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  1. Another way of tackling this, particularly with minion groups with powerful weapons such as blaster rifles, that i have used to make the group seem like a Big Bad Evil Group (think deathtroopers/purge troopers/Mandos), is to give them Adversary (group): When attacking this group, Upgrade the difficulty once for every character in the group at the time of the attack. Basically, at full strength they are freaking deadly to attack head on (rolling 5 reds hurts), and it then takes a concerted, and often unconventional, effort to bring down there numbers to something manageable. But this also prevents their powerful weapons from becoming OP. Multiple despairs can be used to give them extra actions and maneuvers, similar to a nemesis, whilst keeping track of them simple (as opposed to tracking 5 rivals/nemesis separately)
  2. Have you considered looking at the weapon hardpoint restriction rules from the CRBs and Fully operational? They have tables that detail the minimum silhouette that a weapon requires to be mounted. You could use this as an upper limit for your rule. For instance, your rule applies for all weapons that only require a Sil 4 or less vehicle to be mounted. All other weapons (turbolaser territory) abide by the normal rules. That means all fighter/light freighter and anti-fighter weaponry, as well as ground/speeder vehicles, which is the most likely weapons that you will use on personnel, will give you the effect your after (i.e a fighting chance for PCs) but still give the big hitters the punch they deserve, if they hit! (as they will be more difficult than a fighter or walker shooting at personnel, being Sil 5+)
  3. I would still let the PCs play out the mass combat. Whilst the end macro result may not change (if your not interested in altering the timeline), the PCs influence can effect casualties and losses. That can then have follow on consequences for the PCs in interacting with Rebel command. For instance, they fail or don't bother defending the Nebulon against a bomber attack (Upgrade or setbacks to the Mass combat roll). It then takes a direct hit to the medical bay (despair during Mass Combat) killing/wounding many (including known key NPCs), thus reducing potential support for the PCs in future missions Conversely, they take the time to defend the Frigate, thus engendering the Captain/crew to the PCs and providing assistance (Mass combat boost dice. duty bonuses etc). This could then give them a few more x-wings in the next encounter to be added to the squadron Remember that Star Wars cuts between main characters (PCs) and big action set pieces happening in the background. Don't make them off screen, play them out! (And its a chance to get Armada Mini's on the table, which I always love!
  4. Snarky dictionary quote aside, Hey its your game, you do you. just wondering, is this a D&D/D20 mindset? (I have only played FFG SW, so I am curious as to the reticence for minion groups) But having your (I am assuming around 4) Players sit through 10+ NPC initiative slots...ugggh. how do you deal with keeping their attention. I follow the guidance of at all times have the PCs doing the majority of the rolling, hence my usual limit of 4 NPC slots. The minion rules are essential for this. they increase the threat and damage potential of the large group of adversaries, without slowing down the flow of the combat encounter. They speed things up immensely. They also greatly enhance the enjoyment for the PCs, as instead of taking down that single stormtrooper with their blaster rifle or lightsaber, their attack represents a series of shots/strikes that if rolled well enough, can mow down several opponents at once, (I see each attack action as a series of shots/swings, not just a single one. The devs have said the same) It makes grenades and other explosives extra awesome too, as you have clumps of targets that can all be wiped with one well placed throw.
  5. Um,, can you clarify a bit more? you NEVER use minion rules? They are a core mechanic of the game and allow for epic firefights that are easily managable by the GM, and clearly represent the whittling down of numbers, plus are key for the use of grenades/blast weapons how do you deal with squads of stormtroopers, swarms of tie fighters etc without over a dozen NPC initiative slots? I have thrown down 20+ troopers in a battle, managed by only 3-4 slots Do you only use Rivals/nemesis and limit your battles to more intimate one-on-one fights? or do you always use the squad rules with Rival squad leaders surrounded by ablative armour? Minion adversaries aren't really suited to acting on their own from the start of an encounter, as they don't have the skills to stand up in a fight (hence the rules for group skills) ..... Back to your question - You didn't mention it was just a Silhouette 4 YT - in that case I would man it with a Rival/Nemesis Pilot and 2 Rivals with gunnery for the gunners (maybe YYG+B), thus giving it, thus giving it 3 initiative slots - or 4 if you use the Nemesis rule to give it another slot at the end of the initiative order, and a chance to move again, making it more maneuverable and survivable If you had two ships of that size, I would shrink it down to just a Rival Pilot and Gunner for each ship, and give the pilot one of the turrets to fire. that keeps the NPCs at about 4 slots ..... Your probably picking up that I like to keep the NPC slots to no more than 4, as I find this is the easiest to manage and I change the difficulty of the encounter by increasing group size or using squad rules with leaders. Other things I do for really big fights is group multiple adversaries into one initiative slot, such as two squads of stormtroopers having 1 slot.
