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  1. In my copy I think there is a mistake on the HOB Heavy Repeating Blaster stats. Says it has the same stats as a normal heavy blaster rifle. Which is much weaker than the standard heavy repeating blaster.
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
  3. Working on a conversion and was wondering what programs/templates others have used to make the document look like an RPG book. Just using a Word doc right now and well it just looks like a long boring Word document. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. An idea for fighter/bomber pilots could be a Star Wars take on the skipping barrel bomb missions to take out hydroelectric dams. Could come up with some sort of Imperial shield protecting an installation that has a unique weakness that requires some tricky flying to attack, perhaps in coordination with a ground team to infiltrate the target and create an opening. I like the Telemark mission as well, Norwegian commandos trained in Britain return to Norway to take out a Nazi facility producing heavy water and providing power to nearby towns/bases. Then they have to ski away and avoid capture until they get evacuated. Edit: Was just reminded of the story of a German supercannon they built into the side of a hill that could shell Britain from France. The Maquis uncovered the plans for it and then waited for them to complete it, thereby wasting all the time, manpower, and resources then called in the RAF to bomb it. Maybe a bit too much like the typical Imperial superweapon plot though.
  5. Another I have heard of is Dust. Aliens crashland and the Axis and Allies develop new tech and keep the war going. Walker tanks and mutations and ray guns.
  6. Just a thought, might need clarification from the Devs on whether the strain suffered from turning off the limiters is voluntary or involuntary, since you are choosing to suffer the strain by turning the safeties off. If I remember correctly resolve only works against involuntary strain. The strain reducing talent from Hotshot might work in that situation as well.
  7. Shipwright and starship crafting rules! I may have let out a small shout and a fist pump at my desk at work (drawing a few awkward glances). Off to sketching class, really hyped for this book can barely wait.
  8. The Rogue One visual guide says they are taken from standard stormtrooper ranks if they show potential and meet the high physical standards, being 6'5" or taller, etc. They are then augmented with unkown cybernetic and possibly genetic modifications. I would probably use the standard stormtrooper stats, but up their Brawn and Agility by either 1 or 2 to reflect their enhancements. Then give them better gear, armor and weapons with the Superior quality, or other mods.
  9. Just got back from seeing it again. As for the Ghost, when Vader's destroyer jumps in the Ghost is on the left side of the screen. Well what I assume is the Ghost. It looks like they would have been able to escape. Would love to run an adventure with a rebel group sent to rescue Admiral Raddus after he was captured when his ship was boarded. Since he knows the location of rebel assets.
  10. Perhaps a low damage missile, say 4 damage, but with the Burn 1 or 2 quality. Maybe a couple ranks of Vicious to represent the damage the droids can cause to various systems.
  11. That ILM challenge has really produced some amazing stuff. So many likes and saves.
  12. Each battery of however many guns can count as one minion. Instead of trying to figure how many gunners each turbolaser has. Say it has 10 batteries in the forward arc. Split them up into 3 minion groups. 2 groups of 3 minions and 1 group of 4 minions. Assuming Agility 2 that would be 2 attacks at YY and 1 attack at YYG. If you want to be an evil GM you group them all up into one minion group of 10 and roll a crazy amount of dice. As mentioned earlier, AoR has some rules for it, and Stay on Target has some rules that might help out too, different ways to spend advantage/threat in large battles, such as a grazing hit by a stray turbolaser, shrapnel, etc.
  13. In the incredible cross sections book for TFA it mentions that General Hux's personal Resurgence Star Destroyer uses kyber crystals in its turbo lasers. It implies this is the first time anyone did anything like that. Says it improved the turbolasers' firing rate, accuracy and power.
  14. There was a thread a while back about this, the conclusion seemed to be that it worked with non vehicle gunnery weapons. Heavy Repeating Blasters and Missile Tubes, etc but not with vehicle weapons. The only exception was the Advanced Targeting Array which would allow it to be used with vehicle weapons. Don't recall if that was a Dev answered question. Edit: Went to the EotE forums and the Dev answered questions under Episode II and Vehicle combat and personal scale talents section covers this.
  15. Not sure it really addresses the original question, but I like the potential of the B-Wing alongside the Rigger class, with some extensive customization. Remove the Heavy laser cannon, which is an oversized weapon mount as presented in Dangerous Covenants, which frees up 2 HP and restores 1 handling and 4 system strain I believe. Remove the Auto blasters, so now you have 4 HPs to work with. Add triple medium laser cannons, still fuzzy on this, which I believe would only cost 1 HP. Enhanced ion engine to get to speed 5. Night shadow coating and an ECM array for last 2 HPs. Along with all the rigger talents, get a +2 or +3 handling speed 5 ship, with 10-11 SS and 16 or so HT. With 3 ions cannons ,3 medium laser cannons, and linked torps. With Tricky Target it now counts as a Sil 0 craft as well, so another Sil 3 craft faces PPPP to shoot it.
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