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  1. Yes -- the additional dirt in the game to make Descent harder just makes it more annoying. We couldn't even get through the first area in a reasonable length of time, and my friends clearly had no interest in trying it again. 😐
  2. If the party lets the driver go, he gets away. If they have second thoughts and try to chase after him, that's when the bad guys show up. Or, they find the driver -- but he's already dead in an alley...and THEN the bad guys show up. It IS a narrative game, after all -- keep the story moving!
  3. Depends on the version of Mage, but yeah.
  4. All-around, very happy with this. It has the crunch density I initially expected of the CRB. It now feels complete enough that one could really go off a make a complete campaign using just the material provided without needing to poach other sources.
  5. We now have enough magical talents such that, far from being just a speedbump, each level of Arete would grant a mechanical benefit like an equivalently leveled talent, allowing the Mage to go beyond the baseline mechanics.
  6. Well, I know who I want to see as the next playable hero:
  7. Can a "magic staff" implement be used as a "staff" weapon? RoT introduces the "magic scepter" implement -- could it also be used as a mace, or such a weaplement made using the crafting rules?
  8. Sounds like the solution is to call the fight for Team Evil who makes their escape as they beat back Our Heroes.
  9. Seem unlikely that they'll take that approach instead of only integrating them with future pilot-type specs. However, I could easily see a GM allowing ad hoc substitutions into existing ones.
  10. The Jedi Knight spec text has the boilerplate language addressing it as a starting spec. Oops.
  11. Poker will never catch-on -- there's no dice!
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