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  1. New stuff shipping now

    I've always known it to stand for "Friendly Local Game Store"
  2. Arvel Comic

    Saw this on Kotaku and had to share!
  3. Using "Inventor"

    Anyone can make an attachment work but enabling the Mod part of it is where it gets tricky.
  4. Team Effort Initiative

    The Sam Witwer episodes are definitely worth a listen
  5. Honestly, once you get a game rolling it can be easy to get your players wanting to gm. Especially in this game, I've got two of my players already wanting to run a session or two.
  6. Close, it says rifles but not heavy rifles. So, blaster, disrupter and slug thrower but not heavy blaster
  7. See, I read it that it would only be allowed on Blaster Rifles and not Heavy Blaster Rifles. Mainly because it doesn't specifically state heavy blaster rifles being included as for example the Augmented Spin Barrel says specifically: " This attachment can only be used with blaster rifles and heavy blaster rifles."
  8. Have you tried your hand at GMing? might be easier to just run a game for some friends that might not be tabletop gamers? That's what I did with my current group. Only one of them had played a tabletop game before and it was one quick play-through of a 4E adventure.
  9. Starting obligation giving you items?

    I have a player who is dying for a lightsaber and I'm inclined to draw him in by giving maybe bits and murmurs from the underworld about one that may have been seen, or even giving a piece of one to say well, here's step one. Give them a hook so they know they will get one, but they have to work for it. besides, without the effectiveness of training they be likely to lob off one of their own arms. If you can't give them the item because the narrative doesn't make sense yet, start a narrative that will let it start to make sense. Show them you want them to have the cool items but you want a great story to get it there.
  10. Team Effort Initiative

    The podcast has an opening bit where people talk about how they don't listen to the podcast. I'm pretty sure it is the first episode though, as suggested
  11. GM + Playing a Character

    In my group, I recently created a character since on of our members wants to try his hand at GMing some sessions. I made my character pretty much as the pilot of the group and when we ran our last game I had my character stay back at the ship and provide intel if they needed it. Mostly it just came down to character interactions. They would comlink back to the ship and ask if the scanners picked up anything, FIRE UP THE ENGINE! etc. Was really fun and worked pretty well. I think for the most part we've been referring to the absence of PCs (either by a player missing a game or someone else sitting in the GM chair) as that characters "Trip to dagobah."
  12. Team Effort Initiative

    Yeah, I was thinking about 4E but there are so many things in that game that give players initiative boosts that they might feel robbed by having earned those talents only to give them up to the group.
  13. Team Effort Initiative

    Has anyone actually tried using this type of initiative buy with a different game system? PF, 4E, etc?
  14. Team Effort Initiative

    I think you did a great job with that situation, using the narrative to back up the mechanics. I hadn't even thought about that possibility.
  15. EotE PbP

    Yeah, the back and forth on that might be tough. I would be intrigued to give it a go, but I definitely think that could slow down a game.