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  1. I have a question about Backup Muscle; When I choose to play 1 of 3 damage off it, is the 1 damage being resolved considered a separate action or can it be resolved the at same time as Ranged OR Melee dice that are being resolved? Thanks
  2. Hey All, I am looking for a way to use a jedi holocron as a force training tool that the single jedi in our group can use for learning force powers rather than just spending XP to gain the power or upgrade in that after / before each session. Any suggestions would be most helpful. thanks R2D2 fan
  3. Hey All, Our group is currently involved in an AoR campaign on Tatooine, Our current GM is trying to roleplay the situation out, but our group can't visualize the scene fully. How adaptable are Imperial Assault game tiles for use in this game? I do have all the tiles currently released for the game, and my belief is that it would help visualize what is going on, especially for combat encounters, with or without mini's. Thoughts?
  4. Hope this helps, This link should have the best picture I could find with all the various Rebel Special Forces including the Specforce Infiltrator http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/4/4a/Rebel_SpecForce.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090711235631
  5. Hey All, My first "fun" IA tournament is this evening, and I am wondering if "proxy" Deployment cards can be used ie. Elite Rebel Saboteurs (only 1 in Core Box Set, so I made a second card (photo-copy on cardstock), to be able to keep track of damage, etc. Is this LEGAL or should I just proxy in a non-elite rebel Saboteur instead? thanks
  6. Hey All, Just recently got Imperial Assault and started to put a Rebel Skirmish List together as follows; Luke Skywalker Gaarkhan Jyn Odan Rebel Saboteurs (2) Gideon Argus Mak Eshka'rey Balance of the Force ------------- 40 points total Command Cards so far Son of Skywalker Furious Charge Shadow Ops Maximum Firepower -------------- 11 points (so far) So I am wondering where I should concentrate the rest of my points (7) and what command cards would benefit the deployment cards I have chosen. Any help would be most appreciative. thanks....
  7. Thanks very much for all your hard work on the Character Generator, my group and I use it for all our games in the Outer Rim Territories.
  8. Yes, it was at Myth Games in the NE of Calgary. Best thing is that I had points (thru their points program) to use,so saved myself $20.00 for the book and screen. Great promotion if you purchase lots from them and save up your points. They still had five copies of each left when I got mine this afternoon.
  9. Picked my copy of F&D and the GM screen from my local FLGS today. Located in Calgary Alberta Canada. Second player in my gaming group to do so, first person to do so was at Gen Con (I think).
  10. Congrats From what I have seen, AWESOME work, cannot wait to see the finished product and neither can my son - A Big Rebels Fan!!!!
  11. Hey All; I have a question about Maneuvers; Does a character receive more than two maneuvers during his turn with the Explorer Signature Ability Tree: Unmatched Mobility? Answer: It states in the Edge of the Empire Core Rules (Page 200, Maneuver Limitations); "Regardless of the source, a single character may not perform more than two maneuvers during his turn." I am looking for clarification on the which to follow as they seem to run against each other, is it only two, or is it more with the unmatched mobilty talent tree. Thanks R2D2fan
  12. Question about Maneuvers; Does a character receive more than two maneuvers during his turn with the Explorer Signature Ability Tree: Unmatched Mobility? if so how many does the character receive with the unmatched mobility tree? Answer: It states in the Edge of the Empire Core Rules (Page 200, Maneuver Limitations); "Regardless of the source, a single character may not perform more than two maneuvers during his turn." I am looking for clarification
  13. Hey RPGr's Just posing 2 question(s) that were recently brought up my group's latest game, What are "Imperial Papers" and how do they work? Which book makes reference to them? The closest consensus that my group could come to is, they act like a "get out of jail free card" when facing imperial forces/ adversaries in a non-combat encounter. Thanks R2D2fan
  14. Hello Tye, Greetings from Calgary. Just a suggestion, that you might try Meetup.com. Great group finder for all sorts of Games/Rpg's. Our group in Calgary, has about 8-10 regular players every week for a game of Edge of the Empire and others and we have group site setup thru meetup, just google - Calgary and Area Star Wars Meetup Group. Hope you find a group. R2D2fan
