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  1. Thank you very much for the clarifications!
  2. So if I understand it correctly, the 2017 Armada Store Championship season is just now wrapping up. So when are the Regional tournaments held? I'm confused because apparently there is a National tournament being held at NOVA today and tomorrow. Don't Regionals happen before Nationals? Some one help me understand!
  3. I haven't paid enough attention- does that mean there will be no byes for the 2017 World Championship in May? Also, have they released the dates yet for when in May the World champs will be held?
  4. If you guys didn't already find it in the previous thread, all the cards are spoiled (in English): facebook.com/flycasualbatreps?ref=bookmarks
  5. So I love the MC30, and it certainly has gotten a lot of netlist love since the results of this year's World Championship. My question is about the Admonition title specifically. Why does everyone feel it is so strong? You have to discard a defense token to cancel a just one attack die. I can see how this would help if you have just one health remaining to avoid death, but won't Foresight end up canceling loads more damage by doubling the effectiveness of each defense token? Please explain to this idiot why Admonition is the better choice- I don't get it!
  6. I have been playing miniatures games since I picked up warhammer fantasy as a teen 20 years ago. I haven't looked back, investing heavily in 7 Warhammer armies, as well as Warmachine, Battletech tabletop, Mechwarrior clix, D&D miniatures, Star Wars miniatures, Age of Sigmar, X-wing, and others. I still have and still play all of these, but then I discovered Armada. I was a little discouraged at first by the high price point, the unbalanced forces, and the ineffectiveness of squadrons in the starter set. But once the expansions started coming out, Armada grew into my favorite game of all time. The models are beautiful, gameplay is straightforward yet nuanced, the objectives make each game different and tactical, the squadrons allow you to get some hobby time in with painting, the two factions are well-balanced, you get to roll handfuls of dice, and list-building is important and brings variety to each game. Most importantly, it just plain looks beautiful to have two fleets of lovely Star Wars models flying at each other on a field of black space. I grew up playing every pen and paper RPG, video game, console game, miniatures game, and board game that said Star Wars on the label. Armada has captured the feel of Star Wars better than any game I have ever played.
  7. They mean that the dreadnaught is obsolete because the death star will make all capital ships obsolete, yes?
  8. Congrats on your call, sir! Work hard, and enjoy your time in the field. I also got to listen to soundtracks and classical music while I was a missionary, so Star Wars was always playing in our car. The game will be waiting for you when you get back!
  9. C'mon! It's the weekend. Plenty of time to get that 1200 point game in. The real question is, does anyone actually have 400 points of Y-wings?!
  10. Thanks for the Warhammer Quest game during the round 1 bye at Regionals, Dano. Great game, good times!
  11. It was a great time, with a solid turnout. I had to leave after round 4, so I never heard who won the final match. Can anyone share how the final round went?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! Flight controllers would be very good on the carrier frigate- I hadn't really considered that one. That would bring list #1 down to 396 points- enough to add Lando to the Ackbar ship. Worth it? I struggle with the whole initiative bid thing- some opponents I play are always at 400, while others have a 12+ point bid....
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