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  1. I'd love a co-op Star Wars LCG.
  2. Thanks for posting this! This is a fantastic resource Anyone else have the file? it seems to be missing.
  3. Thanks, folks! I'll stick to the regular data packs and expansions.
  4. Title pretty much covers it. I have a core set and one data pack that was gifted to me; I'm looking to buy a few more data packs and expansions and wanted to know if there's any reason to buy the draft packs. I'm a casual player and am still figuring out which factions to focus on. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info, AstroSnail. I went to FB and applied for the group.
  6. I'm hoping for a Smuggler book sometime around the holidays, personally.
  7. My group is trying to implement Morality into our game, already 20 sessions old. I didn't have the means to figure out how much Conflict my character might have accumulated session by session and roll a d10 for each, so I guesstimated and started him with a Morality of 40, knowing that his actions of late have had him on the long, slow side toward the dark side. In the most recent session (the first after F&D was available), he gathered two Conflict points in the session and rolled a 9 on the d10. Resulted in gaining 7 Morality, which made zero sense to me and the others in the group. That one die roll could nearly balance the scales after nearly a year of play was patently ridiculous. Hence our desire to come up with a different system for Morality. So it's a work in progress for us. Not sure if we'll kitbash it or dump the system; it doesn't work for us.
  8. Granted. we played one session with RAW, but that plus the group's collective projection and extrapolation were sufficient to tell us that the system RAW doesn't work. Hence a desire for something else. Thanks for your feedback, all. I'm disappointed at the directions the thread went in, and I'm grateful that FFG provides an email address with which to send beta feedback direct to the designers.
  9. Nice, definitely seems like a good option especially if you're into several games and can easily get into free shipping. Yeah. The release schedules for the LOTR LCG, Star Wars LCG, Edge of the Empire, and Age of Rebellion are regular enough that it doesn't take more than a couple months to have enough new product to get the free shipping. I don't need the new packs right away, so I wait a month or two then buy several all at once, a veritable gamer's orgy of products a few times a year.
  10. With the Knight-level options, I'd be looking to run a little sumthin' sumthin' like this:
  11. I get almost all of my gaming stuff from coolstuff. I wait until I have enough wanted product in my wishlist to hit the free shipping threshold.
  12. I'm more and more thinking that the beta Morailty system is a good idea, but fundamentally flawed. The d10 roll at the end of the session fits none of the game's established mechanics and doesn't use the game's signature dice symbol system. I think it really should--the game is built around those dice and Morality (or another name for the concept) is an important element of a F&D game. It really should use the same dice system. I think the d10 die roll vs. amount of Conflict gained or not gained results in too much randomness for something so important to a Force-using character, and it creates too much of a potential swing in a character's Morality value from session to session. A careful player could gain zero Conflict in three sessions, roll a 10 on the d10 in all three sessions, and be at the Light side paragon level within those three sessions. Ideally. More realistically, if we take the average, it'd take them six sessions of Conflict-light or Conflict-free roleplaying, and good rolls on their d10. Likewise for falling to the dark side. A character could gain 10+ Conflict in three sessions, roll a 1 on the d10 three times, and fall to the dark side within the three sessions. This just doesn't really make sense to me and doesn't seem to fit the movies, where a fall to the dark side is a gradual progression rather than a short crash. The dark side seems to reel you in bit by bit rather than having you jump into the deep end of the pool. I think the Morality mechanic needs to be a more gradual slide to the dark side or a more gradual climb to the Light side. To that end, I think a character shouldn't be able to gain or lose more than a few points of Morality from any given session. Representing the slow climb to paragon, or the slow drop to the darkness. One thought is to track Conflict as detailed in the beta, and have the number of Conflict gained relate to the difficulty chart so that the character can make a Discipline check to see how much Morality they gain or lose in that session. Something like: Simple 0-1 Easy 2-3 Average 4-5 Hard 6-7 Daunting 8-9 Formidable 10+ So you determine how much Conflict you earned, and make a Discipline roll against that difficulty. You and the GM can spend Destiny as usual, and you can use any buffs on the skill check (except maybe the use of Twist of Fate and Sense Danger?). The GM and player can discuss using boost and setback dice, perhaps if the player had been roleplaying a certain way or if the character did some heroic or altruistic actions in addition to earning Conflict. End result of the roll is to gain a number of Morality equal to successes, or lose a number of Morality equal to failures. Ignore advantage, disadvantage, triumphs, and despairs (unless they fit into the narrative somehow). This results in the Morality mechanic using the game's core die rolling system and should result in a much smaller spread of bonuses or minuses to Morality from session to session. That's my and my group's initial whack at it, anyway. Thoughts, discussions, etc. welcome.
  13. Damage 4, Crit 2, Accurate 1, Breach 1, Sunder. Lots of weapon mods available for sabers.
  14. I've been thinking about a growth path for my current EOTE Smuggler Scoundrel/FS Exile and I think the Seeker Striker might work really nicely. He's an Outer Rim pilot who barely avoided getting trapped in the slave trade and has a real issue with slavers, and has a long-term obligation and goal to free the remnants of his Twi'lek clan from slavery. I can easily envision him taking that to a higher level after getting some training with the Force and so forth and then going on something of a crusade into the Outer Rim, seeking out slavers and righting wrongs.
  15. I'm in a three player game where myself and another player (Venthrac) co-GM as well. So our characters are basically NPCs when we run an episode, and a regular PC when we're playing. I'd suggest adding an NPC character and/or a droid to the duo to help balance out the party.
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