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  1. Thank you for the suggestions, they have definitely given my brain things to think about. The plan has always been to drop a load of obligation on him along with the club and to use it as a launching place for further adventures. ?
  2. Nope, I want him to feel that he really earned the club and its not just a gift. His ultimate goal is to branch out from under his grandfather and run his own organisation.
  3. I use dry-wipe pens and a transparent sheet of plastic I bought from a D.I.Y shop years ago. I feel I can get away with just sketching out a very simple map for this game and I like that.
  4. Help me fellow GMs, you are my only hope. That might only be true from a certain point of view. ? I am currently running a weekly game for 2 players based on the planet they live on. One of the characters is the grandson of one of the local mafia bosses and has wants to run his own nightclub. I like this idea. Unfortunately I am having trouble coming up with an exciting plot idea for how he could aquire said nightclub. Looking for something better than raising the money and buying it. I would like for him to gain it as spoils from an adventure. The characters live in the capital city, it is big with galactic standard technology levels and its own spaceport. The world started out as a Corellian colony but now is home to a huge population of humans with an American/Italian background. There is also a significant Nautolan population inhabiting various parts of the city. The city is home to five big crime families, one of which is the character's family. His family are joint second in power and are bitter enemies of the rival family. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thank you and may the Force be with you.
  5. In a WEG Star Wars game many years ago my smuggler, Iben Stark, had a YT-1300 that got badly damaged after tangling with recon TIE fighters. The ship became known as "Iben's Bucket" after derogatory comments about its performance.
  6. I did this for a Savage World Star Wars campaign a years ago. I didn't use the monopoly money as it looked too toy like. I figured there must be lots of different banks/planets printing credits so I used some Firefly money I found on a site and googled for unusual looking foriegn bank notes and printed them out, to represent the credits from the different sources. I also made some Imperial cred chips. And printed out some sci fi coins I bought in pdf from drive thru. It was fun playing with the money. One of my players had a spare wallet he though was the sort his character would have and used it at the table to store his credits.
  7. This is my lightsaber, there are many like it but this is mine. It's called Mr Buzzy! I think a lightsaber could be named. Obi Wan keeps telling Whiney Brat off for loosing his in Attack of the Clones, and does say something like "this (lightsaber) is your life." Then there is the way he hands his father's lightsaber to Luke in A New Hope. Ultimately it's down to GM/player choice. I would definately name a lightsaber that I wanted the players to know it had a history.
  8. No, don't see it that way. I assume Star Wars spaceships are faster than anything we have but not to the interplanetary speeds you suggest. The only oddity I can think of that would suggest that from the movies is when Han appears to fly from Hoth to Bespin with no hyperdrive in Empire. But my thinking about how Star Wars is very coloured by WEG's books. What gave you the idea?
  9. A New Hope Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi / Force Awakens (May change after more viewings) Attack of the Clones/ Revenge of the Sith (No preference between the 2) The Phantom Menace
  10. You can spend 3 advantages for a success. That is pretty much the only house rule we have added. It is rare to find a system that we haven't felt the need to change a few things to suit us.
  11. By avoiding entering betting shops and casinos. I also don't go on betting sites. The adverts on the TV are a bit ... Oh you mean in game, sorry.
  12. Ckobbe - he based it on the Minbari from Babylon 5, the order consisted of equal parts force users, warriors and workers. That way no one ideal would have complete power. The non- force users would also keep the mystics in touch with the real world, something his character felt lead to the fall of the Jedi order.
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