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  1. This is the one I've wanted to happen since I first discovered Arkham Horror years ago. Thank thank THANK YOU FFG.
  2. Aren't the fancy-looking Showcase Page sections of the website pretty new? Not all games get a Showcase Page but WQACG has one. Or has it been there all along and I just recently stumbled onto the Showcase Pages?
  3. In the Descent model (I don't know if its the same for Imperial Assault) there are tokens that you may replace with plastic miniatures for an extra purchase. In Descent these are for villain/NPC characters ('Lieutenants') and upgrading to the plastic minis is entirely optional. They do give you some added gameplay stuff with them so you aren't just buying the plastic mini. 1e MoM didn't do anything like that so I'm guessing 2e won't either. I'd be happy if they sold monster/enemy packs of just critters and their stats and required cards.
  4. Wasn't the game kind of a surprise hit last year? Why wouldn't they support it further? Even if it just keeps getting PoD material as long as there's a steady stream of it bring it on.
  5. Well, I've gotta say I see what Malachi meant. They are big. Looks fine on Ardus Ix'Erebus but the other two look out of scale. Zarihell is really large for a female elf. I don't see it as a problem, the sculpts are awesome. Makes me wonder how it happened though. If the next round of heroes minis appear and are at some new larger scale I'll be a little OCD freaked out.
  6. Okay this is making me crazy. Can anyone who has the Bilehall LPs post pics of the minis for those of us who can't get them yet? Is there really a scale problem?
  7. I keep hoping that FFG will someday give us a big hardcover book of Terrinoth lore as background for all of the Runebound universe games. Or you know, an actual Terrinoth RPG while they're at it. The setting deserves to be fully fleshed out and detailed.
  8. This game is my first exposure to the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Really hoping for expansions for this game. Dwarf Runepriest? High Elf Swordmaster? Dwarf Trollslayer? I probably still have some more money to give you FFG. Lets do this.
  9. I have downloaded the PDFs and I'm not seeing the missing H problem on page 2 of Rules Reference. Nagash1959 perhaps your PDF reader or browser are not displaying the document correctly for some reason?
  10. What I wanna know is if there's any chance of that gorgeous playmat going into regular production. I needs it.
  11. Is Pico going to be represented in plastic as well? I can't really tell from the Ronan miniature in the images...Skye and Brightblaze are looking cool as part of the minis, hope Pico will be too.
  12. How about a new Arkham Horror Files miniatures game like Descent 2nd Edition and Imperial Assault? Don't try to make it Mansions Of Madness 2.0, use the Descent/Imperial Assault model. With all-new minis for all the investigators and monsters with Descent 2nd Edition quality sculpts. The investigator minis could also be sold seperately, they would make great replacement pieces for the little tiny Elder Sign tokens that everybody worries about losing...also good for AH/EH. I know investigator minis have been done but we need new ones that work for all the Arkham games.
  13. I've been wishing for/wondering about this for some time. Why wouldn't Terrinoth be fully "fleshed out" now that there is an entire "universe" of games set there? It just seems like a shame. Even if it was a Terrinoth setting book and not a full-on RPG I think we need to see it.
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