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  1. When will the scouring of the Shire scenario come out?
  2. Makes me to imagine a picture that little Gollum is under the mighty bear's guard...one paw hit cure for each madness time....
  3. Thanks, I bought at least hundreds copies of lcg pack, it's the first time missing cards, I'll double-check when home.
  4. I just got my Roam across Rhovanion, there's only 2 copies of Glamdring, is it particular of common? If particular, then it was the first time part missing in LCG product.
  5. Bilbo Baggins cost 3 more threat because Sauron HATE HIM. This pack is great as the other packs in this cycle, the eagle, Beon, Hobbit decks are all get more interesting. Looking forward for the guard keyword.
  6. Well, so the situation that we cannot find a single news of LotRLCG in the first 6 pages of FFG news has ended.
  7. I won't buy this pack. Reason: 1. I don't play the digital version, 2. The 2 heroes could be get through the regular products. 3. The Alternate Art or big picture makes no sense to me. 4. The 2 quests are not worth that much dollars. Although I even bought 3 copies of the epic pod quests, but this kind of binding-selling is unacceptable to me. 5. In China, the best quality one ring is about $15.(Made buy gild Tungsten) According to the news "State of LCGs", each LCG will have their own special things(mostly meant way of selling). If for LotR, the way is to bind many things to only one pack of few cards the core players need, and sell for nearly 100 dollars, I'll quit.
  8. I bought all of them but never played. The art of the Nightmare deck is really dark.
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/8/state-of-the-lcg/ About the news: Well, it's already about a week ago, but I just notice this last night, and with another piece of news, I knew that the ANR LCG will be ended soon. (Good game, pity) Maybe FFG wish to pacify the LCG players with this piece of news because there're only 4 LCGs alive right now. (There were 7 when the Conquest LCG came out.) About all LCGs: Despite almost none LCG can survive til the first rotation(not because the meta crush but the IP), but I still think LCG is a better idea than TCG to me. It's good to have all the cards by your side to refine your deck right after a game to improve your idea and skill, no more trading of collecting needed. So I show confidence for the future of LCG. About LotR LCG: LotR LCG is my favorite all the time, it's not convenient to buy En LCG in China(the Chinese version of the game ended till the 4th cycle) but I still bought the all deluxe, saga, ap, pod and the nightmares. I think Caleb did great job on this game because every new cycle we get not only new cards but also new mechanic, that make a 8 year old game still red-blooded. Caleb mentioned "hold back" 2 times in the interview, it show me a image that Thranduil and some other mighty ones are shouting "Let me out!" with their hands on the iron fences. So I think the 9th cycle is reasonable because there're too many prisoners. Caleb also mentioned "new format" for playing the Gencon POD. If the POD is “The Scouring of the Shire”, sure, it’s not fit the 3* Epic mode like POD2016&2017, then what it maybe? Pvp mode? About the Future of LotR LCG: It’s great job to accomplish the whole saga, I’m ready to start the campaign all over again including the Old Forest, Fog on the Barrow-Downs and The Scouring of the Shire(if it’ll exist). We have many cycles now, I wish to see some format to connect different cycle to make the game more immersive.
  10. Great for it came back, greater for it can be connected from CHN.
  11. So, where does the iron weapon or armor goes when beorning is turning into teddy?
  12. I really like the White city playmat, but it is not in the news.
  13. Almost for a month, when will the online retailor put this pack on shelf
  14. Almost 2 months since the release of Mountain of Fire.
  15. Core Set 2.0 Probability: 20% I remember that FFG annouced the AGoT2.0 just before the release of the last cycle of AGoT1.0(maybe wrong). Now could be the same timing for LotR. If the exciting and exclusive annoucement is LotR2.0, it's really bad news for the owners of "LotR1.0", because the whole line products including nightmare deck is not cheap. It also seems unnecessary to take out a new core set like netrunner2.0. But, but, but if Asmodee think a LotR2.0 can make more money, it will get existed. PvP Mode Probability: 10% We never see a cooperative mode for all pvp LCGs, so I don't think the annoucement will be the pvp mode for LotR, Epic mode has just arrived for not many days. Saga Expansion Probability: 40% LotR Saga came after the Hobbit Saga, then what came after the just ending LotR Saga? First Age Saga? Second Age Saga? or... Fourth Age Saga? I know the probability's not as 40% high, but I give it 40% because I wish a new line of Saga expansions. The 7th Deluxe and the 8th Cycle Probability: 30% The product code MEC65-MEC71 is blank for now, it's almost for sure for a deluxe and the following cycle, but can it call an exciting and exclusive annoucement?
  16. So we still don't know what the 3 scenarios are in the box, right?
  17. The non-unique Quickbeam is an error or an joke?
  18. Anyone think that Oath of Eorl is cost too much? 1 card, 2 trait, 3 resources for an one time event? Custom made for Denethor, Mablung and Hama?
  19. AH lcg has a mini card pool, so it need to release faster. LotR lcg already has a good size card pool, 1 pack for 2 months is better than none
  20. The article didn't say that there's no spirit Aragorn in this box. Wait... Where is Gollum and Smeagol? Don't tell me that he just appear on the box cover. A little disappointed for the Epic mode for the last two quests, I assume they should be one like the quest in Hobbit saga, and scouring for Shire is the last one to make the story complete, maybe the pod mode is better for scouring for Shire because the company of Samwise is better to be object ally other than player card ally. Thanks all the designers for making the whole saga done, great job! Sure we looking for more pods for the wonderful chapter which didn't show up in the saga box like Old Forest.
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