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  1. Hi all, So continuing on from my rambles over in the SW GM forum I have since switched settings and therefore crossed to Genesys for our travelling RPG whilst on Holiday in Europe. I will be using @GM Chris harry potter setting I will be running welcome to hogwarts for my wife and 6yr old daughter, where they will be beginning as first years, set only a couple years after infant harry first defeated Voldemort. Character gen will be our first session, and done narratively. and I am thinking a bit reversy-styly. Step 1: Shopping and wand selection at Olivanders: this is where the two will meet. Step 2: Chatting on the hogwarts express: This will give a chance for them to develop there back story, motivations, and pick their career Step 3: Sorting hat - where they get housed (archetype). I have stolen some of the questions from the pottermore website After this, I will run some first lessons in different classes to teach them the basics of using magic/flying etc And now I am stumped. So now I am asking on you dear GMs, to throw my my way any ideas/ scenes/encounters that would fit this setting. I would probably see only running this an hour or two at a time (6yr old attention span) She has read up to book 2 in the series, and plays at school with others who have read more, so is aware of the over all concepts of the universe. Should I even develop a big bad, or maybe just a couple of annoying bullys from Slytherin and keep it episodic Anywho, will keep a running log on how this progresses over the 3 weeks, and will put together a a recap and travel guide for others who want to attempt mile-high rpg
  2. Well genesys is the same system as star wars, just stripped of the SW setting, and made a universal system to make your own settings and universes
  3. Thanks for all the advice from everyone. We are going down a slightly different path, and giving GENESYS a crack, with @GM Chris's Harry Potter theme. Little one has almost finished the second book in the series and plays it at school with her friends all the time (to the point where she spoils the books for herself). So I picked up the core rulebook, the Setting from D20Radio and a few other resources, which I Will print out in A5 and get some little clipboards to match. I like the tweeks they have done with talents and GMDaves method for magic seems very elegant. @KRKappel thanks for the advice in regards to char gen on the plane as first session. The setting leads excellently towards doing a narrative based character build. I will be setting it as first years attending Hogwarts, 2 years after Voldemort is first defeated by baby harry and the school is getting back on its feet after the war. This way I do not have to make up all new Professors and other characters as much. Chargen should be fun, I will have the 2 girls meet in Diagon Alley, where they can generate their first wands (and maybe pick up a pet). Then on to the Hogwarts express where they can chat about what they want to be when they grow up (pick a career). Finally on to the sorting hat which will ask them a series of questions (which I stole from Pottermore) to sort them into their houses (picking archetypes[species]) A week to go, this should be fun!
  4. Pharmasist is arguably one of the most powerful and vital characters. Its the only ability I have seen that heals physical damage. Sushi chef is also excellent at staying alive away from camp Yes. Scenerio 5 is competitive and you can attack each other
  5. I have found so far in the 4 games the wife and I have played, that if you don't cooperate, you die. you seriously need to coordinate your actions and ever dwindling health in order to acheive the objectives. That being said we haven't played the 5th, competitive scenerio yet. that may change.
  6. Yes. As there is still a lot of randomness to each play. We have played another two games, scenario 2 and 3 (3 is badlands). I died in the second game but we acheived the mission. We were both wiped out in the third game. The badlands is quite different to the desert, which is good. And we are getting the undertones of a connected subplot between everything. I can see us playing this a dozen times or so, and then looking to swap our box with someone or buy another pre-opened to get different biomes. I can also see a market for expansions that give new biomes/scenerios/encounters. Our biggest gripe now is that the landmark numbers are fixed to the board, and so are repeated. If there was a randomness mechanic to it it would aid in replayability.
  7. Ok quick first impression after first game...(2 player, desert, scenario 1) I don't know if I like it or not.... The encounter and theat cards were fun to draw and read, but the chain reaction encounters (draw this # card, then draw thus # card, were cumbersome) The lethal combat was...weird. you just kept rolling until you or the threat died. Other monsters were fun through. The cards, map and symbols seemed tiny and hard to see for my (bespectacled) wife Night time was alreadys dreaded, which was fun. But we both still want to play the next scenario to see where it leads, so thats good, right?
  8. I picked up my copy of the game today. I scored Desert and Badlands. Thematic for linking up the games. Not very varied in topography though... Oh well. Good excuse to buy our friends copies for xmas
  9. Beacuse I don't own and/or play AH with my group and have know idea what a GOO is? But the point is you know who all the investigators are beacuse you own them too. I don't know who my survivor will be at my friends house until I sit down and play ther copy
  10. I have all of them. I am trying to avoid bringing any physical components though beyond character sheets
  11. Righto, I just pre-ordered. What appeals to me is the fact that my group can play this at my house and have one experience, and then a few weeks later we could be at a friends house, pull out his copy of the game, and have a completely different experience with components that I have not memorised/stratagized and optimised. it will be fresh. It will be like as a kid going to a friends house and playing Lego. Yes you have a lot of lego, but so do they, and different lego. the mechanics are the same, but the experience and fun is unique! Also, I can see them releasing season packs. A new series of characters/biomes/quests that you buy one of to upgrade your game, and your mates buy another. it expands each game, but again keeps each one unique. Buying more than one will risk double ups though, until the next season.
  12. There is an entire printable campaign from the FFG website that follows up from the Whisper base beginner adventure Operation Shadowpoint https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-age-of-rebellion-beginner-game/#/support-section
  13. Hi all, So this xmas period the family and I (Wifey - Regular player, and 6 year old daughter - loves star wars, boardgames, and has dabbled with kid RPGs) are treating ourselves with a VERY white xmas by spending 3 weeks in Finland and Estonia. I bit different to our usual sweltering 42*C in Australia. anywho, we have a good 50+ hours stuck on a plane to burn (read keep the youngling entertained) and I was thinking of developing a campaign for the trip to run. Obvious issues are space and noise. My thoughts so far are to use the dice app on the daughters tablet, and have A5 size character sheets with little clipboards. I have a surface pro aswell that I can use to run GM notes, and draw maps on. What is stumping me is a campaign appropriate to the age. Has anyone written/run adventures for younger groups. and are suitable for small (2 PC) groups. Alternatively would a pre-written published campaign be the way to go. Also, character sheets. best to keep with small paper prints? or would an IT solution work. Printouts would be fine to start with, but later on if they buy new specialisations, I would have to ensure I have them ready to go. That could work if I limit what specialisations they can choose from (I.E only one game series), otherwise I will need 120+ pages ready, just-in-case. This all takes up valuable carry-on space. Anyway. I welcome thoughts, opinions and ideas. Is this a feasable plan, or am I dreaming.
  14. Another thing that is encouraged, and within the remit of the GM, is to reward good narration. So yes, they can pass that boost. But if they describe what their PC is doing narratively, in character, with voices! you can easily throw another boost at them, or remove a setback, or make it an upgrade or some other reward (give mutliple players boosts due to their actions, stagger a NPC etc). This will encourage narration. Now you don't have to do it every time, and can ease off once the narration becomes second nature.
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