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  1. In eastern KY it is dead. I am the only one playing the game currently.
  2. It says "Force an opponent to remove one of their dice."
  3. If a card gets reprinted, can you still use the old version of it after rotation happens?
  4. ramy

    Miranda attack

    Thanks. I don't need the bowtie forward to shoot a torpedo correct?
  5. ramy

    Miranda attack

    If I have Bistan on Miranda and her bow tie is at the sides, can I shoot proton torps out the front and then shoot out the side with Bistan?
  6. That list can't be correct. Hound's Tooth is a villain card
  7. Well my store is a very small store. They only ordered 3 of each kit.
  8. My store got none. They ordered 3 and got none.
  9. How many dials for each ship are there for the Rebel conversion kit?
  10. Do you have Vintage Star Wars toys?
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