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  1. Is anyone going to answer these questions on here?
  2. ramy

    Has Destiny died off in your area?

    It has died down to the point of just 4 of us and if one of us can't play, then we can't run a tournament.
  3. ramy

    poll: how long have you been playing?

    March of 2013. So 5 years
  4. Anyone going to be playing Team Epic on Wednesday? I need a partner.
  5. Which one is better by themselves?
  6. ramy

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Great trade with @Wiredin
  7. ramy

    Maul timing with expertise.

    If I have Maul and Expertise on a ship. I use Maul to reroll dice and then can I use expertise to change focus with Expertise before putting the stress on the ship?
  8. ramy

    The Big Destiny trade Thread

    Use the @ symbol and then the name
  9. ramy

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Which ones is that? I have the white dice.
  10. ramy

    Worlds Invitations?

    No. Your name will be on the ticket
  11. ramy

    Worlds Invitations?

    I did not get selected.
  12. ramy

    Worlds Invitations?

    I thought today was the day. What is the hold up I wonder?
  13. ramy

    The Big Destiny trade Thread

    Maul lightsaber for Zeb Bo-Rifle?
  14. ramy

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Successful trade with @jwilliamson12 Thanks.