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  1. Unless I missed the events on the preview event lists....I don't see anything. I remember reading that the galactic qualifiers are no longer going to be done and that the OP is going to announce something new. The issue I have is that the registration for adepticon begins on 7 Dec...and so far.....no destiny events? Does anyone know if there will be destiny events like last year or not?
  2. I just viewed the Adepticon event preview list, and I noticed that Armada has a "last chance qualifier on Thursday the 26th. Does this mean that you have to win a prime event to attend Armada worlds now? I'm going to only be able to make one event this year due to the small number of events. Has anyone heard that Armada worlds is also invite only now? I don't remember seeing anything about that. We had a really good turn out last year of over 100 players.....it would kind of be a bummer if Worlds for Armada is going to be a lot smaller like Legion's first event......
  3. I just viewed the Adepticon event preview list, and I noticed that Armada has a "last chance qualifier" on Thursday the 26th. Does this mean that you have to win a prime event to attend Armada worlds now? I'm going to only be able to make one event this year due to the small number of events. Has anyone heard that Armada worlds is also invite only now? I don't remember seeing anything about that. We had a really good turn out last year of over 100 players.....it would kind of be a bummer if Worlds for Armada is going to be a lot smaller like Legion's first event......
  4. dominosfleet, Just wanted to say thanks for the dice/range stick trade we did, and also glad you made it home safe. I was 5th (tied with 4th place for points but he had a better MOV than me) I ran: ISD II: Motti, gunnery teams, ECM, leading shots, Avenger, Intel Officer VSD I: Minister Tua, ECM, gunnery teams, leading shots, disposable capacitors Gozanti 23 version plus repair crews x 2 Fighters: Dengar, Tie advanced, Tie Fighter, Mauler Mithel Only change I'd make to this list is subbing Strom in for the TA, dominosfleet pointed that out and it was something I really should have done prior. This was by far the best regional I've been to, dominosfleet was a fun opponent to fly against. The entire atmosphere was pretty relaxed from what I experienced. Hopefully I can come back next year.
  5. Morning All, Following will be a BR on the 5 player SC that occurred this past weekend. I won with a total of 23 tournament points and I was using the following "Making VSDs Great Again" fleet: ISD II: gunnery teams, ECM, Avenger, Motti, Leading shots, intel officer VSD II: Minister Tua, ECM, gunnery teams, disposable capacitors, leading shots 2x Gozanti class cruisers (23 point version) and repair crews Fighters: jumpmaster 5000, mauler mithel, TIE advanced, TIE fighters 2x Round 1 Contested Outpost = Opponent was James (please forgive me if I get names / fleets wrong). He had a somewhat similar list to mine but our upgrades and fighters were different. I believe he had the following ISD II, VSD II, Raider I, Gozanti; Fighters = snipe interceptor, female interceptor unique, valon rudor TF. I cannot remember the upgrades he had on the ships, but I do remember each ship had blast doors instead of ECM. That became a factor in the game. Realistically James had a good opening position. He was able to take the first two objective tokens as I came in to maneuver my ISD to get out of his ISDs front arc. During this process his raider pretty much got obliterated as our fighters became engaged. Originally I had an extra tie fighter in this list but dropped it to put leading shots on my ISD and VSD. This became a huge factor as I concentrated fire for most of the game, and due to leading shots was hitting with 6-9 damage per attack with my ISD. Disposable capacitors was HUGE from my VSD. This helped me strip shields from my opponents ISD and VSD while my ISD flanked at speed 3. Our fighters duked it out but due to the jumpmaster and mithel combo, I lost my advanced and a TF while he lost his 3 squads. At the end of the game his gozanti was left alive and I think the only thing I lost was one gozanti in addition to my two squads. With the way the tokens played out, after I got some as well, it was a 10-1 victory for me. James was a good player to play against. The game literally came down to me constantly blocking his brace and my leading shots re-rolls just became to much to deal with. Round 2 Contested Outpost = Opponent was Donovan with the only rebel fleet in event: He had the mon karren liberty (only use one defense token when being attacked by it), a CR90 B, a flotilla with repair crews and an assault frigate. Fighters were heavy with hera, xwing, rogue xwing, 2 z95s, corran horn, and green squad awing. Admiral was Dodanna Needless to say my fighters got absolutely wrecked this game and they all died with barely doing anything to his fighters. My gozantis however, are apparently excellent anti squad gunners as they took out 4 of his fighters pretty much on their own. Rewinding back to the opening of the game; both of our fleets flew in quickly at max speed. ISD was able to one shot the corvette as it was attempting to contest the station and flank me. VSD was able to again deal damage to both heavy ships as my fighters temporarily blocked his fighter ball and died in a hail of dice. My ISD, using navigate commands, was able to get side shots on the Liberty and deal heavy damage to the AF. VSD and ISD combined fire to blow through the AF as the VSD rammed it to kill it off. Intel officer stripped the flotilla of its scatter and the VSD killed it with a rear shot the next turn. Liberty, nearly flew off the board but managed to survive the game. Ended up being an 8-3 victory for me and I was 2 points away from a 9-2. Round 3 Minefields = Opponent was Jacob with his 3 ISD I with gunnery teams and Motti. This was intimidating, it isn't easy to crack through and the game was literally a slugfest. Going into this game I had 18 points