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  1. I am more than happy with this new hero classes. I really hope they will release a new campain for the App so we can test the new classes in a coop game. This adds so much to future campains in the app. (which I am sure will be realsed)
  2. I feel like monster packs are overprized. I really would like to have more of them. If they would include a new class in each of them i would be fine with it.
  3. Whats your opinion on late game weapons which kill everything in one hit? Did they overkill it at some point?
  4. We always play at "hard" difficulty. When we do so we need to complete some side missions to have additional money and fame to complete the main quests in time. Our problem: replaying side quests is borring and a grind. Actually we only want to play the main quests anymore. Our question: So you think its better to play at "normal" difficulty and dont do side missions at all? Any experience? Maybe its even better bcs you wont get many high end items so you have still a hard time in a lower difficulty level?
  5. We have finished 3 main quest of the new campain. So far i have to say its the best implementation in the app so far. We like the story and descicion making which comes with it. Also the first 3 quests were very creative and felt fresh. You can find hidden secrets and will fight against hard enemies. The balance is very good so far. We play at hard mode and do 1 side quest inbetween each main quest. We are excieted how well the following main quest will play out. I highly recommend playing the new campain.
  6. After playing some campains in the app: - double click on hero for "end turn " - add different athmosphereic sound effects in the background - implement unique boss figures. Eg a dragon with unique abilities and art. Should be easy to implement in a digital app
  7. I really like the idea of rewarding people who buy/own the expansion. Thanks FFG.
  8. We got the base game and are really enjoying it. Question is: Which expansion is the best one and are they worth the money? Do they change things up a bit? Do they add value to the game? Replayability? Thanks guys!
  9. when it says remove and place: like the thiefs ability. Can he for example remove his figure and playce it behind a quest rlevant door which is closed?
  10. they are wasting their ideas for quests and then we get such generic quests in our real expansions. not a good idea. 32 quests. and then design 19 more for the new big box. can they do this without beeing repetetive?..
  11. Dissapointed. We can create our own quests. Would have better seen a new big fresh box.
  12. Oh morphing heros and monsters this would be epic. I also hope for something really fresh.
  13. Yep runewars is a super game without expansion. Though I am also a bit sad that there are no new things annaunced. BUT i get shadow of nerekhal this weeekend and i heard this one is a blast so very exciting. and then i have to wait till this raven small box releases in german. so i have something big in front of me but i would also be happy with a new annauncement i hope it will be a really nice one if they plan to release a new one.
  14. dont you destroy your own land with the desolation tokens aswell?
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