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  1. @JRRP I thought of doing Diplomat: Quartermaster but initially shy'd away from going with it because I thought the skills only focused on "legally available" items and "selling goods legally". I supposed I could work this out with my GM to make it fit. I am dying to get my hands on Dawn of Rebellion. What you recommend would sound perfect. Any suggestions on how that would work RP wise.... seems like he should already have those skills being in the military. I guess I could theme it that since he is older and out of practice, it took a bit for him to get back into the groove and remember his training. Thanks so much for the feedback!
  2. I have a character concept that I saw on a reddit post that I absolutely love but I am having a really difficult time find a career/specialization. The abridged background: Right now I have him spec'd as a Commander-Tactician but unsure about it. I want to be a good balance of social and fighting... with may a hint more leaning towards the social aspect. I am still in discussing with my GM to work out specifics, especially if I take ranks in "Leadership" & "Discipline". We will start with more of an Edge of the Empire flair and evolve into more of a AoR campaign. Any suggestions on the best way to bring this character to life? As someone who has no military experience what so ever, I will also take suggestions on how to RP him (personality wise) in a fun way. Thanks!
  3. Okay I think that makes sense to me, I guess I am kind of confused on when I would need to roll 1 vs 2 white pips to activate force powers. I selected Influence as my very first power. I will check the CRB when I get home and see if I can make sense of it. The DM and myself are kind of learning this together since my character is the first character we have ever had trying to be a FS character. We may need to do some test rolls to make sure him and I are on the same page.
  4. Thanks 2P51, that is my understanding as well. I was just commenting on the fact that I see the terms "force points" and "pips" be used interchangeably which is not correct and could be confusing. My question was around this scenario... wouldn't he need 2 Light Side Pips to do this? One for activating the base power and one for trying to use the control upgrade?
  5. I am still struggling with force powers and the influence power in general. My group has been playing EOTE for the entire year but none of us have attempted a force sensitive character. I decided to give it a go it a go with my character. I am still confused on how to use/activate force powers. In the above example in this thread wouldnt you need 2 white pips to activate both the base power and then another to activate the control upgrade? In the example he only rolls 1 white pip, not 2. Also I believe there is a difference between "Force Point" and the pips on the die. The white and black pips, if I am correct, DO NOT represent a "force point". Force points only equate to the number of force die you roll. The pips are what are used to trigger the force powers. Seems extremely difficult to trigger anything other than the base power... unless I am completely wrong.
  6. Hello everyone, I am relatively new to table top gaming but the group I play with is experienced, well some of them are. EOTE is the first game where i have fallen head over heels in love with roleplaying but I cant help but always feel like... I or we are "playing it wrong". Its been very difficult for me to roleplay and I basically just act like myself. In our current campaign im playing as an Indiana Jones type character but even with that character base to play off of I feel like im just a run of the mill character. I feel like I come off too annoying if im always asking if there is treasure or artifacts to be found or harping on the ole "it belongs in a museum!" line. I learn best by doing and watching. Are there any good recorded sessions out there that i can watch/listen? Our group does little with obligation and i feel like setback dice should be used more but I dont want to step on our GM's toes too much as he is the rpg veteran of the group. Any advice?
  7. I still think I dont quite get how "scathing tirade" works. Both mechanically and narratively. Could you please enlighten me a bit?
  8. I feel like our group never uses them. I fear I missed something and embarrassed to ask.... Whats the point of them?
  9. I wasn't looking for a specific rule about it, more generally i was asking for help in being creative with ideas on how to use it lol. The only thing i can come up with is looting a body. Do i have to rely on the GM to put stuff in front of me to scavenge or can I roll a perception check and if successful, "I notice a dumpster in the back of a weapons shop". Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  10. I am currently in the process of creating my Technician. I am thinking of going Outlaw Tech with a limited 2nd specialization in Slicer. I have a question about the Utinni talent. Where can I find examples of how to use Utinni? I am having trouble visiualizing how to use this talent. Can I make an attempt to salvage anything? Are there specific things I can "salvage"? Also any pointers or recommendations/drawbacks of creating an outlaw tech/slicer? And finally, are there any resources out there that goes through talents and gives examples on how to use them "properly"? I am new to RPG's and I am utterly in love with EOTE and just want to learn more Thanks!
  11. Answered my own question... unprotect the sheet -> add pic :/ Still not sure if Char Sheet pg3 should work or not though....
  12. Any way to add a picture for my character? I am guessing no and.... page 3 of the character sheet is always blank for me... should this be populating with my talents?
  13. I cant find this answer any where but does the character HAVE to have the utility belt ITEM in order to use the utility belt TALENT? I am a little fuzzy on how the talent is used and what is need to activate. **I am an rpg noob so this game is my first real foray into this type of stuff. Thanks!
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