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  1. Hello all, Lety me start by saying that I'm currently in the process of purchasing 1st edition as I played it some years ago. and totally loved it. For the record I have all the 2nd edition stuff (expansions, Heroes and Monster Collections,...) and wanna make my Descent collection complete so 1st edition is kinda lacking. I always enjoyed 1st edition to the point it gives you more randomness in setup (starting skills, equipment,...). So I was wondering if anyone knows some good convertion of 2nd edition heroes to 1 st edition? Really wanna use Syndrael, Avric and Reynhart into 1st edition, along with many others
  2. Hello all, I've started a Seeds of Corruption campaign with my girlfriend and decide to play as Overlord. So I play the monsters in the activation order as they come and I have to say, it's quite fun for the both of us. It gives the monster activation a lil bit more depth and strategy. We played RTL before as co-op and I have to say it's a great experience but....some monsters behave so oddly and poor that is almost laughable. I was wondering if other players tried to do this as well. PS: so far it's been really tight between Heroes and Overlord and so far the The Overlord side is slightly winning
  3. Hello ATM2100. Just wondering what your Descent experience was.
  4. I can see your point regarding no bonuses for "survived" heroes and using them in a new campaign. I was just wondering what you do with side missions? If you played DIala her side mission and obtained her lightsaber, do you simple ignore her lightsaber in the next campaign and just play this never happened? I can't see the benefit then of playing a side mission twice in the string of campaigns...
  5. Question: if your Heroes survived and are going on another campaign, did you let them start with 0XP or give them some bonus (like starting with 2 xp to spend at the beginning of the campaign?) Also I wouldn't use every Ally or Villain. If I would start with Heart of the Empire it would make no sense to include Luke Skywalker for example. He could only be gained in Coe set.
  6. Also, where would Return to Hoth fit in?
  7. Thanks for the advice! I've already played Core and Twin Shadows but nothing stops me from going through them in the proper order . My intention is to start with Heart of the Empire and if the Rebel Heroes lose, they are "killed/captured/...whatever the story says" and can't be picked for the following campaign. So if for example Jynn, Fenn and Diala would lose Heart of the Empire campaign, they can't be picked for the Core campaign and the Rebels have to choose 2-4 new Heroes.
  8. Hello all, I know this probably has been posted before but I'll try anyway. Does anyone know the time line for all boxes? So far I have Imperial Assault and Twin Shadows. I would like to play the campaigns in the right chronological order. Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I'm playing a road to legend campaign and picked Master Thorn as a Battlemage Beastmaster. Any advise on how to upgrade him properly? Thanks!
  10. Many thanks!!! Went to the play store and downloaded the update. Now Kindred Fire is playable! Can't wait to try this one out; anyone played it yet?
  11. Hi everyone! Is Kindred Fire available yet? Cause I opened the RTL-app this morning and it still says "Coming Soon". Could be I'm in Belgium and we get the campaign later?
  12. Ok that's fair and clear to me then. Thematicly I guess it could be done but considering your argument. SO in a way I should have won as she would been able to hit me with such a powerful weapon then..ooh well, better not to tell her
  13. Hello all, I played the Shadow Rune this weekend with my girlfriend and we managed to play it to the finale "The man who would be king", which was a real thriller and eventually won by her. However, the following occured: * My girlfriend played the heroes Leoric the Runemaster and Mordrog the Knight. The first encounter of the finale she won pretty easily by defeating Splig so Leoric had the iron crown during encounter 2. * I managed to quickly kill Leoric and so the iron crown was dropped. * Mordrog picked up the iron crown and....here comes the question: he also picked up all the gear Leoric had. Now, I didn't found anything specific in the rules about this kind of situation. You can trade items between heroes if they are adjacent and so on. Normally, even when a hero is knocked out and stands up/revives, you can change gear with adjacent heroes. However, I didn't found anything regarding this situation: what if a hero really dies (like in the finale)? Can another hero pick up all his gear like he would do for the iron crown in that quest? I'm not a bad loser, I didn't mind that I lost since it was an epic final battling between Mordrog and Zachareth...but I'm unclear if picking up that gear is legal.
