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  1. Don't like it? Don't want it? Don't buy it. Problem solved.
  2. Don't like it? Don't buy it. This one is certainly not needed if you have the Core books you want already, or even the Beginer Boxes you already want. Why do so many gamers seem to believe that if the company releases it they must buy it?
  3. This reminds me of Valance the Hunter from the old Marvel Star Wars comics. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Beilert_ValanceHe was a cybernetic bounty hunter who had a blaster concealed in his left arm that fired out through the palm. Usually he kept his cybernetic parts covered in synthskin. I don't have Lords of Nal Hutta so I am not sure if it gives a size specification for a repulsor fist. I think it likely to be somewhat larger than a standard human hand though. Covered in synthskin and kept at the character's side with long sleeves it might not attrack attention in a crowd. But I don't think it would escape notice if someone was paying attention or looking for weapons.
  4. I live in a rural area in the northern foothills of the Adirondacks. Mountains in summer are a very different place to mountains in winter. Give real consideration to exposure, sanitation, food and water sources and supplies, medical care even for something as simple as a sprained ankle. Ask your players to spend a week living off the grid in the mountains. That should give them a taste of their survival strategy. Let them take only what their characters had when they fled the fall of civilization. Assuming they are playing themselves they get their own survival skills. No fast forward needed. Have the radio stations slowly, or rapidly, fall off the air. Now what do they do for news of the world? Do they see the smoke from burning cities? Are the lights still on anywhere? Who might spot the lights, smoke, etc of their camp?
  5. Going by my experience running "The End", a post-Rapture post-Apocalypse game, the best thing to do is sit down with your players before starting and make sure everyone is in agreement that the way things are in teh game is the way things are in the game not neccesarily the way things are in reality. The same way we accept that the way Star Wars games describe Wookiees as being the way Wookiees work in the game, or the way zombies work in a zombie movie or game. It can be tricky running a game where the players play themselves in a setting that starts out as a copy of the real world. Real world beliefs have the potential to create sticky situations. But everybody should be able to get on board with "this is a fantasy version of 'what if...' inspired by Revalation". If your players want to get philosophical and delve deeply into the theology of why they were "left behind", cool, let them. But don't force it on them if they would rather fight the soldiers of the Antichrist and beat up demons.
  6. The Wrath of the Gods designer's diary seems to say that you add an extra die for each +/-
  7. Like I said, Star Wars could do with being a lot less "white bread". There seems to be some progress on this front. Episode 7 has a black stormtrooper, and Rebels has 2 female leads, one of whom is dark skinned and voiced by a black actress. And of course there is a gay character in the new novel. I do see how this could all be seen as carefully calculated "diversity washing" to coin a phrase.
  8. Star Wars has suffered from the same problem as Star Trek, Thieves World, Conan and pretty much every other multi-author shared world I have encountered. Some contributions are very good, some very bad, and few fans agree as to which are which. I think Star Wars would have been better served by dispensing with "canon" entirely and just having Star Wars stories that used characters and settings created by George Lucas that may or may not have also agreed with each other on all points. New Dawn was OK. It was kind of boiler plate but still felt like Star Wars. Rebels isn't bad for what it is. I would like to know more about the origin stories for the other characters. We get a pretty good look at Ezra's story over the series, but what about Sabine and Chopper?
  9. In tribute to another Frank Oz character they are called "Grovers".
  10. OMG! Luke is gay? This changes absolutely---nothing about Star Wars. Star Wars could do with being a little less white bread. Lucas may not have intended the crude racist stereotype aliens in the prequels to be such, but they certainly were recieved that way by the audience. I enjoy Star Wars, but the Nemoideans were positively painful.
  11. Most of what we have seen on screen is canon for my game. If it is in the FFG books it is canon unless I specificly over rule it. The rest, both Legends and Canon is apocrypha for my games. I pull in bits from all sorts of sources, Valance the Hunter is in, Bledsoe's Disease is in, giant green bunny people are out.
  12. I would just say play it the way your table likes best. I usually tell them a foe is down, then let them spend advantage.
  13. I would very much like to see Black Sun get more detailed treatment. Shadowports would be useful for both games, and would be a fun place to put Jaws, and/or Ugnaughts.
  14. Han and Chewie = B.J. and the Bear Google it and see if it doesn't work...
  15. Stormtrooper: Set Blasters for stun force. Leia: I've set mine to kill. No helpless shrinking violet her! She also took out a Hutt, in single combat. The women of Star Wars may be out numbered by the men, but they are every bit as competent. Leia, Mon Mothma, Mara Jade, even Padme. It took Star Trek until Captain Janeway to really catch up.
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