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  1. Zszree

    Magic seems like it's set to low damage

    Doh! I'm SUPER slow to respond today. LOL
  2. Zszree

    Magic seems like it's set to low damage

    It might seem like damage is low because it is ... if you're not using an implement. It would say an Intellect of 3 would be average for an Arcane user, so your attack would start at 3. But, implements would add as much as +4 (magic staff) to that. Plus, you add your success to it as well. You can add the Deadly effect to make the Critical 2 and Viscious quality equal to your ranks of Knowledge. Pretty bad *** if you think about it. An Intellect of 4 plus a staff is 8. Easily equal to a blaster rifle in Star Wars. As far as resources go, well that would be your strain threshold. Everytime you cast a spell ... 2 strain after you resolve the effect. So, you can literally pass out from casting a spell. LOL Z
  3. Zszree

    Some questions on creating my character and skills

    Here's another way of thinking about the leader of a tribe/pride leaving it for awhile. The CEO or president of a company is an "outward facing" role who establishes relationships with partnering companies, other businesses to better their own, government representatives, etc. The vice president of a company is a "inward facing" role who has their board of middle management keeping the company going. Your tribe/pride leader character is taking it upon himself/herself to represent his people to the world. He's going out to make the world a better place for them to establish relationships with other "tribes" (read that as settlements). His war-chief / general / counsel of elders will keep the morale of the tribe/pride going, the generals will keep the pride protected, etc. Starting XP would be just fine for this character. Obviously a rank in leadership and a secondary social skill could be good too. Ask yourself, his he a more charming or fearsome (Coercion) or deceptive leader? I see leadership being used to show these other settlements that you are in command of your people, you know what you know, your are disciplined (another skill to consider) and you have a purpose for the future of your pride. I wouldn't look at your character going out to adventure, I would look at it as going out to hone those combat, social, knowledge and other general skills and learn some talents to ultimately lead his/her pride as one of the best rulers it has ever had. 😃 That's how I would do it. You don't have to be second in command ... be the leader of the pack! I mean the pride. I hear a song coming on from the 1950's I think ... hehehe Z
  4. Zszree

    Quick question - overland map creation software

    Khoram, Well done, my friend! That map turned out really nice! Z
  5. You know what, I never even thought of soak when applying damage in this case. Everyone will have around a 3 or 4 soak, so you are right. Not so bad. And cancelling a damage per success with a Coordination check. Thanks for pointing that out to me! Z
  6. Zszree

    Quick question - overland map creation software

    I used Inkarnate to do this map and GIMP for the handout. One pic is a screenshot of the online Inkarnate tool and the other the hangout I made with GIMP. I downloaded the image and used GIMP to add a cloth effect ... and blood splatters. What good is a map handout if you don't have blood stains on it anyways? 😃 It asked you to put in your e-mail address to login. It keeps your maps for you and I didn't get spammed at all by that website. Enjoy! Z
  7. I like what you've done here drainsmith. What a great start! Sildar: Yes, if he gets shoved off the ledge, I would make him start to bleed out giving the players/characters a moral choice to make trying to save him. Falling Damage is harsh. Period. Short Range 10 wounds/10 strain is about 75%+ of someone's wound threshold. I pictured that snare trap as being about a 10 - 15 foot drop that would halve the fallling damage to 5 wounds/5 strain. Not as harsh. But, if their buddy cuts the rope as a joke or something, then there's always the coordination check to land like a cat. 😃 Wolf Minions and Pack Tactics. I like it, but two boost for all three wolves on one character and one boost die for just two wolves on one character seems better to me for some reason. Bridge falling damage. Again like above, maybe half as much because i think its only 10 - 15 feet up, if I remember correctly. The Flood. Oh my! I caught numerous characters with this one ... twice! LOL! I wouldn't limit it to a Coordination check, I would allow Athletics as well too to hold on to the slippery walls (1 setback die) or something. If the torch bearer is up front and the light source goes out ... muhahaha! 2 more setback dice! Again, well done! Z
  8. That is such a great starting adventure for both the players and DM. Yes, DM! 😃 The first part is a bit on the rails, but in a good way. And then you have the sandbox like middle for the town of Phandalin. And the dungeon crawl as a conclusion. It really does stand up as is. The only thing I would change would be the encounters in the middle of the book to fit a custom campaign world. Maybe that band of orcs aren't orcs. They're a barbarian tribe moving in on that territory. Maybe build upon the surrounding areas to have the players keep Phandalin a home base. You know, something they have a stake in (the mine, the manor?, a farm?, a shop?) and have sworn to protect. It's a long enough adventure to make for a nice mini-campaign, but could easily be turned into an epically long campaign. Can't wait to see your progress on this, drainsmith! Z
  9. I appreciate the kind words. We try to break it down for new players to the system, yet try to make it worth while for the more experienced players by putting our own "this is what I would do" type thing on it. It can be difficult at times to explain the more complicated rules and thanks for noticing. 😃 This hobby of ours is a great one and so is this system. We just want more people to join it, enjoy it as much as we do, and to have fun! I can't say it enough that this narrative dice system has really improved my game. Not only this system, but D&D, Hackmaster, Savage Worlds, and other games I've played / run. Dunno what did it for me after 30+ years specifically, but something clicked. Haha Thanks again! Z
  10. Zszree

