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  1. Read EotE,AoR or F&D....congrats...more than likely you know all the rules you need to play Genesys...
  2. Got into a situation last night and need some help clarifying: Red Squadron X-Wing with R2 Astromech (All speed 1 and 2 manoeuvres are considered green manoeuvres) takes a critical hit which said "All hard turns are considered red" (or words to that effect). Hard turns are Speed 2(?) on an X-Wing so.... Which statement would take precedent? Or do they cancel each other out?
  3. Hi taking part in a local "survivor" competition and I need some help. I have access to a Star Viper and it can have any legal upgrade, no points limit. The idea of the competition is to survive ever increasing waves of 12 point Academy pilots, so I will need it to be a survivor...obviously. Any thoughts?
  4. So, was playing a 4 player game on Easy for our first game... Got to round six and was instructed to prepare the Final Mission but no normal Mission. During resolution when the carry out mission phase arrived we carried out the Final Mission, not knowing that this had its own unique phase. Is this a bug with the app adding in an extra resolution step where there shouldn't be?
  5. Miranda + TLT + Extra Munitions + Plasma Torpedoes + Cluster Missiles + Navigator + Munitions Failsafe Jan Ors + Nien Nunb Tala Squadron Pilot Tala Squadron Pilot ----------------------------------------------- Jan is there to feed Miranda extra attack dice and the Tala Twins are there for screening. Miranda's job is to fire much missiles at any thing in her way, with TLT for when she runs out of ammo.
  6. Thanks guys. I used this recently and felt bad afterwards thinking I might have guffed the rules a bit.
  7. I plan on firing a Plasma Torpedo (4R) from Miranda (K-Wing). Can I use her "drop a shield gain an attack dice" ability on the torpedo attack? Can then also use the Jan Ors (HWK290) ability to increase it a further attack dice to a total of 6 dice?
  8. Can people please stop suggesting that 1 A-wing managed to KO a SSD. The fact that Ackbar clearly says "concentrate all firepower on that super star destroyer", its safe to assume that more was fired at the SSD than a couple of A-wings firing at the shield generators on the main command super structure. Also thenA-wing crashing through the bridge window would of had nothing to do with the SSD crashing into the DS2. Want to know why? Military vessels have one main command bridge, and a secondary bridge (or more). Command and control is replicated between the bridges so that in the event of a failure in one, c&c would switch to one of the others. Now with a crew of thousands, it is fair to say there were more than enough command staff to take over from the destroyed main bridge. It would of been the combined fire of several rebel capital ships and concentrated starfighter strikes that ultimately crippled the SSD. It was the DS2's gravity that dragged the SSD down and ultimately finished it off. Not a single A-wing crashing into the bridge. Also ISD shrunk to fit on the table...bad idea. The weaponary output of an ISD versus anything available (or soon to be available), plus the significant starfighter support available to an ISD...yeah best left to off table support or massive "table" terrain.
  9. I think i'll ditch the crow title and the two R2 cards for an ion turret on Jan or Dutch. Choice between Jan or Dutch for the Ion turret: who would be better suited?
  10. Guys, my local group is just getting into X-wing and we are reaching the point where we are getting into 100 point games. I have an idea for a list and wondered what people think. Jan Ors Moldy Crow Nien Numb Dutch Vander Red Squadron R2 Astromech Red Squadron R2 Astromech Dutch TLs and then hands a free TL to one of the Red Squadron boys. Jan brings up the rear and buffs the already buffed (TL) and focused RS. Nien Numb is on board with Jan to increase the number of green moves she can make to maximise her buff output.
  11. How have people been handling larger battles where the amount of damag cards currently in play be more than those provided in one core set box? I have on the forums that mixing damage decks can be a bad idea but wanted to get peoples impression.
  12. Has anyone seen any decent rules for Turbolaser turrets? Thinking about reproducing some battles from the Rogue Squadron games and a few were ground based installations attacks
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