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  1. As much as I would like them to come out with another competitive LCG...I think they are done. Eventually the cost to buy in to the game is so high that they can’t attract new players to offset the ones that leave.
  2. Thanks for doing this. Is there any potential for a new competitive LCG, or has the market changed so that they are not as viable as they once were?
  3. I did not play competitively and did not try to build the broken decks. My fondness for it was that it did not play like anything else at the time. It was the card game that got me back into card games.
  4. I am starting to feel the lack of an LCG. There is a small group of us (3) that do Netrunner. If there were people doing AGOT nearby I would be tempted to get into that. I might even consider L5R. I just hope some new LCG gets launched sometime soon...but I am not optimistic.
  5. I did not play L5R, but I sure hope they make a disk wars for it. Disk wars gave me the miniatures fix I need at the price of time and money I can afford.
  6. If the runner uses film critic to take an agenda that is hosted with casting call....do they get the tags or not? Film Critic says when you access an agenda you can host it on film critic. Casting Call says when you access the agenda you take the tags. I would think that by accessing the agenda to host it on Film Critic you also trigger the condition for tags.
  7. As much as I would like to say woodelves I think it would be smarter to have dwarves and undead or skaven.
  8. I think that is a good idea for some of the future deluxe expansions, but for the first one I would like to see the inclusion of two new armies. I would like a series of small expansions that would expand the current races (and maybe introduce some mercenaries) at first.
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