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  1. Has anybody heard anything yet?
  2. Keep them for trading when the Awakenings amd SOR sets dry up amd new players come around. Might even be able to trade them for future set stuff and not have to buy any yourself.
  3. I went back and counted and I was missing a pack.
  4. Aren't boxes supposed to have 6 Legendaries per box? I opened one that only had 5 in it.
  5. There are a few exclusive to each starter pack and the 2 player box. You need to buy at least 1 of each.
  6. It should be legal. It will be more than 11 days after release. Empire at War will not be legal.
  7. Did that just go up today? I don't see any post from them about this.
  8. No they aren't.
  9. I read the whole article you wrote. So it was about something that happened a while ago but you just wrote it recently? Correct?
  10. Hyperloop has been FAQ'd. How long ago did you write this?
  11. U.S. Have this for trade. Alt Art Ten Numb Alt Art Dash Alt Art Poe Dameron Alt Art Hera Syndulla Alt Art Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker (I am your Father's Day) Alt Art Omega Ace Alt Art Bossk (GenCon 2016) Alt Art Corran Horn Alt Art Black Squadron Pilot Alt Art Soontir Fel Alt Art Baron of Empire/Lothal Rebel (Open series) Alt Art Baron of Empire/Lothal Rebel (Open series plastic version) Alt Art Ketsu Onyo Alt Art Ello Asty Alt Art Gunner Alt Art C-3P0 (Store Championship) Alt Art Veteran Instincts Alt Art Predator Alt Art Swarm Tactics Alt Art Recon Specialist Alt Art Tactician 2016 Stress Token packs x5 2015 Summer kit X-Wing dice bags Needs: Alternate Art: Lando Calrissian System Open 2016 plastic card Guri Howlrunner (2017 Nationals) Acrylics: GenCon 2017 ship markers Target Locks (Nationals 6-10, Worlds, System Open 3-5 wins) Proximity mine Proton bomb Marbled dice\White Dice\Gold\Silver Thermal Detonator Cluster Bomb Conner Net Anything else I might have left off
  12. So the auction style.....What are the rules as far as bidding? Does all bidding start at the normal squad points? What happens when all but one person spends all their money and then buys all ships remaining for $1 and ends up with 300 points worth of ships?
  13. Has anyone noticed that the second from the left crew card that starts with "M", says "Scum Only"?
  14. @Hol Coronet I am still waiting to see what you want me to do about this stuff we traded?? I sent another PM