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  1. Now that I have the lancer I figured I'd make a list with it. Tried a couple out, enjoyed flying it with the firespray, but kath's ability didn't come up enough to convince me it was worth it, so I decided that what with the tractor beam shenanigans I can pull with ketsu and title, emon with bombs would be fun. So here you go: Push and Pull (100) Ketsu Onyo (49) Push the limit Gyroscopic targeting k4 security droid Shadowcaster Emon Azzameen (51) Ion pulse missiles Tractor beam seismic charges Andrasta scavenger crane thermal detonators conner net Basically trying to put people where I want them then drop bombs on them. Any Ideas on improving it? Would like to keep the lancer, but the firespray is optional
  2. Just got most wanted and built a little list that flew decently in the one game I played. Wanting criticism and tips about how to make it more competitive. most wanted is the only scum expansion I have, also have hwk and firespray. Scum Escort (100) Syndicate thug (18) x2 -bomb loadout (0) -unhinged astromech (1) -munitions failsafe (1) -flechette torpedoes (2) -seismic charge (2) -autoblaster turret (2) -BTL-A4 (0) Total (26) x2 (52) binayre pirate (12) x4 Total (48) The game I played with it I flew two squads of one Y with two Zs each, and it went well. Was flying against a named tie swarm with a bomber in the back, which is why I went with the flechettes and autoblaster. Willing to buy one more scum this week. Was thinking of the protectorate cause the promo pilot i got looked good
  3. sorry, i thought I read that you used PTL after the second action as well
  4. PTL can only be used once per round, so that synergy with bb8 doesn't work unless there's something I'm missing
  5. As far as I know, you can only cast as many spells as you had at the beginning of the turn, so if he had 2 spells at the beginning of the turn, he can cast a maximum of 2 spells that turn, even if they are the same spell.
  6. Yes, she can end her move in any space along her route that contains a character, but she has to pour them a drink if she does, which means she cannot encounter the space.
  7. Heya, this is my first time posting but I've been playing for years. My question is, when the Tavern Maid lands on a character and pours them a drink, does it count as an encounter, and is she allowed to also encounter the space?
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