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  1. Legacies release date

    Previews are not legal for tournaments at all.
  2. Bib Fortuna

    You could roll in the Vader die, then resolve it, then activate Vader rolling it back in. Correct?
  3. Bib Fortuna

    Does Bib Fortuna's special mean you could end up with 3 of Darth Vader's dice in your pool?
  4. The first Regional is underway.

    Looks like the World's dice to me with the silver in the marble.
  5. The first Regional is underway.

    No wonder there weren't many. Who has a tournament the Saturday after Thanksgiving?
  6. The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    You can't sell stuff on here.
  7. The Big Destiny trade Thread

    What are you looking for?
  8. If they have the same record then it is randomized
  9. Open any good EaW packs?

    I bought 10 packs and opened a Ghost, Ancient Saber, and Ahsoka
  10. Coercion question

    If you can't play the card chosen you can do something else correct?
  11. 2017-2018 Regionals???

    Has anybody heard anything yet?
  12. What do you do with your extra cards?

    Keep them for trading when the Awakenings amd SOR sets dry up amd new players come around. Might even be able to trade them for future set stuff and not have to buy any yourself.
  13. Booster Box with 5 Legendaries

    I went back and counted and I was missing a pack.
  14. Aren't boxes supposed to have 6 Legendaries per box? I opened one that only had 5 in it.