    Warships and Merchant Ships of the Age of Sail

    McKeewa, Well done! In my last episode of Finding the Narrative we talked about vehicles / vehicle combat and I brought up the three-masted ships. This is an awesome document! I really like what you've done here a lot! I've played a 50 Fathoms campaign in Savage Worlds, a Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign in Savage Worlds, and others. Reading what you've got here just makes me want to play those campaigns again. Kudos! I noticed on page 8 under the weapons for the Cerberus Class ship that you have 2 x 6PD Long Nines - Fire Arc Backward. Should that be Long Sixes or 2 x 9PD? Excellent job! Z
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Tony and I try to keep each other on point ... most of the time. We might ramble a bit, but for the most part we know we have a lot to cover sometimes and want to keep it under an hour. But, we know they have been going 1.5 hours and almost 2 for the review show. We're just a couple of old grognards shootin' the $hit about Genesys trying to explain the rules and how we interpret them. Yeah, the breathing is me. As much as I want to blame him, it's not Tony. 😃 I have a microphone with a foam dampener that I couldn't get to work a couple times ago. I'll try to get it working for the next one. Sorry about that. When I listen back as I'm editing the podcast, I don't hear it ... then again, do skunks smell their own stank? LOL Again, thanks for the feedback and we'll keep on keeping on! And yes, please tell others. Feel free to email us some suggestions, questions, comments, and what not too. You are welcome and thanks for listening, theReplicant! Chris "Zszree" Holmes
  12. Thanks for listening and the feedback! Glad you liked the review. We had a great time with Jamie and Stephen recording that episode. If you want to check out the latest The RPG Brewery youtube video, Jamie interviewed "The Tims", a couple of the leads on the Realms of Terrinoth from FFG. Excellent, SkyJedi! Like I said in the podcast, I was just tooling around with it before the episode and I'm sure I would've clicked on the custom button eventually. Again, great job on that tool and the rest, man! SKOL!!
  13. Zszree

    [IGNORE] Terrinoth Font and GMBinder Theme

    Not sure if this is yours, but I found this the other day ... https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LAd3GBwVpsjlo3MsYeB
  14. Hey everyone! Tony and Chris here you let you know we've released Episode 8 - Up In Your Grill! where we go back to the Book of Genesys and talk about vehicles, vehicle combat, and how to create your own vehicles! And in Advantageous Threat we put a couple of vehicles and their drivers / pilots to the test! Take a listen and find the narrative with us! Enjoy! Tony "Azzmodeous" Fanning and Chris "Zszree" Holmes findingthenarrativepodcast@gmail.com Facebook Page Podbean Site YouTube Channel iTunes (US) | iTunes (UK) | iTunes (Australia) | iTunes (Canada) | iTunes (Germany) We are a VERY proud member of the Nerds-International Google+ Community!
  15. Zszree

    Spending ADVANTAGE when casting spells

    Yeah, that does seem awefully heroic. Say I do cast a spell taking me above my strain threshold by 1. And, I generate some advantage. Do I use that advantage to heal up that strain or do I use it to activate the ability / special effect of the spell I just cast? Nice! I like that and it puts another narrative tale in the PCs hands! w00t!