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  1. The card says to "sacrifice a creature to deal 6 damage to a creature." Since it doesn't say "sacrifice a friendly creature" can I sacrifice one of my opponent's creatures to deal 6 damage to a different one of their creatures? Basically, I just want to make sure that "sacrifice" isn't limited to your own stuff. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I am looking for something that will generate a list of all the cards I have across all of my decks so I don't have to go through and check each deck individually. Thank you, though.
  3. I know that there are many sites that can track my decks and tell me the cards in each deck, but is there any site that will compile a list of all the cards I own across all of my decks so that I can see which cards I don't have yet? As an example, each card in the set is numbered, so I am looking for something that would generate a list saying that I am missing cards 6, 25, 87, etc. Does anything like this exist? If so, could you tell me where to find it, please? Thanks!
  4. No mavericks in the off three decks, so I am not sure what they are about. The only pattern I could see was that all three had both Mars and Dis as two of their houses.
  5. Well, maybe this is not the case exactly. I did find that of all decks with "Adm." in the name(nickname or otherwise) 139 of the total 142 had Logos. Certain words do seem to be tied to certain houses pretty strongly even if not 100%.
  6. I was messing around with the deck search at keyforge-compendium.com, and I realized that all the decks with the same nickname(a name set off in apostrophies) all include a specific house. For example, I first searched the nickname "Boom Boom," and every deck nicknamed "Boom Boom" has Brobnar in it. I thought that was interesting, so I tried the other two nicknames that I have with decks and they worked the same way. Decks nicknamed "Husky" have Untamed and decks nicknamed "Whisper" have Shadows. I just thought this was a pretty cool little find(maybe people already knew). What nicknames do you have, and what houses are they tied to? *EDIT: The pattern has started to not hold with the more nicknames I search. I still think there may be something to it, though. I just tried "Bootleg" and sixteen of seventeen decks have Logos. It is as if having larger sample sizes improves the accuracy of statistical analysis.
  7. How do I import my deck? I typed the code in several times with the dashes, without the dashes, capitalized, and uncapitalized. I must be missing something pretty obvious. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! *Edit. I figured it out. Using my cell phone it didn't tell me I needed the ID from the website.
  8. Thank you! We had four people playing at a little event, and the two people playing next to me had this come up where a Stealer of Souls died while destroying a creature. They played it where the destroyed creature still got purged even though Stealer of Souls was also destroyed. I thought that was incorrect, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks again!
  9. Stealer of Souls ability is: "After an enemy creature is destroyed fighting Stealer of Souls, purge that creature and gain 1 Aember." Basically, the question is would Stealer of Souls' ability still trigger if it gets destroyed or does it being destroyed negate its ability's effect immediately? So if two Stealer of Souls fight would they both be purged or would they just be discarded? If they do get purged would you then also gain the Aember? I believe that if a creature is destroyed all of its abilities immediately cease(unless it is a Destroyed ability), so I feel like they should each be discarded and no Aember gained. If you can clear me up on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for the information! We played it properly.
  11. Hello! I had a question about the Shadows card Nexus. It allows you to use your opponent's artifact as if it were your own. "Reap: Use an opponent's artifact as if it were yours." Since I use the artifact it exhausts, but would it unexhaust at the end of my turn or at the end of my opponent's turn? Thanks!
  12. I got the Untamed card "Way of the Wolf" as a Mars Maverick in one of my first decks I bought.
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