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  1. TLT's are good....like really good Our group didn't realize that all non-Tie Fighters get that bonus free action even if they are not elites (besides the intro mission for the interceptors anyway). Averaging out the exp gain per mission is also really nice, but tracking who did what is nice for bragging rights
  2. I'm sorry to hear the bad news. Hope Joe gets better soon! And congrats to Tyson on the new job! Looking forward to whenever you can get the Episodes out. Like Yoda would say: 'Patience...'
  3. The big one I always tell new players is to bring a movement tray. Once a match is over, gather up all your components and do a quick inventory check. Have everything together and be able to move from one table across the room in a single trip. There is usually a mad rush when pairings are posted since the TO will usually only give the 5-10min get your stuff, move it over, unpack everything, share lists, do rocks, and setup ships. i got ninja'ed!
  4. I got plenty of other mini's games to keep me busy: -The 9th Age ('open source' warhammer fantasty rules, starting to gather steam in my area, loving the revival) -Armada (still have some stuff in boxes, but would easily take over X-Wing's spot if something disastrous happened to X-Wing) -Imperial Assault (prefer the campaign, although skirmish is fun too, can't keep up with all the releases though) -Warhammer 40k (several long time friends still have armies, although the power creep does put me off. Hoping to try the new Chaos space marine stuff out for fun) -Infinity (casually play with a couple friends off and on) Ya, I have too many games.
  5. For the Torm3ntin match, he smoked me: Texx: 0 Torm3ntin 100. Not sure if he already got challonge updated, I thought he did.
  6. Glad to hear from someone else that has X-Wing and has Chaos Space Marines. I feel your pain.
  7. In case you are interested watching some X-Wing this Friday night if you are State side. Round 2 should be streamed in just a little while from the looks of things. https://www.twitch.tv/generalgamesaus
  8. I heard he got a name change before the next set of cards came out....
  9. They haven't been doing much for the X-Wing side of the videos, but Glen is the X-Wing tournament TO extraordinaire down in San Diego for a while now
  10. We drafted Mando Merc, and tried our best to come up with a list that used him/her. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough other stuff to make a truly terrifying build and that list got dropped But what I am truly disappointed about is that someone drafted Fel's Wrath and didn't have the b*lls to build a list with him! Oh I tried. Up until last min I was on the crack swarm till we decided a player shuffle was the best for the team. At that point I was pairing lots of "aces" with a palp kagi and just couldnt find anything that resembled competitive so I went with an older style Kagi strom setup. I was this close to going 4 imp ships so I could bring Fels Wraith... Ya, thanks for that Starslinger, now I have to play against Dom's crack swarm with a Jank Imperial list....keep pouring the salt into the wound....
  11. I think Sable probably had the best idea that he posted a while back .....spawning a proximity (or cluster) minefield in epic on T1
  12. Not going to lie, that Rey build partially blew my mind: Rey+daredevil+engine+HotR title+kannan+[whatever crew]..... Lock in a 3 bank. As long as it doesn't bump (and you have a decent amount of room around the ship when you land), Rey can point in ANY of the 8 primary angles ON DEMAND. That's a pretty good way to counter Autothrusters and turn on her pilot ability.
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