  14. Thanks for correcting Felswrath. I'm from Belgium so english isn't my native language. I try to do my best to pronounce and write as good as I can. Thus appreciating the learning tips to improve my grammar and vocabulary.
  15. Ok, let me clarify what I meant. You end a mission and draw a Galaxy card. If it's a "jump to hyperspace" event, then there aren't any cards drawn anymore. You immediatly arrive at your next mission. But if ending a mission and drawing a Galaxy card and the card states an Asteroid Field or Tie fighter interception, then you have to do this event. After resolving this event, you draw a new Galaxy card. If that card is a "Jump to hyperspace" card then you start the next mission. So you could draw a jump to hyperspace card right away and be clear of danger; or maybe you had 2 events before you actually can make the jump to hyperspace (depending on the cards you drew). I hope this is more clearer now
  16. Hello all! I'm really loving Imperial Assault but feels like something is lacking sometimes. In Descent we got travel cards which could benefit or put is at a disadvantage. This aspect is kinda missing in Imperial Assault and I feel it would make a good addition to the game. It doesn't have to be difficult. Thinking more of terms of drawing a Galaxy Travel card and resolving the effects. My idea would be that there are 3 vital positions on the rebel starship you control: cockpit, laserturret and repair bay. Before travelling, players have to decide who gets where. Once a rebel is allocated to a certain spot on the ship, the rebel remains there until a new mission starts. If there are more figures in play, they take place at the ship, not really putting them in a certain place. For instance: you could draw a Hyperspace card and this would mean you instantly go to the next mission. These Hyperspace cards will be the majority of the cards so when drawing one you go to the mission. This means there will be other cards as well. For example; Asteroid Field. You have to perform a certain attribute test depending on who is flying the ship to navigate through. Each time you fail, your ship loses 1 of it's 4 shield generators and once they are all gone, roll a red die for rebel hero to see what damage you get. Example: in a small asteroid field you have to navigate through 3 asteroids. The player controlling the rebel at the cockpit has to test Insight 1 to navigate through the first one. If he passes, nothing happens. If he fails, you lose 1 shield generator. After this test, the player at the laserturret tries to blast the asteroid. He test Might 2. If he passes he shoots the asteroids to pieces and this means an asteroid less to navigate through. If he fails, nothing happens. After this the player at the Tech Bay can try to fix a shield generator. In order to do so he test Tech 3. If he passes, the ship gets back a lost shield generator. If he fails, nothing happens. Also cards could contain TIE Fighters and you have to roll defense and attack to see if you can destroy them or outmaneuver them. So you could draw a Hyperspace card right away, or you could draw a Hyperspace card and maybe had 2 encounters first before you can make the jump to Hyperspace.
  17. Well, this weekend we tried the game again but this time we used an alternative approach. We used "Redjack Automated Emperor version" (i guess it's called, available on Board Game Geek) as she kinda felt it would be more enjoyable to play co-op then solo. Now ofcourse, the cards can't really replace the human mind of an Imperial player but we managed pretty well. Keeping this logic as much as possible. So we each played a hero using the legendary reward; additional 10Health and each an extra activation token. So far we played four mission (introduction mission, 2 side mission and 1 story mission) and are doing pretty well. I increased the difficulty (adding more BLitz cards) and I have to say she really enjoyed the strategic value of the game. So far she's like "ok, this is way more fun then just sitting in front of the television". Of the four missions we only lost the story mission A New Threat and manly because we had the "wrong" heroes to complete the terminals. I'm playing as Fenn who has balanced attributes (all blue and green) and she is playing Jynn (tech attribute is amazing but her might is useless). So we investigated 2 terminals and then we had to slice the "might" terminal. Jynn her might is only 1 blue if i'm remembering correctly. So Fenn (me) had to rush to the other side to investigate the terminal. How hard can it be right? Well 4 activations token and ...never 2 surges! But nevertheless it felt fun to us and very thematic. I have to say I thought Jynn would be a bit complex for her; Quick shot and opportunist abilities require attention to keep in mind, but she did awesome and used it to full potential. Many times it was that Jynn saved the day with her extra movement and attack first options. Fenn just tagged along it seemed, killing some troopers. Oh well, Fenn is just protecting her I guess So probably next weekend we delve again into the game and try to resolve the "Fly Solo" story mission. Any strategy advices on how to tackle this with our 2 legendary heroes Fenn and Jynn? PS1: to clarify how much she is liking the game, she bought Twin Shadows for me!!! . So anxious for the delivery now. And as she heard that Return to Hoth is in development she was like "ok, we really need to keep track on when it's available to purchase"! PS2: you guys think Biv and Saska (new heroes in Twin Shadows) are any good? Like if you would use them more then the ones we are using at the moment?
