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  1. No worries! Thanks for responding when you did. Keeping a face-style character into account for this is great advice. One of my players did create a Diplomat, too. We ended up not making it to a sample encounter and spent the night discussing character background and me answering questions about characteristics and skills. But I think I might incorporate part of the concept into their first adventure when we meet again in a couple weeks. If I remember I'll write up an account of it!
  2. Hi all, I'm coming back to the game after a break of a couple years GMing and I have a group that a mix of new players to the system and a couple who have played a couple times, although everyone has at least roleplayed before (mostly D&D and Pathfinder). After character creation we'll have a little bit of time and I wanted to run them through an encounter so they could get used to system (dice interpretation, how combat works). My basic idea is their running through a city being chased by some Black Sun members after "recovering" some goods for a small Rebellion cell. They need to find there way through the streets to their hanger bay where there ship has been impounded. Slice through the door and open their launch bay before flying out into orbit, where they will be chased by some Black Sun small fighters before (hopefully) jumping to hyperspace. I'm also planning on using this encounter to spur the first leg of their campaign, depending on how it goes. If any of you have recommendations to add flavor, NPCs that would work, I'd appreciate it. I've run groups before in the past, but this will be as much for me shaking off the rust as it will be for them learning the system. Tonight will be three PCs with (likely) a force user, a slicer, and a pilot.
  3. Arrgh, right. I forgot to take it off Dash when I put it on Han.
  4. Just was curious to get people's ideas on this list: Dash Rendar Outrider Heavy Laser Cannon Veteran Instincts Engine Upgrade Han Solo Millennium Falcon Engine Upgrade Was playing with a Dash/Chewie build earlier tonight, but wanted to try some adjustments and put Han in the mix instead.
  5. Yes yes, I have them, it is no problem. For those who may be interested, here is the forum's thread and here a link to the creator's blog with all the stat blocks. Obviously, it is nothing as fancy as FFG could do, but they are super functional and for free. Cheers, Yepes Yup, those are the ones. Thanks Yepes Those still have the beta stats on them, so you'll need to update some of the information if you want to bring them up to release stats.
  6. Just curious to see how many GMs plan on getting the Age of Rebellion beta and integrating the rules in to their campaign. I'm only starting out GMing my first EotE adventure next week with some new players, so I'm thinking we'll get comfortable with the ruleset before adding stuff in. But I'll most likely buy it cause it's, you know, more Star Wars. I don't think my brain will allow it to exist and not force me to buy it.
  7. Also, I don't think that a PCs encumbrance is how much it encumbers a vehicle, it's how much encumbrance they can personally hold. So the crew of engineers vs. jawas has nothing to do with their own personal encumbrance. The vehicle can accommodate more jawas because they're smaller and can more easily fit into the vehicle. EDIT: Nevermind, I stand corrected on pg. 152, that gives an example of carrying a Rodian using their encumbrance value as counting against the encumbrance threshold of the wookie carrying them.
  8. Excellent! Thanks for pointing that out. Didn't even see the card clarifications section on that page.
  9. My friends and I recently got hooked on the base game and during one of our games a rules question came up that I couldn't find a definitive answer for. On some of the Crisis cards where you can choose one thing or another, one option might be to discard some skill cards. For instance: FOOD SHORTAGE President Chooses -2 Food OR -1 food. The President discards 2 Skill Cards, then the current player discards 3 Skill Cards. If the President or the current player do not have enough skill cards to fulfill the second option, are you forced to choose the first option? Or do the two players just discard as many as they have up to the number indicated? I figure this is a house rules situation, but I'm curious how others have dealt with this situation.
  10. There are some great form field pdf character sheets that some of the community have created that illustrate this really well. Here's a link to one of the threads about them.
  11. Doing a quick count, I come up with 2050 xp for all career specializations, including FSE. ****, that's alot.
  12. I believe they stated a while back that they don't plan on making public a roadmap of the EotE supplements in case something happens and they aren't able to hit a projected date. That being said, it looks like they plan to give substantial support to the line considering within a couple weeks of the core rule book release we already knew that they first adventure book and career supplement would be out in a few months. Personally I'm cautiously optimistic at the rate of releases.
  13. Are there any plans to release the adventures from the Beginner Box and the Beta book as separate purchases? I'd love to run my groups through them, but don't want to have to buy the BB just for the adventure.
  14. I'm super excited about the release of EotE and am putting together a group within the next couple weeks (waiting to get my next paycheck before buying the core rulebook). I'd love to have a few adventures for them ready to go and was wondering if Escape from Mos Shuuta is available anywhere other than the Beginner Box. I have the free download from the FFG site for the follow-up, but I'd love to run them through Shuuta first. Along the same lines, is Crates of Kryats available anywhere other than the Beta book?
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