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  1. Primeval Thule Fantasy Setting for Genesys

    Thanks all for the feedback! And you're very welcome! Yeah, Thule would be considered "low-fantasy" from the description in the Genesys rulebook under the Fantasy setting. Like mouthymerc said, very Conan-esque. The Sasquaches that created the game were inspired by Robert E Howard's works, along with H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Rice Bouroughs too. Pulpy ... grim and dark ... or however you wanna run it. =) Z
  2. A horde of enemies!

    To be honest, I think you can have a horde of enemies and with this narrative dice system just do a skill challenge to overcome the horde in a more narrative way. During a climactic last session of a campaign I ran a skill challenge for a group of rebels in a Star Wars game I ran to infiltrate a Star Destroyer, rescue prisoners, and plant explosives / overload systems to blow it up. Everyone had a task to perform and on a Star Destroyer you have thousands of enemies. So, we just ran with it many triumphs were rolled and a despair. Z
  3. Primeval Thule Fantasy Setting for Genesys

    Thank you so much and glad you've been enjoying the podcast. I know Azmodeus and I have been having a great time creating it! Sasquatch Games created a Traveler's Guide for their Primeval Thule as a setting primer, if you will and it is out at drivethrurpg for free/pay what you want. This guide really does a good job of setting the tone and gives you a good feel of what this campaign setting is all about. Enjoy! Z
  4. Hey all, Zszree here from the Finding The Narrative Podcast posting up what I've got so far for my version of a fan created Player's Guide to Primeval Thule for Genesys. So what can you expect to see in this? 5 Thulean Races 10 Careers for adventuring in Thule A new game mechanic for rolling on a Literacy table A new game mechanic for 20 Character Narratives (like D&D Backgrounds) that have been Genesys-ized from the Primeval Thule setting New Skills 50 Talents that have been Thuleanized and Genesys-ized from the Star Wars RPG A new game mechanic for using XP to purchase from a list of 20 Merits and 15 Hindrances Thulean-ized Fantasy Gear and Equipment with Special Weapon and Armor properties List of Magic Rituals Rules on Crafting weapons, armor, and magic items I'll more than likely be changing the crafting rules to line up with what they create for Genesys, but for now this is what I've got. I know the Magic Item crafting information might be going through a couple more iterations. Anyways, that's what I have to share. Comments, critiques, and questions are always welcome so let me know what you think! Thanks for your time and thanks for listening to the show! Chris "Zszree" Holmes
  5. Hey everyone, Tony and Chris here from the Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast letting you know we've published Episode 2 - It's Alive! ... A Guide to Character Creation. In this episode of Finding The Narrative we talk about the character creation system in Genesys. We go into the step by step process of creating a character and create our own! We then take those characters over to Advantageous Threats and see what interesting predicaments we put our newly created characters into! Take a listen and find the narrative with us! Thanks for listening! Tony and Chris findingthenarrativepodcast@gmail.com Facebook Page Podbean Site YouTube Channel iTunes (US) | iTunes (UK) | iTunes (Australia) | iTunes (Canada) | iTunes (Germany) We are a VERY proud member of the Nerds-International Google+ Community!
  6. Fantasy Knowledge Skils?

    What I did for my Primevel Thule conversion was to split up the Knowledge skill as well and make sure I've got a specific Knowledge skill for each Magic skill too. I went with Lore, Geography, Nature, Religion, Education, and Occult. I linked the Arcana magic skill to Lore, Primal magic skill to Nature, and Divine magic skill to Religion. When casting spells with those types of magic the ranks in those knowledge skills will help. So, 2 ranks in Lore will effect say the Burn quality on an Arcane attack spell, but 2 ranks in Religion will not. If you get what I'm saying. Hope that helps a bit. Z
  7. We have our second episode for Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast called Episode 1 - 3 Magi up for you all to listen to! We talk about the magic system in Genesys with our good friend, Jamie Pierson from The RPG Brewery. And yes, another installment of Advantageous Threat! Enjoy! Tony "Azzmodeous" Fanning and Chris "Zszree" Holmes findingthenarrativepodcast@gmail.com Facebook Page Podbean Site YouTube Channel iTunes (US) | iTunes (UK) | iTunes (Australia) | iTunes (Canada) | iTunes (Germany)
  8. I found this little nugget in the FAQ. I'm wondering if it will work for you GM Hooly. Can I subscribe to a podcast that isn’t available in the iTunes Store? Yes. In iTunes, choose Subscribe to Podcast from the File menu and insert the podcast feed URL for that podcast. In the Podcasts app for iOS, enter the feed URL into the search field in My Podcasts. You can try to use this as the feed URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/finding-the-narrative-a-genesys-rpg-podcast Although, that just looks like a link to the podcast itself and not the actual feed. Hmmm. Also I found this too ... "Your podcast is not searchable in the iTunes Store until it is indexed, which can take up to 24 hours." Now question is if this indexing is different for different regions, meaning it might be indexed first here in the US, then spread out? It's been just over 24 hours since it's been approved, but not sure how long this takes.
  9. Oooo. That might be my n00bness here. I'll have to look into my account settings or something. Or would it take a few more days to be available to those outside the U.S.? We appreciate you pointing this out and I'll get on it to figure out what's going on ... or not going on in this case. =) We do have the YouTube Channel and Podbean if you want to listen through those medias as well. Thanks again, man!
  10. Thanks for posting this, Fogemort! We appreciate it!
  11. Hmmm, I just logged onto iTunes with a different ID and did a search for "finding the narrative". It showed up in the list of podcasts for me. Anyone else not seeing it in iTunes? Thanks for the feedback, HorusArisen.
  12. Looks like our iTunes Site is up and running for you all now. w00t!
  13. SwivelDiscourse, We are shooting for an every other week schedule recording on a sunday night and publishing later that night for the monday morning commute. =) Tear44, We are n00bs at podcasting so I didn't have the iTunes podcast feed setup last night. I've got it submitted so hopefully it will show up in iTunes in the next few days or by monday. And, I did get a YouTube channel setup too that I will put the link to in my original post above. Glad you all are enjoying it! And I as well cannot wait until the next episode! Chris "Zszree" Holmes
  14. Genesys Master Resources List

    Azzmodeous and I have created a new Genesys Podcast called Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast if you'd like to add it to the list! http://findingthenarrativepodcast.podbean.com/
  15. Hey all! I just wanted to let you all know that Azzmodeus and I have released our first episode of Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast that is dedicated to all things ... Genesys. It's our first podcast ever we've done, so be patient as we try to find our way. Take a listen and let us know what you think! Enjoy! Tony and Chris findingthenarrativepodcast@gmail.com Podbean Site YouTube Channel iTunes Site Facebook Page