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  1. Octavian84

    Program/Template question

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
  2. Octavian84

    Program/Template question

    Working on a conversion and was wondering what programs/templates others have used to make the document look like an RPG book. Just using a Word doc right now and well it just looks like a long boring Word document. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Octavian84

    WWII Situations Suggestions

    An idea for fighter/bomber pilots could be a Star Wars take on the skipping barrel bomb missions to take out hydroelectric dams. Could come up with some sort of Imperial shield protecting an installation that has a unique weakness that requires some tricky flying to attack, perhaps in coordination with a ground team to infiltrate the target and create an opening. I like the Telemark mission as well, Norwegian commandos trained in Britain return to Norway to take out a Nazi facility producing heavy water and providing power to nearby towns/bases. Then they have to ski away and avoid capture until they get evacuated. Edit: Was just reminded of the story of a German supercannon they built into the side of a hill that could shell Britain from France. The Maquis uncovered the plans for it and then waited for them to complete it, thereby wasting all the time, manpower, and resources then called in the RAF to bomb it. Maybe a bit too much like the typical Imperial superweapon plot though.
  4. Octavian84

    Weird War 2 settings?

    Another I have heard of is Dust. Aliens crashland and the Axis and Allies develop new tech and keep the war going. Walker tanks and mutations and ray guns.