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  1. That sounds cool. We could "team up" if you want to - I'll let you know if I find any open groups, you do the same for me, and failing that, we'll start a new one. What is your time zone? (location wasn't stated in your profile). I wouldn't be comfortable playing with, let alone GMing for, complete strangers, so it would be nice if I could get to know some potential group members beforehand. But you could join as a player if we got someone else to GM, right?
  2. Still, I don't see why they couldn't just make AOS as a separate thing, a parallel setting in an alternate future. That's what I thought it was at first, with the End Times being something of a Storm of Chaos rehash that wouldn't interfere with the "current" timeline. I still thought it was **** stupid - was all "OMG my Warhammers! - but if they at least hadn't enforced it as canon for the main franchise, they might have ended up provoking a lot less nerd rage from existing fans whilst also being able to gain new ones. Completely demolishing the world we all love just seems like a utterly idiotic, pointless, and possibly very destructive bussiness move, the last drop that forces open the floodgates of discontent, unleashing torrents of fury that accumulated over the years from the annoyance of loyal but frustrated fans. Why couldn't they just release Age of Sigmar as its own separate thing and see how that went, instead of risking it all on something so potentially divisive? It all boils down to that one cyllable question: why? I suppose they all went too far into "reckless" and misable failed their Intuition checks that day. How many banes and Chaos stars they must have rolled...
  3. That was utterly epic! It put chills down my spine and a massive grin on my face, just because it's Warhammer. Even if the graphics weren't particularly impressive, and there was a distinct lack of gore (a man is being torn apart by a wyvern, and there's no blood? That's just silly). And I guess it's too late to hope that Empire humans will ever have German accents, even if they totally should. Seeing a proper Warhammer RPG (video game) has been a long term dream of mine - I can only imagine what glorious things a competent developer like Bioware or CdProjekt Red could do with that setting. Maybe something where you play was a witch hunter, and incorporating a lot of mystery/crime/horror elements. Even a more "indie" studio making an old-school, sprite-based game that basically is a straight port of the WFRP3 mechanics could be quite interesting. But aren't we going a bit off topic here? I won't complain - in fact, it is a sure sign the there isn't a whole lot to say about what was originally up for discussion.
  4. On the other hand - and thankfully - two quite promising looking Warhammer fantasy themed PC games are in development now: Mordheim - City of the Damned and the aforemenmtioned Warhammer Total War. Both of these are placed in the "traditional" Old World setting. If these games live up to their potential and gain some measure of success, they might attract new fans who are left to discover that this awesome setting doesn't officially exist anymore. Could this become a problem?
  5. Seriously, they can't have thought this through. No balancing? No model point values or limits to the size or composition of your force? NO BALANCING? NO F=ck1n6 BALANCING?!?! NO BALANCING NOW BALANCUNG NO BALANCING NOBALANGUJROI NOOOOOOO BAAALALANXING NO GJEIOGJWRG BALANSINGNOBALANSOBALANSINGKAKJGEWNALANZ!!!!!?? And here I was thinking the fluff changes were ridiculous. It's like they are dissolving Warhammer in a highly acidic solution of blandness and stupidity, trademarks and space marines. If they are ruining both the lore and the game rules like this, I highly suspect that they will end up alienating most of their fan base beyond remdemption. I haven't seen a company doing something that awfull since Microsoft announced Xbox One. We can only hope that GW suffers a similar fate and get their **** together before it is too late. There is a chance that might happen sooner than with Xbox, because GW isn't part of a larger company (right?) that has enough money to keep it alive despite failing sales - but that might also mean that if AOS totally flops, they might not be able to recover.