  18. Hi all Well We played the first mission just as a "kind of get the feeling of the game". She really liked the game, only thing was the lenght of the game in campaign. She thought it better to plan an afternoon instead of starting in the evening. But that said; she played 2 heroes. She played Gaarkan and Fenn as they seemed to her to be the most straight forward damage dealing characters. She tried Dialla but at the start she found it too complex. I guess Fenn and Gaarkan are gonna be her 2 to go heroes. I have to say I "forgot" to play imp deck cards just to make it more easier for her. Unfortunately for her ( ) she lost the missionin the last round and now she's like "oh no, i'm gonna play this again, I know what I did wrong.... I tried to reason with her that it doesn't work that way but ...she can be persistent
  19. Hello all, Tonight I'm gonna play this game with my girlfriend who seemed to be interested in discovering this game. I'm quite familiar with the rules and stuff...however I need some input on which hero seems best fitted for novice players. Any thoughts would be welcome. I need to explain the rules first step by step but what hero/character do you think is best suited for learning the game and isn't too complex right from the start?
  20. Oh ok... So it can be played before or after the core campaign I guess then. I'm really wondering what FFG will do with the time periode....meaning what "prequels" and sequels we may expect
  21. Idea for Fenn --> Born on Alderaan, Fenn is filled with anger and hate as he learns of the destruction of Alderaan by the Death Star. Along with other Alderaans, Fenn takes up arms to confront the Empire. However the brutal force of the Empire is too massive and Fenn gets captured. Aboard a Star Destroyer, Fenn is put togheter with some Rebel Soldiers. It doesn't take long for them to convice Fenn to fight alongside the Rebel Alliance. They manage to break out of their prison, but will they also make it out alive the Star Destroyer? This scenario will give the Rebel player control of Fenn and the Rebel Troopers. Their mission is to exit the Star Destroyer before a certain amount of rounds. The Rebel Troopers that survive will be allies in further missions. The Imperial player his objective is to either a) wound Fenn and kill all the Rebel Soldiers or b) at the end of a certain round if Fenn hasn't moved off the map. No matter the outcome of play, Fenn will make it off the Star Destroyer and join the Alliance nevertheless. However, the more soldiers he can bring along, the easier his revenge will come to the ones who destroyed his homeplanet.
  22. Hi all, Anyone know where to find more info about the rebel heroes? Would be nice to have a background story in order to know how they came to join the Rebel Alliance or their motivations.... PS: I'm playing on making a campaign that will take place before the core campaign. Kinda like "Star Wars Imperial Assault: Origins"
  23. Hello all! I ordered my copy of Twin Shadows but anticipation is killing me Anyone knows what time period the campaign is in? Imperial Assault core campaign stated time period 3.
  24. Hello all, As Runebound 3rd edition is coming up, I have to say that I immediatly got the idea of implementing the map with Descent. Creating mini maps with monster miniatures when encountering certain events. Also I still feel like rolling dice is a much more entangling aspect then "throwing" tokens. - I change the combat by using the Descent rules with rolling dice. - Using up to 3 tiles for encounters (either outdoor or indoor depending on setting of event) - Making the game worth playing solo, competitive, co-op or even with an overlord - .... Oh well, gonna buy everything...simply love the games
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