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  1. Way ahead of you, brother. There is no reincarnation without death and we need the Emperor back at any cost.
  2. It confused me before, but it does actually make perfect sense that Radiant Presence stops enemies being scared of you. Think about a snake hypnotising its prey. Fear is a big part of your survival instinct, a group of apostates could convince a mook to lick a plaguebringer, but if he runs in fear on sight of it then they have failed to infect his army. Which brings me to another question. Does it stack? Could a plaguebringer with a huge group of apostates wander through a town without people running in fear at all?
  3. Now I get it. It confused me before until I noticed that apostates have to decide between that or Disturbing Voice. They're equal and opposites, right? One makes you scary and less friendly, the other makes you friendly and less scary. Interesting that an Apostate has to choose one right at the beginning.
  4. Just to confirm, am I correct that my character's fear rating is less effective because they have Radiant Presence?
  5. Lesser minions can be wonderful for providing assistance. +10 to 4 skills and Double Team from a weird gadget that sits in an armoured case when not required, all for 250xp.
  6. There's no need to be mean about it. Player: I attack him and steal his weapon. Night Lord: *defending* This weapon is of little use to the one-handed, brother, stand down. Player: Huh? What? Gimme your weapon! Weapons for the weapon bunny! Power for the powergamer! Night Lord: *chop* Player: Um ... Ow? Night Lord: I did warn you. Now stand down, it is of little use to the handless either. It even gives him some nice character development.
  7. Do it both ways. Nurgle would rather take his time, win over the locals, then infect them with Plague X. In case that doesn't happen, you infect them with Plague Y today. If left alone, Plague Y will turn them into plague zombies of lurve in two to three years. If they are infected with Plague X in the meantime, however, Plague Y will go dormant and they will instead become awesome. Tzeentch isn't the only one who can hedge his bets.
  8. Then I should give attribution for the phrase. (Features cartoon poop, but you probably guessed that)
  9. Point out to him that Nurgle has priorities. As an example (spoilered because it's a bit too specific about filth and people may be eating):
  10. Slightly O/T but reading this I finally understand why it is so much harder to get a mutation you want when aligned. It's because they'll offer you more shinies if they're afraid you might hook up with their rivals.
  11. I would like to see partial alignment rules. My character is unaligned, because although she has bought mostly Tzeentch-aligned advances, she also has a lot of Slaanesh-aligned advances. She has very few Nurgle or Khorne advances. Tzeentch and Slaanesh are allies, surely this ought to do something even if it's a token gesture. Maybe, for example, only one of their infamy bonuses and both infamy drawbacks (Page 305 core)
  12. When you break an inquisitor's will and he ends up offering to commit mass atrocities if you promise to give him a massage.
  13. My character serves the Emperor in all things. She alone sees clearly what He wants and knows that His imperium has abandoned him, seeking to serve their own goals and never truly believing that He will return to lead them to glory. She hears Him though, she understands what He needs and she knows that it may sear her soul to serve him this way, but He is the Emperor and must be served, even at the cost of her soul, even at the cost of the whole Imperium if it cannot be brought to understand His wishes and to make the sacrifices necessary for the glory of the future of Humanity. Chaos undivided, deep in denial.
  14. Amusingly, I passed 10 corruption the same game session that I resisted a psychic power that causes mutation. The GM accepted my suggestion that I hadn't so much resisted it as mastered it, since I got a mutation I'd wanted.
  15. why do I suddenly get this chaos infused image of "nigh at the museum" crossed with " toy solders"? Because today's the day the chaos lords have their picnic?
  16. A completely random idea, feel free to ignore, but perhaps your character has at some point bound daemons into a painting or two. Maybe to try and make people really appreciate his art or maybe because he really needed the daemons gone. Either way it could work but daemons are likely to rebel and drive people mad in an attempt to get free. The exact mechanics would need to be houseruled from the daemon weapon rules. Your character would need at minimum high int and some relevant forbidden lores, such as daemonology.
  17. Just a couple of questions about seduction. How likely is it that a significant imperial (say a techpriest or an astropath) is immune to seduction, and how would you tell? Would using Scrutiny after a couple of successful tests allow you to notice that it's not affecting them? I note that Cold Hearted specifically states that the character is immune to seduction and I understand that other lines have similar talents.
  18. As BrianDavion says, we don't know what will happen if the emperor dies. I play a heretic who believes that the golden throne is effectively a prison and that, had the emperor been allowed to die, he would have reincarnated by now and we'd have a new golden age. Needless to say, my character is plotting to kill the emperor out of loyalty to the emperor. Or so they believe.
  19. The rules put a lot of emphasis on seducing someone away from an alignment rather than toward one. This suggests to me that the first thing the victim experiences is difficulty getting along with their current "side" as it were. For example, Khornites might start to feel lazy and require willpower rolls to properly revel in battle, imperial loyalists might feel guilty about some minor secret that they suspect might have been heretical of them, Nurgle worshippers get annoyed by other people being around, Tzeentch followers have trouble following convoluted plans or Slaanesh worshippers could fall in love. All of these are things that could make it easier to progress, and gain infamy/xp, along another path. The antisocial Nurglite can easier glorify Khorne for infamy than Nurgle because the aftermath is a lot more peaceful. The lazy Khornite finds a Slaaneshi style of alternating between violence and wallowing in luxury to suit him better. The Slaaneshi goes unaligned to keep their beloved safe while the Tzeentchian finds himself preferring Khorne's simplicity. Meanwhile the imperial goes insane. Just my take on it. I expect that once the target has actually fallen from their original path there will be more work to do to guide them where you want them.
  20. There have been a lot of topics on becoming a psyker, but I don't see any clear rules on what it means if you lose the trait, which is certainly possible in BC. I can see a few options, not sure which are more likely. You keep your psy rating and powers but you're stuck at what is almost certainly a lower power level than you'd want. You keep your psy rating and powers, but you can't use them. Suddenly a life in service to Tzeentch has a lot more to offer since you'll get all of that back as soon as you earn his mark and the psyker trait with it. Your psy rating and powers go poof. Any xp you spent on them is lost forever and if you regain the psyker trait you start from scratch. I include 1 because I note the trait is explicitly stated as needed to buy the other things but not that it's needed to use them. I figure 2 is probably more likely but is there anything official?
  21. Page 292 suggest that, if Bob really wants the alignment modification, he can ask really nicely and I'm sure that his new patron will be very accommodating in giving him the modified mutation in exchange for only a very minor task that doesn't involve baby stealing at all.
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