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  1. Yea, I'm aware, I'm talking about future supplements and books. With Saga Edition we got errata for 5 or 6 books and then just had to deal with the mistakes/typos/imbalances in the rest of the books. It was obnoxious. I just don't want to see the same thing happened to Edge of the Empire. If I have to put the blame with LucasArts, that's fine.
  2. If this is a typo, I'm very disappointed in the editing process this book went through. This was an extremely obvious error. Doesn't instill a lot of confidence in future releases. As far as errors go, it's fairly minor. Given the number of products that a big name company like WotC, White Wolf, or FFG produces, it's not unheard of for things to slip thru the editing process. The fact that the core rulebook itself has errata is proof enough that even "obvious" mistakes can make it into the printed product, such as page 227 and the listing of the Surveillance skill (which got removed in the early weeks of the Beta) or the Wayfarer not having a listed Sensor Range. Is it annoying? Yeah, but it's not the end of the world or a sign of gross incompetence. Given their errata for EotE is about a page total of text out of a 400+ page book, and the other books aren't riddled with errors, I'd say it's a pretty good sign that while the quality may not be 100% perfect, it's still going to be pretty **** good. Fair enough. I am also concerned we will never get official errata or statements on these mistakes with the number of books they are releasing. I'm sure you recall that WotC had a similar problem, they released errata for only six books as I recall. I'll wait and see what the future holds.
  3. If this is a typo, I'm very disappointed in the editing process this book went through. This was an extremely obvious error. Doesn't instill a lot of confidence in future releases.
  4. I find it hard to believe from a rules perspective that they thought it made sense to have those arrows use a different skill in the bow. I'm also hope they didn't make a blatently obvious mistake like this twice in a row, sooo.... My assumption on this is that the Ranged (Light) for the special arrow types refers to the weapon skill if you're just using the arrow (like throwing it without the bow). Still seems like a stretch. It would be nice to have some official confirmation.
  5. Honestly, it's up to you. But comparing the two weapons, you'll see that the net gun has ensnare 5 and the bola has ensnare 3. So it's already got some benefits over the Bola, so that might be the reason for the perceived inconsistency. What bothers me about the netgun is that it's stats don't indicate it has limited ammo where as it's text does. The inconsistency of stats vs text is starting to bother me about these books.
  6. I'll be a melee type character. I suppose I'm just wishing for a "Sneak Attack" like talent. Everything else sounds pretty good though.
  7. Would you then roll a completely separate Stealth check in the event that someone looks for you? I like the explanation, but all it really means is that in the event that the NPC simply fails to find me (if they are above me in the Initiative order), I simply get to make the first "combat" action. Additionally, there is a high probability I will be the only one hiding in a lot of cases, which means the NPCs can take combat actions against other PCs. It seems, in that scenario, the incentive to be hidden is minimal (at least as far as combat is concerned). I appreciate your write up and will definitely have my GM read it over.
  8. Actually the reason for my post is I'm trying to work this out with my GM. I'm just trying to see what other people do so she knows the options and isn't take by surprise when I start actually taking these actions in the game.
  9. Stealth is always the most attractive skill for me, but always seems like the most complicated to get working right. Right now I'm preparing for a new campaign in which I will be rolling a Noghri Assassin. In the books, the Noghri bodyguards of Princess Leia are almost always out of sight even when their is nothing going on and I would like to run my character similarly. So I wanted to see how everyone handles Stealth mechanics in their game. So here's a couple scenarios. 1) Let's say I just want to hide in the shadows (as described above) with no enemy near by. Now in Saga edition, you would roll a d20 and this would essentially set the Perception DC required to spot you at any point later on. However, in Edge of the Empire, Stealth is an opposed roll to Perception. So would it be prudent to not actually roll a Stealth check until someone actively looked for me (or even passively if they just happen to walk by me)? So they way I see it is that I just tell my GM that I'm actively attempting to not be noticed (with some flare of course) and then she tells me when to roll my Stealth check? 2) I've read a few threads on the lack of surprise rounds, etc.. in this game. Essentially, from what I understand, if I'm to ambush someone (AKA attack them while they have not noticed me because I'm actively hidden), all it means is that when the encounter starts, I roll Cool for Initiative (Cool, btw is NOT a class skill for assassins). It seems to me that Stealth gives me very little advantage in combat scenarios, especially when there doesn't really seem to be a good "Sneak Attack" type talent. The closest being "Quick Strike", which only matters for Initiative order. 3) As a follow up to number 2, how would you handle a hidden character in mid combat? Either, I choose not to reveal my presence until half way through the encounter to throw off the enemy or I used an action to move into the shadows. Once again, it doesn't appear that there is any benefit to this in RAW. It's entirely possible I'm missing something in the book too, so if there are relevant rules that I'm overlooking, let me know
  10. Thanks guys. Wasn't paying attention the paragraphs below.
  11. I was reading the Force Power Tree: Move section (page 284) and was looking at the talent that allows you to hurl objects at enemies to do damage. It says the damage dealt is equal to 10 times the silhouette. What happens if the item being thrown has a silhouette of zero? Everything I've found so far indicates that damage would be zero, but that seems a bit ridiculous. Let me know what I'm missing or any other thoughts on this.
  12. Thanks for the reference, much appreciated.
  13. The only thing that causes me to doubt this is that other talents call out Brawl and Melee checks separately (see Feral Strength and Frenzied Attack).
  14. The talent calls out ranged and melee. Clearly Light and Heavy are considered subcategories of "ranged attacks". Are we then assuming that Brawl is a subcategory of melee attacks? It seems like if this is the case, it should be called out somewhere in the book.
  15. Both the Defensive Stance and Dodge do not specify that they work against Brawl based attacks. Does anyone know if there is a specific reason for this? There might be other talents like this as well, these were the first two that caught my eye.
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