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  1. Oh I totally agree that far to many 40K games are Space Marine based. I understand that is the core of the source material, but still lots of cool stuff could be done with others. But back on Topic I think a Star Trek game could be great. You don't make it exactly like LotR of course, but you could have it where you start with a Captain and a Ship, and card you play are bridge crew people as well as ship upgrades and I am sure other things as well. Then maybe you have away missions you send guys on, maybe have them take longer than a single turn of questing like LotR where you have to pick guys to go off and do things for multiple turns. Yes you can not have that same feeling you get from the show that people are talking about. But if you can capture the flavor of Star Trek it could be great. Set it around the time that Star Trek online is. Slightly after Voyager and Deep Space 9. Lots of definition to the galaxy all kinds of cool stuff you could do.
  2. The main problem with a 40K or even fantasy Warhammer Co-Op card game like LotR is that people have connections to every faction. Because in the table top you can play any group when you go to a card game people want to play a deck based on their army. Most of the Roleplaying stuff works because it forces you to all be Space Marines, or at least all Imperials. But I play Tau and would want to build a Tau deck. And have friends who play eldar orc and Necron. Letting everyone make the deck they want would make it hard to then have you work together. And if you are just forced to play Space Marines then it is a lot less interesting to half the fans.
  3. "I'm super happy that they didn't ruin the W40k LCG by making it some lame, wimpy co-op game. Thank GAWD!" messed up the quote sorry It makes me sad to know that most Warhammer people are folks like this. Very hardcore with little room to consider what other people like. But I understand why the fluff was written the way it is. The tabletop game is a 1 on 1 competitive game and they are making a setting where there are many many battles and making sure everyone hates each other so what ever army your opponent has it still makes sense. So I will rephrase and say I really hope FF or some other company can put out another game like LotR soon. I love the complexity of the deck buildings and the variety of play with all the scenarios to do along with the Cooperative nature of the game. And I hope it is done in a setting that I enjoy as much as 40K. LotR is an ok setting but not really one I am very into. And yes I have both Relic and Death Angel, both of which are good games, but they don't have the depth. You can only play them now and then and the game will be fairly similar each time you play. Still good but not on the same level as LotR is. There is only one other game that I think is kind of comparable to LotR. It does not have the customization of the deck buildings. But does have tons of variety in both what you play and what you play against and is Co-Op. And that is Sentinels of the Multiverse. Which I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys Co-Op games at all.
  4. Like net runner in it is 1 on 1 competitive play. I am an extremely none competitive person. If anyone at the table has to lose then I feel like I am losing as well. I want to all work together to over come the challenge of the game. Building up awesome combos is fun when it is just against the game. When you do it against another person then they have a bad time and that sucks. I understand the setting would provide challenges to making it a Co-Op game. But I trust FF to be good enough game designers to come up with something plausible enough to work. And honestly even if it goes against lore a little bit but makes a good game I am totally fine with is. There are plenty of times in LotR that the game play comes before lore and sure you can make jokes about it a bit but it does not really matter. Having Elrond in the party to take Arewyn to see her father is not very sensible but so what? They could make it work and it would be awesome. Point is 40K is a cool setting and they could explain it well enough I think. Keep the same faction rules for decks that they have right now, And you can even put some complications if you have two decks from very different groups on the same mission.
  5. When I saw 40K LCG on the main page I was so psyched. But then started to read and found out the game was like Net runner not LotR. I understand Netrunner is a good game and I am sure this will be too but CO-OP is what we play around here. So much more fun. He is hoping they some day make an expansion that adds new rules to make it a cooperative game.
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