  6. Well, there you go. It seems I have become another hurt fanboy, raging because some beloved thing is altered to deviate from the iteration I grew up with and came to view as the One True Version. It is one of the greatest curses of fandom to weep and rave with dismay as "our" rendition is scrapped, whilst we ourselves gaze bewildered at others when they do the exact same thing with regards to their own pet product. Speaking of D&D - aren't GW turning WF into something quite like that franchise? I'm not terribly familiar with the former, but as far as I know it has a kind of meta-setting, a core set of rules with modular races, fluff, and tropes that you can use to create your own world, each being paralell dimensions or plains that meet in a kind of overworld hub. If I'm not completely off the mark, doesn't that mean that GW is therefore removing much of the uniqueness and character of Warhammer, not just by abolishing an established framework and standards, but also fashioning it after another IP?
  7. The many issues related to getting some friends together for regular sessions have become too great for me, but I love WFRP too much to just give it up, so I figured I'd try to find an online group. The kind of group I'm looking for would be: - Playing WFRP 3rd edition - Voice rather than text-based, using Skype or some such programme - English-speaking, or possibly also one using Nordic languages - Composed of somewhat decent people. I would also prefer that the group and/or its members - Live in Europe, or in timezones CET +/-1 (for scheduling reasons) - Are at least somewhat experienced with the rules/setting/roleplaying in general - Has no more than 5 members - Takes the game somewhat seriously, but still able to joke around, go off on occational tangents, etc. - Are not really far into a campaign or character development - Have a good GM Failing that, I could also help found a new group, and could possibly also GM. About me: 24/m/Norway, student. I've been into Warhammer since I was maybe 12 (half my life!), and began with WFRP about 4 years ago, and have run a group as GM with some friends at long and irregular intervals. I love creating my own material and customising existing stuff, having put a lot of work into writing episodes and planning campaigns, but quickly became frustrated with a lack of dedication, reliability, and interest from the group members. I don't have that much practical experience, but know the rules and setting well, and have a pretty good grasp of how to roleplay in general. I am hoping this gets through to someone. - Ambivalent Badger
  8. I am now officially done with Games Workshop. If they have really "killed off" their own setting in order to create a more profitable product, thereby taking a massive, hideous dump on their own fanbase, they have truly become an Evil Corporation . I hope their plan becomes a miserable financial faliure, forcing them to do a full 180 and humbly bow their disgraced heads in apology. If not, may Chaos calim them, or Sigmar himself lay his righteous vengeance upon them. Sealing the people responsible inside an old Soviet submarine on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean would also suffice.
  9. Quite a shame, but not surprise. I remember being super hyped for the game for years before launch, preordering it, and playing it quite a lot for about a year. I remember it as a great game and an excellent animation of the Warhammer world that showed so much promise and deserved to do a lot better than it did. After what I heard, it went downwards as the popularity dropped, but I didn't see too much of that during my time. What bothers me the most is that the publishers - EA, of whom I have little nice to say - is likely to think that the IP isn't worth much financially ( rabble rabble, evil corporations caring only about profit, rabble rabble) and won't let anyone develop new games in the Warhammer fantasy setting. That really saddens me, as I hate to see this setting I love not being used to its full potential.
  10. I have used miniatures once, and that worked nicely. I think they can potentially add quite a bit of little extra something to the game if the group members are into it. Especially if the players have a background from the GW hobby, it makes a pretty sweet gimmick. For one, they may like to create and/or play with customised representations of their characters, and also, it means that the GM (or anyone else involved) can collect, build and paint a wide range of figures that both in terms of low numbers and differences in equipment wouldn't be usable in the tabletop wargame, but still be of utility once finished. I've been planning on using some minis for special purposes, and might make a batch of them relating to various future campaigns. Presently, I am well underway in building and painting a gang of bandits based mostly on the Empire Militia set, but using a lot of bits I had lying around or ordered online. Beyond giving me an excuse to kit-bash and convert in minute detail, I have found two good reasons to do this: 1) As has been mentioned, the standups supplied by FF are quite lacking in some cases, mostly because the most common and basic enemy types are poorly represented in terms of number. Having some zombies, goblins or Skaven clanrats in your miniature collection takes care of this. 2) It makes it easier, both for the players and GM, to identify and keep track of what different kinds of equipment the NPCs might be carrying. The supplied standups typically only show the head, shoulders and chest, and do not designate what kind of weapons, armour or other stuff they might be carrying. If you have miniatures depicting this, you are less likely to mix these things up and thus make tactical play more simple and intuitive. This last point becomes especially crucial with regards to the bandit gang I'm making, because they will have a host of different profiles, being composed of three different types with two ranks and several different equipment loadouts. If I were to use regular standups that do not properly represent this in my planned campaign, I imagine it could create a lot of confusion.
