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  1. Lorne

    How to run a betrayal

    This. Extreme Caution is required. After the betrayal is revealed, the first instinct will be to cut ties with the traitor, which make for a boring story going forward. Thus, I would never use a mere droid as a turncoat. I would recommend someone very close to a PC to make the sting more painful, also give a reason for the PC to hang on to him (at least emotionally) until they meet again -- and they should meet again, because this story has at least three beats to it: betrayal, argument then resolution.
  2. "Rebels" era more than CW, but for the first time ever, I'm actually bringing in Darth Vader -- a prologue scene for the solitary Jedi PC. It's going to be a more EotE game, but I want to make it clear why she needs to be on the run, plus I can always bring him back later. The advantage of using Lord Vader is that I need not explain to the table who he is.
  3. Bickering foot chases while being shot at is a staple of Star Wars since the beginning. Why change it with tactical-miniature-game zones of control?
  4. Lorne

    C-ROC'n the night away!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm planning on a future campaign that will have a full table of 6 players and an ostensibly Traveler-esque premise, and honestly a stock light freighter feels a bit too cramped for that. I've been tempted by the C-roc to give everyone more elbow-room, and it's certainly a liability as much as an asset.
  5. Intrigued, yet is there yet a picture of anything apart from the box? ETA: Nevermind, I see it. 😃
  6. The best use I see for this book is taking its published stats for Darth Vader, Boba Fett, blah, blah, blah and re-skinning them for your own adversaries to challenge high level player characters.
  7. They weren't going to do Jedi as a career, now Jedi is a career. They weren't going to stat movie characters, now they're stating movie characters. Etc.
  8. Lorne

    Converting Force Powers into Genesys spells

    Committing a FD means it's that much harder (if even possible) to use other powers while it's up. So allow augments (or whatever) to be committed with the cost of additional difficulty dice for further casting while committed. Aside: why not just port the Force sub-system over to Genesys? All you'd really need is some talents to grant FR and maybe a career that gives Force Rating 1 to start with.
  9. So many, it's hard to pick one. But if I had to, WRB. One just doesn't get cooler than Sanjuro... 💕
  10. Approach matters most. This is Roll and Keep: kept dice >>> rolled dice.
  11. As a newbie to the game, I'm excited by the announcement(s). Looks like something I'd be happy to GM, and that's saying a lot.
  12. This is precisely why we have Session 0 (or equivalents) to establish rules for the campaign, set expectations, and determine why the characters are working together.
  13. Lorne

    Beginner Box Criticals?

    Going to be running a one-shot, and I'm using the BBox pregens to make it easy on myself. However, I notice there's no Deadliness entry for their weapons. Do the BBox rules handle critical strikes differently, and if so, how? Thanks.