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  1. Something fun I always enjoy is allowing my players to do opposed social checks vs each other. Character 1 with 4 ranks in persuasion wants to convince character 2 with 2 in willpower. Go for it, then roleplay the consequences. If you don't want your character to be gullible or stupid, put some ranks into those mental skills. Also works wonders with NPCs, like Jedi Exiles, who mind trick the player. "You suddenly feel a great urge to leave this guy alone and go back down the alley." It DOES take some of the player agency away, and I use it all sparingly. Most players enjoy that their characters have actual weaknesses and are more than happy to roleplay what I tell them they are thinking in those circumstances. Fighting an inquisitor or dark jedi and want a moment of interesting Roleplay? As a dear friend once said, "You want to kill your friends!"
  2. From a GM's point of view, when character start to have 5 or more ability dice, it gets kind of silly and nearly impossible for them to fail. It just enforces the gap between that character and someone with only 2-3 dice. I have a house rule that 4 is the max you can go without cybernetics, thus saving 6 for the really awesome stuff (like rancors).
  3. Not to downplay the coolness of the "new" purge troopers, but they are actually not so new. We had them in the Force Unleashed. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Purge_trooper
  4. Here is a link to my dropbox with the raw photoshop files and some other deckplans. Some made by me and some made by others. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5ty6krql8whl8gy/AAB5OZXc7bjachlVEPi0kSCGa?dl=0
  5. One minor suggestion for Oggdude would be to put the current version number in his signature and or on the front page of this thread. Thanks for all the hard work!
  6. For me the idea of metal dice is better than the reality. They are so heavy that when I roll them on almost any surface, it scares the bejeezus out of everyone, so I have not used them much. :/
  7. Has anyone been able to download it in the last week or so? I still can't get the installer. Also, sorry but I forget, is the web installer that auto-updates the software still a thing or do we need to manually install the new versions? What is the latest version?
  8. Yes, I do. He always gives you a super high res version so you can print it out if you want to.
  9. Here is one of our party (including a few crewmember GMNPCs). Commissioned art by Will Nunes. Man, he's so good. The tiny details are so impressive!
  10. I've been trying to download the installer for a few days but keep getting the same pcloud error. You don't happen to have it anyplace else do you? Also, sorry but I forget, is the web installer that auto-updates the software still a thing or do we need to manually install the new versions? What is the latest version?
  11. The goal of these cards is for GMs to print them out and put them into card sleeves or laminate them. They would have almost everything you'd need to track NPCs and units without the need for scratch paper or books. Borrowed and heavily modified version of these cards here. Thanks The Dearth! Here are some samples showing the three different types (minion, rival, nemesis). They are in standard tarot size for easy printing in various online custom card sites, and because Tarot sizes give more room. I welcome feedback. If people like them, I would also LOVE some help in making all the NPCS from the various books. I could send you the .psd (photoshop) files I used and we could create a repository for them. Features include: Page references for npcs Gear rarity, cost, and restricted (in red) for easy viewing of what's valuable Notes to track random things like crits, advantage/threat, name (if you have multiple cards and need Alpha squad and beta squad) Space to track wounds/strain 6 slots for minions and rivals which seems to be the max suggested number in a squad Vs skills for opposing things like Charm or negotiation from the players Trained skills (for minions) are bolded and the dice show a + Art to show players without exposing all the stats Different color and symbol to differentiate rival/minion/nemesis at a glance when flipping through cards Silhouette, Force Rating, Adversary reference
  12. Here is one that I made for my guys. It's the Krayt Fang from the Edge of the Empire Beginner box (see wampa skin rug). It has worked well for first exploring the ship and several boarding attempts. Feel free to use or modify as you see fit. I didn't make the original floor plans or ship layouts, but I heavily modified them to suit my party's needs. Note: The scale pilot is actually too big. The ship is pretty huge. Top: Upper Deck: Maintenance Level: Lower Deck:
  13. I used Oggdude's character generator. In it are Gm tools where you can make new adversaries. I just exported it to a .jpg. It is super slick!
  14. I made a few things that my players have enjoyed. The first is the fabled Black Nexu and his mate (a cybernetically modified Nexu). One nexu is scary enough, but having a "boss" version and his mate makes it extra tense on the players. Don't hold back either. His behavior is different than normal nexu's and he acts much like the lions in the movie Ghost in the Darkness. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. The lions there kill for fun, collecting trophies, and enjoy terrorizing people. (Plus they were real lions). Put the PCs in a village or ship with other throw away npc and have the nexus terrorize them all and sneak in to drag people out screaming in the night. Do this in different ways over the course of a few day, dropping hints about how this animal doesn't act like they normally do. I made the Black nexu fight into a mutli-stage encounter. When the players do enough to exceed one of his thresholds, something dramatic happens in narrative form and he gets away. Then the group has to follow or track him down to initiate Stage 2.. ______________________________________________ The second thing that I sent after my guys on Halloween was stolen from the Warhammer 40k Universe: a Lictor. I treated it much like the Predator from the Predator films. Again, if you haven't seen them, then you should! It is a master of disguise and can blend in seamlessly with its environment, until it's too late for its victim. I have it mimic other animal sounds on planets that obviously don't have them just to confuse my players. "Was that a Gundark? Gundarks don't live on Tatooine." It is another example if a smart predator who likes to toy with and terrorize its prey. Capitalize on that and draw it out over several days or more. The players should feel like it might be sitting right above them at any time, and it may very well be. You want them to be on edge. They should't actually see it or be able to engage it even see it until they've been harrased for a while. When the party was resting for the night or in periods of quiet safe-time I would randomly have a beast/human head come rolling in at their feet. "Where the F did that come from?" Anyway, I hope this helps spark some ideas. Feel free to use it wholesale or modify as you see fit, of course.
  15. Huge +1 for the Dodge talent on BBEGs or other important foes. Everyone feels "fairly" challenged.
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