisking everything away to some new place. Too bad the rules are a bit ´vague on this, since it would matter greatly for the empire to lose Corellia without a chance of reclaiming those juicy 20 resource points. If the DB-sticker would hinder rebuilding, it would make other planets matter much more.
  12. I do not have my campaign guide at hand and cannot remember if these are answered there, but here it goes; 1. Diplomats. Do they protect any planet or just unoccupied ones? 2. Destroyed Base Counter. Does this hinder a new base from being built? Does it stop an Outpost to be present? In short, is the planet Unoccupied? That was it. Thanks in advance.
  13. Yeah, you cannot say such things on a fanboi channel, but I thought... what the h£ll. Yes, players are fickle and the sad thing is that this prolonged lack of product has lead to the game being almost dead here. All that hypework, all those plans for tournaments on a regular basis out the window. All the hours to discuss the game with interested player prospects and converts just for nothing. Well - I can say this much - I have done my last push for the foreseeable future. I'm done! I read that PEG have decided to continue Doomtown Reloaded - a piece of incredibly good news for a seriously fantastic game. It is time to create some Law & Order in the town of Gomorra - or at least sow some chaos in their midst
  14. Oh, this just came up for our next game and after having read all the posts here I cannot feel I have a satisfactory answer. Rules state that I may assign exactly as many dials as I have command on my ship, no more, no less. No mandatory Command + X dials - just the same number. For and ISD it would mean 3, for a CR90 it would mean 1 and no other arbitrary amounts. Nebula outskirts demands that Player 1 adds a dial beyond the Command Value, and removes a dial based on Command Value for Player 2. That means if Player 1 had an ISD it would be assigned 4 dials and Player 2's CR90 would be assigned 0 dials. I read that the objective should be "an advantage for Player 2" - but nowhere does this say so in print or otherwise. I assume that it could be an advantage for Player 2, but not all possible fleets. A fleet with a lot of ships with Command value of 1 would be a poor choice indeed - better to let the big guys handle that one. Not much use of flotillas in such environments. I'm just saying - it does not have to be an advantage in every single way with no effort made, does it? I mean, we are both in the Outskirts of the Nebula after all.
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