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  1. Maybe it's time for a rogue one aces pack that contains blue Squadron Y-wing generic pilot's with EPT along with some new pilots. (Would be keen for more X-wing pilots and a T-65 title to help the X-wing) New droids too
  2. Just wanted to know the order in which Red Ace's ability kicks in, i was playing the other day and had 1 shield left when he suffered a hit and crit (direct hit too) from an attack. Does the hit go onto the shield, then you get the evade token thus canceling the crit or do you have to dish out all the damage before receiving the evade token? Cheers.
  3. Thanks for sharing this, cant wait to give it a go.
  4. On the YT-2400, for 54 points I've been running; *Dash *Outrider HLC *Kyle Katarn PTL Kyle eats stress and spits out Focus, this has been giving me a BR and TL every turn to position and smite my targets with a TL & Focus attack at 4 Reds. Been working well so far....
  5. I had hoped for a next gen version of X-wing as it was a brilliant game. I'll be looking forward to a Ep VII sim, hopefully they bring one out.
  6. looks like two each of the generic TIE pilots and 4 new Pilots, with one (Scourge) already revealed. Look's like I'm going to have to start saving for this one.....
  7. Try it on a Y-Wing with the BTL-A4 title, you can stress up to two targets in one round. Otherwise it pairs nicely with Hobbie who clears stress when spending a TL.
  8. Hey Gersun, Awesome write up, lots of points to digest, thanks for sharing. I'm a casual player and am heading off for my first tournament in AUG, I'm thinking of this list; BIGGS HOBBIE + Stressbot 2 x Gold with BTL-A4, ICT and R2. The idea is that Biggs takes the heat from the others allowing Hobbie to dish out stress and the Y's to do their double attack and lay down some ion, i have had some good results against Phat Han builds and Decimators (destroying one in 3 rounds of shooting with no losses) however the Phantoms ripped this apart as i imagine any other high agility arc dodger might. It may have been a different story if i got stress onto the Phantom.... I find that most opponent fear the native double tap of the Y's and want to take them out first, that combined with their 1 Agility make them a target. However under the protection of Biggs i deny the enemy that choice. Meanwhile Hobbie becomes a nuisance by dishing out stress and shrugging it off with his ability which also makes him a target. After reading your write up i might have to try and fly casual in a combat zone of my choosing letting the arc dodgers come to me, what's your assessment of this list, do you think it would be competitive enough? (obviously the x factor would be my skill at flying this list but as a stand alone....) Any thoughts welcome.
  9. Muz

    Attack of the Clones.....

    Loving the ideas people come up with, i'm tempted to have a game for Sh!ts and giggles. The Biggs build could be interesting, getting to control which one receives the damage The Chewie build could also be fun, super tanky Dark curse would definitely have the opponent cursing darkly keep em coming.
  10. You've got lots of options, here's some of the places i've seen templates; Cog 'O' Two Team Covenant Litko Aetherworks Applied Perspective CorSec Engineering
  11. No issue, Just trying to figure out how Determination works. To be honest i have totally misunderstood how it works. I would have taken the damage but not suffered the effect of the crit, i didn't realise you discard any pilot trait Crits without suffering the damage, i can see how Leebo can be appealing. So with this in mind, is Determination a waste on Chewie as he turns the Crits over before they are resolved or does it get discarded before Chewie takes effect?
  12. I was just watching a game when i saw Leebo, with Determination, suffer two hits and two crits with 4 hull left. He got to draw a different Critical damage card for each critical suffered and hunted the damage cards with the pilot trait and discarded the damage card suffering only two damage total and surviving the round. Now my understanding was that you still take the damage but don't suffer the adverse effect of the critical, does anyone know how Determination works?
  13. Muz

    Attack of the Clones.....

    That's pretty evil. I think the only way it could get more evil would be dropping the sixth for a Stealth Device on all of them. That is pretty nasty. What about 2 mini swarms of; Howlrunner Dark Curse Dark Curse Howlrunner Dark Curse Dark Curse
  14. So, lets say you managed to find Kamino and they still had some operational cloning chambers, if you could clone your favorite pilots so that you could field more than one, what sort of 100 point squadron would you fly? Would you field 3 Wedge's, maybe 3 Soontir's.... I would consider; Z-95: Airen, VI PS 10 Z-95: Airen, VI PS 10 Z-95: Airen, VI PS 10 Z-95: Airen, VI PS 10 Z-95: Airen, VI PS 10 with 5 of him flying in formation at PS 10 there would be a lot of synergy going on when the scarlet bolts start flying.
  15. Muz

    X-Wingers Anonymous

    I don't have a problem, i can stop any time i want..... err ignore that signature block showing what i've got..... Quite a hard case write up, but it does highlight how addictive this game can be, i find myself having to fight the urge to buy more x-wing's, i mean i have 5 of them and can only field 4 in a standard 100 point game!
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