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  1. Just wanted to confirm that the community agreed. We had an ususal situation where the rebel base's system was found and loyal with no troops on it. I can't find any caveats that say this is a win condition. It seems you still need a unit in the system. Does the community agree with this ruling?
  2. I still think I need a few more iterations of experimentation to be sure. Currently played the game about a half dozen times. The one real weakness I find is in the bounty hunter strategy. Has anyone figured out one that works efficiently? Seems like a poor strategy in the early game which means you are going to have to do some pickup and delivery in between bounties. I would like to figure out if there is a winning bounty only strategy. Thoughts?
  3. I am with you buddy. I am struggling to see how this differentiates itself other than here is a pure board game for Arkham if you want to hunt Cthulhus. I am convinced that MoM is the premium experience and this is supposed to be a little more entry level. I think that is the most apparent in the game pieces themselves. The card game is different enough in its form and function to MoM, especially given its campaign style. Between those 2 I am not sure why I would want to play this over those 2. Hoping as the game play comes out that will be more clear.
  4. To answer the question above yes, you must complete the quest. Here is the RRG "Triggered objectives provide a task that can be performed in the game such as “kill a  enemy” or “explore a  tile.” As soon as a survivor completes the specified task, he or she completes this objective." Vetnor: Technically you don't have to use an attack action to kill an enemy as people can be ambushed during an encounter, or simply move into a space with an aggressive enemy. Also, a quest action is not always required. The example the person above gives above doesn't have a quest symbol. It only says kill a human and blank triggers. I know this because I was helping someone around the rules of that very same card over the weekend.
  5. Thanks everyone for your assistance. After reading the rules and having to teach my friend how to play his own game I ultimately concluded we were not using the faction dial appropriately (Along with a host of other items incorrectly played). Based on the poor example in the learn to play guide my friend interpreted that both factions start on the top two sections and only go down 1 for each section, effectively making it 3 turns and the NPC faction would end the game. I am happy to say we have got past that point and seen how the game is suppose to play now. We are getting those influence cards and winning the games before the factions do for a change.
  6. Hi All, Just curious what most folks are doing to organize their tiles. I currently have everything separated in plastic bags but was wondering if people have figured out a better system? As these new expansions keep coming out tile organization is certainly key and I would like to figure something out a little better than plastic bags everywhere.
  7. Hi All, Played the commonwealth scenario twice now. Overall we have enjoyed the game, but seem unable to even get enough influence cards by the time the NPC characters win. I feel like we are either just misplaying the strategy of the game, but we also think we are not potentially playing the quest cards right. We still have a lot of debate of when to add cards, where to add them in the deck (top or bottom), what some of the keywords do and especially what happens to the cards without any keywords. Any help or rules suggestions we may be overlooking would be really appreciated as we like the game, but until we overcome our inability to even max out on influence cards before we worry about getting the amount of influence points needed; I fear the game won't hit the table again anytime soon.
  8. Starting items will change and monster health changes. Probably mostly for the monster health and how to scale the game to the current amount of players mostly though.
  9. Another thing I noticed is that with all those recruit cards just become dead cards as well. Just not feeling it. I think I just played my last game with them and will try the core deck and see if my opinion changes. Still looking for someone who has found some success and what was their strategy.
  10. I am curious how everyone is feeling about the expansion cards for the Rebels (non-leader cards)? I get that they help more with the diplomacy aspect and maybe I am just biased to the core cards, but I am just not feeling it. Love to hear some thoughts from other folks on how to approach the Rebel Expansion deck vs. The Core.
  11. The rebels are easier as they have a much more straight forward strategy while the empire has a lot to manage. Lots of troops and movements they have to consider. One wrong turn for the empire can really cost them the game. This also makes for a bigger learning curve. Because of that a good rebels player has the advantage I think, but certainly the empire can win.
  12. It's a great game and the expansion that was just released makes it even better. It's not out of print either. Might just be waiting till the next reprint from the factory. I bet you can find a copy out there though.
  13. The disadvantage with attacking first with the expansion is you don't get opportunity to remove damage on the first roll. It just gives you a chance to save some ships you may not have been able to otherwise. Let me know if I am confusing your statement with a different tactic card.
  14. I find barricades to be useful when you have a monster chasing you on one end while your goal is getting to the other. Sometimes getting bogged down in a fight isn't the right move. A well placed barricade does really help to buy time before the monster breaks it. I wouldn't suggest putting up a barricade just because you have nothing left to do.
  15. I retreat all the time on both sides. Rebels for the guerilla tactics and even the Imperials. If you are not retreating then I suggest you start trying it out more in your strategy. Don't underestimate the need for troops to survive to live another day, or retreat that Star Destroyer before the rebels blow it up and play their objective card.
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