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  1. Hello, spursman2150! The second variant is right - you can use this ability in the middle of your movement phase, but your movement ends then. So it's not obligatory to start your movement to use the special ability of Falcon Point. And yes, you cannot use a Patrol wagon to go straight to Devil Reef from any location. It is stated in the FAQ, that using a Patrol wagon replaces your movement entirely. So you cannot teleport to Falcon Point and use its special ability in one turn either. Good luck in your Arkham experience!
  2. Yes, they build up, unless the wording on a card says 'discard after use'. If so, return such card to the bottom of respective deck. On the other hand, if it says 'return the card to the box', than the card leaves the game and cannot be obtained again later.
  3. Hi, Ezuna! All exhausted cards are refreshed during upkeep. And it's obligatory to refresh them, unless stated otherwise. These cards include all spells and certain other items that were exhausted on previous turn. It is clearly stated on the card, whether it has to be exhausted in order to be used. Enjoy Arkham Horror!
  4. metalizm

    Steal Life.

    Hello, MadFuhrer! I think in this situation successes on the combat check count. Although I can't remember any official rule stating this. But I think that playing that way is more interesting And when playing it like that, I count all successes rolled on a combet check, disregarding monster toughness. So, I agree with your example. But remember that you can't get stamina higher, than your maximum. Good luck!!
  5. Thanx for answers! I've been playing Arkham Horror for 2 or 3 years, but some questions still occur. For example, here's the new one: Are corruptions discarded, when an investigator is devoured? Or do they stay, like gate and monster trophies? Thanks for your answers in advance!
  6. Hello, everyone! So, here are several new questions: 1) Does Ashcan Pete's special ability involve Exhibit items? It is not specified on his sheet (I know that Exhibit item deck was introduced in the Pharaoh expansion, while Pete is from the base game). But what's the official ruling for this issue? 2) Can flying monsters move twice during a Mythos phase with a gate burst (first time when burst is resolved and second time in a monster movement part of Mythos)? 3) If monsters are instructed to move along white or black pass due to some game effect, how green bordered monsters, e.g. hound or chthonian, would move? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  7. metalizm

    The Sea of Horror Custom Expansion

    Hello, friends! I'm a big fan of Arkham Horror, have all the expansions. And I'm very interested in fan content as well. The Sea of Horror seems to be very interesting fan expansion, but all links to its content here are dead. So, can anyone help me? Does anyone have these files? Please give some links from where this great stuff can be downloaded! Thanks in advance!