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  1. Well, at least in-verse, Padme (14) was only a few years older than Anakin (9), so that cuts down on the ick factor a little. Of course, Jake's lousy acting didn't help matters. As for inter-species pairings, I had the rotten luck to come across one involving a Gand and an uplifted mynock. I bailed the moment it became clear the author had put way too much thought into how such a pairing would actually work. Ewww.... The EU really has some treacherous waters, hmm? And I say that as someone who's not adverse to erotica. But I'd draw the line at Gand. Or mynocks. I don't really blame the actor for PM's sheer awfulness. He was just doing what Lucas wanted. And no matter how old her character is supposed to be, Natalie Portman is clearly 18 or so in that sequence. My group are split regarding the prequels between 'meh' and 'kill it with fire'. I'm in the latter camp. I won't even call it 'Episode One'. The film I saw as a seven year old wasn't called 'Episode IV: A New Hope'. If it was, I very much doubt I'd have pestered my dad to see it. It was called 'STAR WARS'. No matter what Mr Lucas thinks. I try to pretend the prequels didnt't happen--sorta like a do with the awful Catwoman movie. I want Will Smith to "flashy-thing" me so that I forget about them completely. George let me down with those...
  2. That is freaking awesome!! I love it! Wonky little R2 unit for the win! Very creative! For reoccurring NPC's or 'live in' NPC's I always make up a full character sheet for them. Sometimes a lot of it won't come into play, but you never know--and for me having the full sheet NPC makes that NPC more realized and full. For me it helps me make them real, even if it's just in my own head I'm sure it translates through my PC's interactions with my NPC's.
  3. Sorry about that, I thought the original question meant something broader. What sort of niche are you trying to fill with an NPC? That might help people give suggestions on NPCs for your group. I don't need any suggestions, I have had my NPC all worked out for a while (ever since the party made the choice to try to find a pilot for hire). I just wanted to hear about the interesting NPC's other GM's might be using. Kinda like a show and tell. My NPC is a Smuggler Pilot named Wick. He spent most of his life flying ships and eventually became a fighter pilot. Then age kicked him. He as long since grown old and become weary of the boredom of his now routine freighter flights on the Corellian Run. A lesai habit still hanging over his head he was fired from his job when he had a close encounter with a hyperspace buoy after blacking out from a lesai binge. My PC's have now hired him to be their live in pilot, as long as they can keep him in credits and they give hi, employment benefits he is happy. He is old, grumpy, and ill tempered but he is honest and a good pilot. Unbeknownst to him he has a long lost daughter who has become an impressive pilot for the Imperial army in an effort to live up to the glory days of her old man. Now, it's your turn. Do you have an NPC? If so, what is he/she/it all about?
  4. Oh, no, it's just . . . going off on a tanget into the hinterlands . . . an unexpected safari, yes, that's it -- a wild and bumpy ride . . . so when the train slows to about 20, please gather your belongings and disembark in an orderly fashion... ( ) Haha. *grabs his stuff. Checks his ticket and politely disembarks.*
  5. They also did build space ships before any off world contact was made with them. They were too agoraphobic to actually use them--but they did build them. They seem smart to me, just not extremely brave--except for maybe tunnel guard.
  6. None of the PC's are interested in piloting. As a group they have all decided to hire a pilot. Which is where my NPC comes in. He won't work for free, they have to keep him in credits and benefits if they want him. Also, the intent of the thread was not to discuss the pros and cons of providing a NPC but to share interesting NPCs that GM's are currently using.
  7. Space Weasels for the win! lol I will have a very happy player!
  8. Sounds like some nice NPC's you have there HappyDaze! Diggles, you have a good point. I've ran likely hundreds of companion NPC's over my many years of GMing. Your advice is great advice for any new GM's who may see this thread. Are you running any NPC's currently? I'm thinking about letting them pick up a old grizzled and haggard fighter pilot NPC as their new pilot. He has long traded in a fighter for boring and safe freighter runs up and down the Corellian Run. I think I'm gonna make him have a powerful lesai addiction--as well as a lost daughter who is now an Imperial pilot. It should be interesting. Keep posting your interesting NPC's!
  9. Do you supplement your party with a companion NPC? If so, tell us about him/her! I don't currently utilize one. But I'm thinking about making one soon to help. If I do, it'll likely be a human pilot. My party desperately needs a pilot. EDIT: Clarification for others who may read this. I'm not asking advice about why I should or should not use an NPC. I am very familiar with how to run a NPC in a party successfully. Nor was this thread intended to debate the pros and cons of using and NPC. The purpose of this thread was for people to tell others and share the type of NPC they may be using in their game. Good, bad, fat, drunkard, background, what makes them interesting, etc...
  10. This is a good start! Thank you for your assistance, sir!
  11. I have a player that desperately wants to play Selonian. Of course Sons of Fortune isn't out yet, but I'm thinking about working with him to come up with some temp stats to stand in until Sons of Fortune comes out. Anyone have any ideas for Selonian stats?
  12. I'm in Clarksville and current;y running EotE. Knowing Fort Smith it shouldn't be too hard to find a group. Are you into Warmachine? We're starting to get a big Warmachine group in the area too.
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