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  1. I have 3 different Game Of Thrones LCG Lots For Sale: 1. Game Of Thrones Custom Painted Title Figures $49 2. Game Of Thrones LCG Core Set x 2 $59 You will get: 2 x All Of the Core Set Cards 1 Box (torn corner) 1 Set of Gold Coins 1 Set of Power Counters 1 Set of Title Figures 1 Board 1 Instructions 3. Game of Thrones LCG Huge Mega Lot (Send me offers by private message, include your zip code.) All sets are the newest sets that feature 3 of every card. All sets are complete. All cards are in like new condition. Each set of 3 cards is in a card sleeve. I would like to ship without the original boxes to save on shipping costs, but that can be discussed. Shipping would be Parcel Post by USPS. You would have to sign for the package. I am only shipping to the USA. Payment is to be by US Postal Money order or Paypal. Local pickup by cash if you are willing to travel to NJ. Please send all offers and questions to me as a private message. Include your zip code with your offer so I can check on shipping costs. Expansions Kings of the Sea Lords of Winter Kings of the Storm Queen of Dragons Princes of the Sun Lions of the Rock Chapter Packs Beyond the Narrow Sea cycle Valar Morghulis Valar Dohaeris A Harsh Mistress The House of Black and White Chasing Dragons A Roll of the Dice Tales of the Champion cycle Tourney for the Hand The Grand Melee On Dangerous Grounds Where Loyalty Lies Trial by Combat A Poisoned Spear Brotherhood Without Banners cycle Illyrio’s Gift Rituals of R’hllor Mountains of the Moon A Song of Silence Of Snakes and Sand Dreadfort Betrayal A Song of the Sea cycle Reach of the Kraken The Great Fleet The Pirates of Lys A Turn of the Tide A Journey’s End Secrets of Oldtown cycle Gates of the Citadel Forging the Chain Called by the Conclave The Isle of Ravens Mask of the Archmaester Here to Serve Defenders of the North cycle Wolves of the North Beyond the Wall A Sword in the Darkness The Wildling Horde A King in the North Return of the Others A Clash of Arms cycle The War of Five Kings Ancient Enemies The Battle of Ruby Ford Kings Landing cycle City of Secrets A Time of Trials The Tower of the Hand Tales From the Red Keep A Time of Ravens cycle A Song of Summer The Winds of Winter A Change of Seasons The Raven Song Refugees of War Scattered Armies Retail value of this set is over $1000. Send me offers by private message. Include your zip code. Click this link for the pictures. (Core set is not included.) <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/nedstark7/embed/slideshow/"></iframe>
  2. Is the FAQ a separate pdf? The FAQ links to a page only and I don't see the FAQ. I only found the updated tournament rules.
  3. I sent you PM boy11jb. I'm still hoping for messages from players or new players in my area.
  4. Would War of the 5 Kings or the new Fire and Ice pack be better to get? I want to get 1 or the other. I'm a new player and want to build 1 deck for each of the 6 houses.
  5. How is it helpful for the Queen's Knight to leave play? Do I have to make him leave play, or is it my option?
  6. Does anyone ever get 4 core sets for the plot cards for multiple decks, or is 3 the most?
  7. What exactly is in the reprinted War Of The Five Kings pack? I looked at a database and it lists 3 of some cards, but only 1 of others. It does not add up to 60 cards. It seems like a good pack to get for those 8 STR hosts. How does Icy Catapult work? It kills 1 character, but you are losing your character too. Even if the character goes into your hand, you still lose the Icy Catapult. How is it worth its cost and place in a deck?
  8. My girlfriend and I are new Game Of Thrones LCG players. We are from Central New Jersey. We are looking for other new players to learn the game with, or experienced players that can help us learn how to play the game. We are interested in melees and jousts.
  9. How many decks do most players keep ready? I would like to have 6, 1 for each house. Do players proxy cards such as Valar Morgalis?
  10. I see. Are there any other must-have cards from the core set? I don't see any characters in your list.
  11. I'm a new player. I have read various articles that recommend getting a 2nd and even a 3rd core set. Which cards are needed from these sets? Or, which cards are not needed from these sets?
  12. My girlfriend and I are new players and we just have the core set. Is there any point in us attending this event? I'm sure we would get slaughtered using starter decks.
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