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  1. In eastern KY it is dead. I am the only one playing the game currently.
  2. It says "Force an opponent to remove one of their dice."
  3. If a card gets reprinted, can you still use the old version of it after rotation happens?
  4. ramy

    Miranda attack

    Thanks. I don't need the bowtie forward to shoot a torpedo correct?
  5. ramy

    Miranda attack

    If I have Bistan on Miranda and her bow tie is at the sides, can I shoot proton torps out the front and then shoot out the side with Bistan?
  6. That list can't be correct. Hound's Tooth is a villain card
  7. Well my store is a very small store. They only ordered 3 of each kit.
  8. My store got none. They ordered 3 and got none.
  9. How many dials for each ship are there for the Rebel conversion kit?
  10. Do you have Vintage Star Wars toys?
  11. There were just the four of us.
  12. The Goblin Traders - Ironton, OH 1. Bryan Ramsdell (me) - Luke (Reluctant Instructor) / Rey (Finding the ways) 2. Kenny Francis - Rose/Wedge/Hired Gun 3. Mike Adams - 5th Brother/7th Sister 3. Kenny Mooney - Greedo/Bala/Mother Talzin
  13. That site means nothing to me. People rate on there without even seeing the movie. I really liked this movie a lot.
  14. It has died down to the point of just 4 of us and if one of us can't play, then we can't run a tournament.
  15. Anyone going to be playing Team Epic on Wednesday? I need a partner.
  16. Which one is better by themselves?
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