  11. "We'z gonna use dem flamin' arrers an' set fire to dat long, 'airy fing wot 'angs off da Stunty's face, dat's what we'z gonna do!" "Why do we expose our beards like that? Nae, 'course you Manlings'll never get it yersel' - it's a matter of principle, of honour, of tradition, an' all those things your kind know nothin' about. With his beard, a Dwarf shows just how much of a Dwarf he is. In it is embedded his age, his strength, his deeds, his wisdom, his ancestry, and the likes o' you Manling bastards may not see it, but our kinsmen always can. How many hours does he work down in the mines every day? What kind of ale does he favour? Was his mammy a bit of a slag? Is he a proper lad, or like one a' them pointy-eared, bollocks-talking pansies we have far too many of nowabouts? (Oh, they never would've stood for anythin' like that back in me own day, I tell ya!) - All that an' so much more can be read from a Dwarf's beard: from its length, its thickness, its colour, its braiding... (...) Point is, these beards show who we are, and we are bloody well gonna display that. We'll display it with pride, an' not hide it away like you cowardly manlings hide yer bollocks in a codpiece! Aye, we'll proudly show off our beards, because they give us something to be proud of. It's how our ancestors did it, it's how we're gonna do it, and neither a snotling with a purning stick nor some massive, fire-breathing dragon's gonna change that! It it spells our doom, then so be it! Now, does that answer yer question, or am I gonna hafta beat it into you?"
  12. I find it to be a bit of a bummer that nobody's responding - oh well, here's yet another one I just came up with: Peculiar scent: The character is emitting a rather strong and distict smell, which (like pornography) is hard to define but easy to recognise. This could be a bad thing, but needn't be, and would add one black or white die to all social checks against engaged targets. Or perhaps it is a very polarising odour - if so, add one of both. Depending on the circumstances (distance, familiarity, wind, presence of other smells), the GM may add one or two black or white dice, respectively to stealth checks or observation checks targetting the character. Anyone familiar with the scent may identify their prescence after a successfull 2d (or 3d?) observation check - anyone else may do the same to realise that something smells odd.
  13. Yes, and it's often a good thing that they do. Many enemies would otherwise only have access to attacks with a high recharge rating or difficulty by default and be very ineffective. Also, most of the standard monster actions do not include ranged attacks. You should print out the basic actions (a sheet can be found here), and also be able to memorise them after not too long.
  14. Forge World even have models for the Fimir, which should provide an excellent visual representation for those who are interested. They have also made some other truly awesome Warhammer monsters that need to be included into the WFRP beastiary.
  15. Looking back, I sort of wish that I had chosen this approach with published, pre-made adventures when I first picked up the game some two and a half years ago. We could have gotten a lot more roleplaying and a lot more fun if I didn't have to spend months of slow-paced writing between each episode. For better or worse, I chose to do it the hard and slow way because I was drawn to the episodic serial format, because I am very much a DIY type of person, and also can't afford to buy all those boxed sets. I didn't even start with Eye for an Eye, and I haven't used it yet, but I plan to do it soon, before the PCs get to rank 2. I don't know if it was ever an option for you to make your own scenarios and campaigns, but I wouldn't really recomend it when starting out. Best learn to walk on the road more trodden, yes?
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