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  1. You should get an award for all this work you're doing for the community!
  2. It sometimes takes several months or even more for items to arrive in the UK after the US gets them, so don't give up hope! I'm waiting on the Dreamchaser stuff too.
  3. Looks really nice. I'll try to give a spin at some point. A few thoughts: I don't recall Oaths and Corruption being part of Warcraft much. I think the Genesys gear, equipment and attachment system lends itself well to item enchantments and gem socketting. Long duration buff/debuffs are a core gameplay feature- perhaps those are something the system could be adapted for in a simple way. Faction/reputation benefits are quiet a big thing in WoW, perhaps those could be brought in somehow? Maybe access to certain skills or talents only if reputation if high enough. It would be nice to see a few of short, one-session scenarios that showcase the setting and the system.
  4. I think the Prequel era has a lot of opportunities for fun units and vehicles.
  5. Yeah I have - waiting for a response. I imagine it will be a while because of the Easter weekend & volume of tickets!
  6. If we see Prequel era factions, Yoda would fit in that case.
  7. Hey, I'm missing a speeder bike trooper (I have the arms) - I reckon you got mine!
  8. I believe bent plastic can be straightened out by dunking in very hot water and cooling in the right pose, if that's any help.
  9. I had two identical parts of a speed-2 movement tool, so unable to join, and a missing speeder bike rider. There does seem to be a lot of packing issues indeed.
  10. This all looks amazing! Keep it up! I really want to try this out.
  11. Kind of the same. I like the custom dice pooling system but coming up with narrative interpretation for advantage and threat gets old fast.
  12. I know :-) But on reflection I don't think it's a good product model. There's too many books to look through to find an item of equipment, ship or game rule in. I'd rather see fewer, more comprehensive books that cover multiple careers. Oh well - can't change it now.
  13. I prefer this model to the seemingly endless splatbooks for each career. I'm looking forward to this one.
  14. This is exactly what I have as well, although I've not had a chance to play recently. A good dwarf based deck should be possible with this collection of cards.
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