  15. That's pretty impressive weapons for a Star Destroyer and pretty awesome design IMO.
  16. Hey Rortharr, Hope these stats help you out, they are taken and mod'd from the Star Wars D6 Game stats (RPGGamer.org). Hopefully they give you a good starting point for your game. Gladiator Class Star Destroyer Hull Type/ Class: Capital Ship/Star Destroyer Manufacturer: Rendili StarDrive. Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 1, Backup: Class 8. Navicomputer: Yes. Sensor Range: Long. (based on Imperial SD1) Ship's Complement: 1,255 officers, pilots, and enlisted crew. Passengers/Troops: 1,200 Starfighters/ Carried Complement: 24 fighters/ 2 transports Encumbrance: 1500 (this is the actual tonnage, so may change, but a good starting point). Consumables: 2 years Cost/Rarity: 75-150 million credits/7 (Cost is at least in this range, as is Rarity, both based on the Imperial 1 Star Destroyer). Customization Hardpoints: 2 (based on the Imperial 1 SD again). Weapons: 2x Point Defence Cannon Batteries, 6x Dual Light Turbolaser Batteries, 3x Tractor Beam Projectors (1 Front/Left, 1 Front/Right, 1 Rear), 2x Tractor Beam Projectors (Front). (Just the type it carries). Description: The Gladiator-class was a small Star Destroyer that shared its keel design with the Broadside-class cruiser. A ventral protrusion on the hull appeared to cover the ship's main reactor, but was also the location of several cannons. The class had two main thrusters and no visible secondary thrusters. It possessed an array of capital - grade torpedo or concussion missile launchers and turbolaser emplacements. Torpedo loading bays were located deep inside the ships, with automated loading arms controlled from a console next to the conveyor belt that fed munitions to the launchers. The Star Destroyer class was characterized by its extensive hangar area, with an opening in the bow of the vessel, that split the forward superstructure in two, similar to the Broadside-class. The hangar had enough room for several starfighters to enter or exit at the same time. A complement of 24 fighters was usually carried to intimidate small frontier worlds. The Gladiator-class was originally envisioned as a Republic escort vessel for the Victory-class Star Destroyer, and the initial design was made by Walex Blissex for Rendili StarDrive. The final design was not finished until after the end of the Clone Wars, and with the Victory-class being abandoned as a main warship by the Galactic Empire, the specs were handed over to Kuat Drive Yards. Kuat Drive Yards repurposed the class as a long-range patrol vessel, carrying enough troops, fighters and firepower to subjugate local pirate groups and planetary defense forces in the fringe regions of the galaxy. When the Rebellion began to field heavier naval elements, smaller Imperial ships like the Gladiator-class were outmatched. A ship of this class was used by Imperial Admiral Terrinald Screed during his mission to the Roon system. Prior to the Battle of Tammuz-an, the pirate leader Gir Kybo Ren-Cha and his band stole a Gladiator from an Imperial repair dock. They utilized it to attack the planet of Tammuz-an in order to steal its riches, but were defeated and the ship was disabled. The shipyard facilities in orbit of Lianna were used to perform maintenance of Gladiator-class ships during the Galactic Civil War Cheers, R2D2fan
  17. Hey darthdoug, Try taking a look at the compiled resources, specifically Bastion Kains blog. I have found several invaluable resources including the "Shipyard" which does include the AT-RT stats (under Walkers), although they may be home brew. I have the "Shipyard" file as a favorite on my computer. Really helps out in a pinch. Here's the link http://bastionkainssweote.blogspot.ca/p/shipyard.html This will take you right there Hope this helps R2D2fan
  18. Hey, Looking for anything available on the Bantha Class Assault Shuttle. All that I can seem to find are the ones that are available on Wookiepeedia. Any info / stats / deckplans would be most appreciated Thanks
  19. Hi, Just a suggestion for gathering interest in your game, I would suggest checking out the meetup.com site. The site membership is about 75$ to set up a group for one year. However it is more than worth it, our group (40+ members) uses it for members to sign up for games, post messages, pictures, ask questions. It is free to join after initial startup payment. If you would like to see more, just google "Calgary Star Wars Meetup Group." Hope this helps R2D2 fan
  20. My rule of thumb for the awarding of XP is 10 base points, then I get all the players to roll a force dice and add up the light side points for the total. Then I add bonus XP for great roleplaying, defeating a nemesis NPC, completing a storyline etc. Usually 1-5 points. This usually gives the players between 15-20 points for each session. Works really well with the players in my group (4-6 players) when I run a table. Hope this helps
  21. Hey Star Wars RPG'rs Does a character receive ALL THE SKILLS for a second career specialization or just the BONUS SKILLS, It is not really clear in the Edge of Empire CRB. It states the character, once they have purchased a second career specialization, they can purchase the talents available in addition to talent he already has access to. Preceding is this; Direct Quote (Page 30 CRB) " Also, most specializations have one or more career skills. These skills now count as career skills for the character. To myself and one GM (we have 2 GMs) the way it is worded seems to refer to just the career skills and NOT the bonus skills as well that are available when purchasing the second specialization, either career or non career. Which way to go? Thnx R2D2fan
  22. Hey Gamers, One of the players in my Edge of the Empire is playing a smuggler pilot with a gambling addiction and I am wondering how you run a game of chance in the campaign. I can work out some of the skills used (deceit, charm, cool, etc.), but am wondering how the rolls would work out for the success of the players participating vs opponents. Any ideas would be much appreciated!!!! thanks R2D2 fan
  23. Hey fellow GM's & RPGr's Just wondering your thoughts on a GM including their own character as a NPC and having that character join the adventure while the game is played, or would that create a conflict, as the GM's NPC "character" would have knowledge of the obstacles that the players characters will face during the adventure. All Comments & Thoughts are welcome. thanks
  24. Hey fellow WFRP GM's Being a Beginner GM for WFRP, I was wondering at what rank or experience level can players have their characters select an advanced career. Is it when they have finished with their basic career advancements for a beginning career and then they can select a second career, possibly different to train in or do they choose an advanced career to continue their training in? Thanx
  25. Cronevald, Thanks very much, I actually just found the "anatomy of an action card" as you mentioned, I must have overlooked it, as the only reference I could find at the time, was for choosing actions during character creation (pg.31) and again for character advancement (pg. 35) thanks again!!!!!
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