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  1. Starting items will change and monster health changes. Probably mostly for the monster health and how to scale the game to the current amount of players mostly though.
  2. Rebel Expansion Deck vs. Core Deck

    Another thing I noticed is that with all those recruit cards just become dead cards as well. Just not feeling it. I think I just played my last game with them and will try the core deck and see if my opinion changes. Still looking for someone who has found some success and what was their strategy.
  3. I am curious how everyone is feeling about the expansion cards for the Rebels (non-leader cards)? I get that they help more with the diplomacy aspect and maybe I am just biased to the core cards, but I am just not feeling it. Love to hear some thoughts from other folks on how to approach the Rebel Expansion deck vs. The Core.
  4. Are Rebels better?

    The rebels are easier as they have a much more straight forward strategy while the empire has a lot to manage. Lots of troops and movements they have to consider. One wrong turn for the empire can really cost them the game. This also makes for a bigger learning curve. Because of that a good rebels player has the advantage I think, but certainly the empire can win.
  5. Still worth picking up?

    It's a great game and the expansion that was just released makes it even better. It's not out of print either. Might just be waiting till the next reprint from the factory. I bet you can find a copy out there though.
  6. The disadvantage with attacking first with the expansion is you don't get opportunity to remove damage on the first roll. It just gives you a chance to save some ships you may not have been able to otherwise. Let me know if I am confusing your statement with a different tactic card.
  7. I find barricades to be useful when you have a monster chasing you on one end while your goal is getting to the other. Sometimes getting bogged down in a fight isn't the right move. A well placed barricade does really help to buy time before the monster breaks it. I wouldn't suggest putting up a barricade just because you have nothing left to do.
  8. I retreat all the time on both sides. Rebels for the guerilla tactics and even the Imperials. If you are not retreating then I suggest you start trying it out more in your strategy. Don't underestimate the need for troops to survive to live another day, or retreat that Star Destroyer before the rebels blow it up and play their objective card.
  9. Demons Can't Win?

    There is a guy with a couple threads that are pretty helpful to understand how to play this game as a Demon. I have found this game is so different it really requires a new perspective vs. say playing Descent as the Overlord. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/246547-tooth-and-claw-101-how-to-play-as-the-invader-and-win/
  10. Looks Ridiculous

    It took about 4 years, but your cries appear to have been heard.
  11. In your example the monster would not move. The key is it says towards the nearest investigator. You check to see which investigator is the closest in the current board state. In this case it is the investigator already sharing the same space, therefore it doesn't need to move because the requirement is met. In your second question regarding range, the game will specifically state when to consider it. In your example you would simply move the monster two spaces towards the closest investigator that is three spaces away. Since range isn't specified you would count through doors or any other legal movement that monster is allowed. What would likely happen is when that monster is a space away it will tell you to move closer since it has no one to attack at the end of that first command.
  12. Big thanks for putting this together. I got beat so badly last time as the Invader it killed my morale. In your experience, are there any demons you avoid when building your crew, or demon sets you think work better in some scenarios than others? For instance, I played with the imps and just felt like I couldn't really damage those marines very well at all. Granted I probably wasn't maximizing them as well as a veteran player. Either way, I attacked with like a dozen and just couldn't do enough damage to kill one Marine.
  13. I am not sure I understand the problem. Seems you know that the player can't commit suicide so a similar misplay shouldn't happen because the character needs to stay motivated to win. Are you just upset that they can start messing with stuff? If you are then that is just a fact of playing with those cards. There are other insanity cards that can cause insta-loss conditions like the one that you just need to end your turn with one investigator in the room. Playing with insane players is tricky because they could have something really awful or something you don't even have to worry about. It's important not to forget about the push mechanic if you need to keep your player in line. In general I find the insanity mechanic to be great in theory but in practice, it has mixed results in terms of enjoyment. With the time given to complete the investigation often I find players are still more interested in completing the scenario than following the rules. Those times when they are pulled off it seems like a hollow victory and we tend to play through the scenario to see if we were at least on the right track. I think it is just tough mentally to take a loss like that when so much was invested in investigating.
  14. I play Wendy and I have her essentially designed to pass tests through failing them. I don't use any of the fighting cards, she just tests and makes a run for it to the next place. Pretty successful so far in a support role.
  15. I am not opposed to more Dunwhich content, but for the record the Suppressed Memories expansion gives you some Dunwich love and you already have the tiles and characters.