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  1. Just moved to Sac and looking to play some RPGS. Anyone?
  2. Id make the Force Exile spend points to become a Force Emergent, to get acees to those powers. Just like an Explorer wanting Bounty Hunter Skill Tree access...
  3. Has anyone listed the differences published in AoR vs the Beta book? Is there a summary some where? Thanks
  4. Please lets not forget that those prices in A new Hope were from 1977 where 20,000 was a lot of money. Almost as much as a house! A brand new hig-end car in 1977 was $10,000. A used small courier ship "might" go for $20k...but a transport commercial ship? No way. Consider a Freightliner truck in todays economy is two - three-four times as much as a common car (a new freightliner tractor goes for over $100k) Regardless how the rulebook chooses to price them, starships IMC will be as much as x10 due to availability and desirability. Oh, and no junk yard (er..magic item) shops to just go buy ships off the shelf. The rebellion is getting their ships direct from the shipyards, under the table...so price doesnt really matter anyway. Im moving on now....
  5. Its just my 2Cr, but I feel that the cost of starfighters and other starships should be increased. I dont have the book in front of me, but starfighters seem pretty cheap. Id expect starfighters to cost in the hundreds of thousands of credits, not tens of thousands. If not Millions!
  6. Just a few nitpicks in general... 1) Please either provide pull out maps suitable for the tabletop (as opposed to tiny letter page size) or provide hi-res images suitable for printing by the user. It would be great to print and lay the location maps on the table especially for those of us who use miniatures. 2) PDFs. Please provide PDfs so that we can provide handout without a) ruining the book, or b) laboriuosly re typing the entries.
  7. Game store in Tuscon has Y wings on the shelf...cant remember the name of the store...
  8. DucatiDon


    Which seem more viable: 5 Interceptors or 4 Interceptors all with Push The Limit?
  9. Confirmed...$19 in Fresno
  10. Ive ran the Escape from Mos Shuuta three times now with different players, but it always end up the same... 1) Players duck into Cantina, and feign non-chalance....The Gamorreans enter, dont notice the PCs, prepare to leave, but the PCs ambush them and murder them. 2) I have the Twilek dancer impart the ship info...her brother was captured by the Transdoshan.."can you rescue him?" 3) Party goes to the Junk shop, the Twilek seduces Vorn, the party steals the transducer and the R5 unit. 4) Finds the ship lockes down, goes to starport control, sneaks in, unlocks the ship. (In the last encounter, the despair roll for the computer sneak/slice indicated that the screens lit up with Teemo's All Poinits Bulletin on the refugees....most inopportune! segueu into a gunfight. 5) Party returns to hangar, blasts the droids, and fights Trex Tooth and nail into the ship, eventually killing him. Ive ended each session there.
  11. Just so I understand Minion rules correctly..: If I have three Strormtroopers, such as in the Beginner Adventure, they as a group, have a blaster skill of [yellow][yellow][green] but only a single attack, correct? Not three shots, one for each trooper? How does this jive with a PC wielding dual weapons, who gets an extra attack? It seems that minions have severely limited firepower. So does that mean multiple minion groups for a serious threat? Maybe I missed this in the rulebook, but how many can make up a minion group? as many as I like? (Thayt could make a 20 man minion unit of stromtroopers pretty nasty) Opinions?
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