  6. Ohh...oh crap... your right. I just reread the minions section in the CRB.. I've been treating it as upgrades for 4 years... Don't tell my PCs, they have been moaning about my squads of 6 stormtroopers all the time. YYYY Blaster rifle shots hurt
  7. In that case it would be YYY+ Boosts ... first 3 get you to YY then 4 is YYG, 5 is YYY. Depending on the ship that is attacking the bad guys and it weapon complement would determine how many groups of gunners you have, as you can never represent ALL the weapons on a star destroyer. if your being attacked by one bigger ship, I would say give them a Commander Rival, and then gunner groups equal to half PC numbers, with the number in each group dependent on the weapon loadout of the ship (Think of this as the escape from Mos Eisley or Hoth (Or rebel assault 1), where it was the Falcon vs a star destroyer, and the Falcon was fighting different components of the ship) If your being attacked by multiple capital ships, I would streamline that by having a fleet commander/BBEG slot to give out orders, then each ship having an initiative slot where it moves and all of its gunner groups fire using barrages) (many clone wars examples here) Anything bigger than that, I would go to mass combat rules, particularly once you add fighters into the mix
  8. Are you using the gunners as a minion group? and using the barrage rules from AOR (I think its stay on target but it could be CRB) a group of 5 gunners (representing 5 weapons) would be YYYG +boost for aiming - that's pretty hard hitting for turbolasers, regardless of difficulty for silhouette difference
  9. In my current game, set pre clone wars with my wife and 7 yr old daughter as the PCs, I don't allow them to start or purchase the Jedi specs. Instead I use them as story points and rewards at the end of modules. Such as the Daughter (Pathfinder) will be awarded Padawan once the Wife's PC (Sentinal with Padawan) brings her back to the sector academy cruiser and is inducted in the order. Similarly, the wife will be gifted Knight once she passes her final Jedi trial of insight, by solving the mystery at the heart of the current adventure they are playing, assuming she becomes one with the force and extends her power (gaining force rating 2). I see the specs as plot devices that represent levels of attainment, and the skills and discipline gained from academy training, study and tuturing
  10. I read it as when making a lightsaber check, you can also make a force check and then spend pips to recover strain It better be that way, its how I sold it to my wife's PC When she was crafting her lightsaber
  11. So I am running a pre clone wars game with the Wife and Daughter. Just starting out. Pathfinder and Sentry. I am not allowing them to purchase Jedi careers as such. Instead they will be rewarded as story milestones. Such as when the wife passes her final trial and becomes a knight, or the daughter is finally brought ba k to the academy and inducted as a padawan (even though she may already be FR2)
  12. I am largely against the GM doing hidden rolls, an in fact lie down my screen so that everything is open (I am not the enemy) However, this might be an exception. have the PC roll the positive dice, and you as the GM roll the negative dice hidden, and tell them the final result. Pass or fail, this will keep the skill of the NPC secret. Knowledge of which could impact follow up checks. of course, the downside of this is the fact that your hiding it means the Players get a bit of meta foreshadowing that the NPC is not who they seem.
  13. is your rule for Ray or Particle shields? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ (half TIC)
  14. So I have run the battle of Scarrif as a one shot at my FLGS when I used to host intro to RPGs for the store. I started with a mass combat space battle, using lots of ARMADA miniatures, as the team penetrated the shield before it was raised. I then had the PC party travel to one of the islands, that had the Anti-Air control system in it. they had to ground assault the base and shut it down. (for this I used the whisper base map and tokens/ Rebellion minis (it was before Legion came out) Then once they acheived that, the death star arrived and they had to escape in a stolen shuttle, the Tyderium
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