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    Void drakes?

    are they any other interesting void based animals out there that you can make use of? we got the kraken, a Void whale, void drakes. anything else we know of?
  2. Mr T

    Void drakes?

    Hmm that sounds interesting. might put that into my campaign for the players to do when the group isn't at full strength
  3. Mr T

    Void drakes?

    Void whales!? what have i missed now, please tell a bit more of those things
  4. if i remember correctly doesn't it mention somewhere in the RT corebook that some inquisitors have become Rogue Traders for a reason or another? they have done something to earn or be punished with a warrant of trade. Sooo, that would be inquisitor could be a pysker and wisp you got a pysker RT at the head of a new Dynasty.
  5. Mr T

    Void drakes?

    Hello again! i was looking through some of my 40K books, i've seen them before but haven't given much thought to it till today. on these star maps that you find in the beginning of Rogue trader books you find all manner of interesting things. some of them mention Void drakes. are they real, or just some "Sailors myth"? we know of the void krakens so... does anyone have any information on these void drakes, are they actual creatures or just pretty symbols on the map?
  6. Thanks for all the tips guys. gonna look through my BFK book about that with shuttles. Anyway back to those Imperial knights. i have a grand finale battle in mind for the group and they gonna need those Knights to survive. any good advice to use a template to go from? i think i saw Warhound scout titan in one of the DW books. could that be something to start with and tone it down quite a bit?
  7. Speaking of Space and air flights. What does an Dynasty come with actually? say for a starter group they got their space ship. how about means to reach a the planet or where they are going to. as far i know the big space ships cant land on planets. i usually solve this with that they get to the surface with a shuttle of some sort. but are there any rules that says what they start with and how many vehicles they have at their disposal . because how shall you deal with it when they lose a shuttle. will they get stuck on the planet they are on or should just give them a new one and make a roll on the misfortune table for their profit?
  8. Any idea for stats for an Imperial knight?
  9. Hello everyone! i'm looking for thoughts and opinions on what vehicles a Rogue Trader and his Entourage would use. I'm doing an house rule update on the armory and career section of the book for making it more compatible with DH2.0 or OW Rule set. What comes to mind would be single crew vehicles and some transport vehicles, like rhinos and Chimeras. I find it difficult to see a Rogue Trader and companions take to the field in say a Leman Russ, or a baneblade for that matter. as these vehicles are more for their household troops. If a Rogue Trader would go into battle into something more heavily armored I'd say a Imperial Knight walker. Or are those things restricted to just specific noble houses or something lore wise? What are your ideas?
  10. what i had in mind was after a while your usual normal NPCs cant hurt the characters because they can have a TB over 10 and plus their armor on top of that. it makes very hard to damage. just to make the lesser guys feel a bit annoying than just to be ignored because they cant hurt you.
  11. Rogue Trader i'd say. it is closet you can get to a traditional RPG fantasy setting as a group of adventures going out to explore the world and fight of evil. in this case the world is the galaxy, and you arnt a small group, you & your group are the head of a dynasty with hundreds of servants. but still it gives you alot freedom to do what you wish. compared to the other 40k RPGs where it kinda mission based. you get a mission in a way from a NPC that has a higher status than you and you have to carry it out.
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys! i got an idea how to make it interesting than just a bang bang bang adventure. btw, do people follow the core rulebook of DW or have some of you changed some of the rules to make the game more balanced? I am thinking of the unnatural stats to change them to the new system. so the characters get +4 to their stat line instead of the usual way. like it is for the chaos marines in Black Crusade. or will this mess up things too much?
  13. this sounds all and good what you are saying, what i am thinking of are the skill tests, as i mentioned before. marines will rarely fail a normal skill test with their average 35+ stat line. so the question is in what circumstances should i call for a skill test? it is very rare i add in a skill test for the sake of keep progressing the story. because what if they just fail that test, then their mission is F**k. so any advice?
  14. this gave me some new insight on how to deal with this matter, Thank you. haven't thought of it like that the common people can fear them for what they are. and that to play them as regular marines was a nice idea as well.
  15. Hello folks! I have been thinking from time to time to make a Deathwatch campaign but i never gotten to it for some things that i will list here. i know DW is a action orientated game and i am fine with that. but those fights are so time consuming most of the time. so what i have been looking into is making more like the other 40k games where skills plays in a bit more. the problem here is that space marines start with such a high stat rate to begin with so most skill checks will never be a challange for them in case you make really hard skill test with -20 etc. but it will be a little bothersome after a while if you go along that line all the time. second thing is socializing. because Space Marines are seen as holy battle angles by the normal populace of the Imperium, a Space marine can basically ask anything and get it if it is available, and on top of that they are kinda part of the Inquisition too so you get what i mean. to acquire a favor or an item from someone will not be an issue for them. So how do i solve these problems to make it a fun and challenging campaign for the players and sticking true to the 40k lore how Space marines are and how they are treated by the normal populace?
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