and the next closest player had 12. I had to get at least 5 points to assure a victory if Robert got a 10-1. I screwed up maneuvering and the final round in this game badly. First, we charged at each other with collision sirens wailing and recreated a certain scene from Empire Strikes Back...I took out his Avenger ISD I where again disposable capacitors and leading shots on both ships gave me insane amounts of damage. Nine damage came in from my ISD and I was able to block braces again and again. I hit one mine while Jacob hit two with his flanking ISD Motti which shrugged off the damage. I eventually took out another ISD I but all of my ships were heavily damaged at this point. Unfortunately the angle of my VSD blocked my ISD from moving and Jacob killed it due to this. My VSD was getting repaired like mad from the gozantis but at the start of the final round I Made a HUGE blunder. I had one gozanti left, my 5 fighters and the VSD, against Jacob's Motti ISD. I activated my gozanti first to repair my damaged VSD, this was insanely stupid due to the positioning of my VSD and range from the ISD. If I had activated my VSD first, I would have been outside of long range. Well, I did not do that and I paid for it. Jacob rolled exactly what he needed to kill the ship. I ended up taking a 5-6 loss, but I had the 23 points I needed. Robert ended up with a 9-2 win, so I slipped by with 2 tournament points ahead of him for the win. Everyone was a good sport and seemed to have a good time. We all came away with a lot of stuff and will hopefully meet up for another SC next month with some additional players. The thing I like about Armada compared to some of the other Star Wars FFG games is this: I have never gone to an event and seen anyone running the EXACT same list. I was at another SC earlier this month with 9 players and no one ran anything similar. This 5 player event pretty much went the exact same way. Depending on the objective each player picks, this radically influences fleet builds in my opinion. I enjoy playing Armada because it so varied compared to X-wing and IA for the past year and a half. A lot of X-wing players run the same lists at events (I made top 8 back in 2015 at a regional and the next year at a 60+ person event at least 14 people had the exact same list and MOST of you can figure out what that was). IA seems to be scum heavy at the moment with some figures straight up being useless, however I enjoy the campaign aspect of IA way more than skirmish. I'm looking forward to the next Armada wave and seeing the varied fleets everyone will make with Thrawn and Raddus.
  6. I just mentioned the pellaoen possibility to an armada chat group I'm in lol
  7. I was at a Store champ event where I was told that you cannot deploy two squadrons unless you've already deployed a ship. On page 23 of the learn to play it says that two squadrons or a ship can be deployed however it also states that squadrons must be deployed within 1-2 of a ship. My local group hadn't cost the last part of where technically a ship must be deployed before squadrons can deploy? I'm assuming this now: a ship has to be deployed before any squadrons can. Is this correct? I just want to make sure.
  8. So just to clarify for speed changing: I can say, "I am going to change my speed to 3." I can place the tool down and see if I like where I would end up. If I don't like my final position (all of this without locking the tool in) I can say, "No I will stay at speed 2." Is this correct, or am I stuck at speed 3 without even locking in the tool?
  9. All, Myself and a friend realized we have been messing up dial "spending" times and improper obstacle placement. What we had been doing: obstacles only range 3 from each edge (long and short), now I realize that it is range 5 from the short sides and range 3 from the long sides.... We also messed up concentrate fire dial and tokens...a lot. I did not realize that you could not spend the dial for an attack and the token on another...now I know you need to spend both at the same time and your re-roll may get "wasted." First, I'll say thank you to those that always seem to answer questions and I'm hoping you'll extend that grace to me. I do not have current access to my rulebook and I can't download/view the rules on the connection I am currently on. I have two questions: 1. When is the correct timing on changing the speed from a navigate dial. Do I do this immediately after turning the dial over or do I wait until I move the ship? Also if I have a navigate token as well....I can go from speed 3 to speed 1? 2. I have been told the attack range is from cardboard to cardboard and that the plastic base does not count for that (example: the range stick fits only over the plastic "edges" of the base and does not cover any of the cardboard template at all). Thanks for your patience, and looking forward to some help.
  10. Oh shoot did I miss that on the rules insert? Where does it say flotillas don't do ram damage?
  11. Bombers are a nice addition but without the fighters I can just have 13 and ram. I don't care if I lose 3 or even 4 freighters and I take out your fleets biggest hitter. I think the convoy spam would potentially annihilate a fleet of 3 ships. I'm going to have to get 13 small bases and just playtest it and see what happens.
  12. Thirteen transports (most expensive with the red forward dice) and motti or tage.....is there anything in the rules that currently prevents this? I feel like if someone actually brought this to an event, and concentrated fire every action...that's 26 dice (24 if you are hiding your admiral away). If even half of that hits every round.....that kills ships pretty quick. Just a funny idea that occurred to me.
  13. so if you want to do scum for armada, this is what the league I am running is doing for that: Corvettes and NEB Bs are allowed, plus ONE assault frigate; just no REBEL commanders. The scum also don't have a commander for this right now, just ships. Awings are star vipers, z95s are xwings with 3 HP, escort and cost 9. ywings are allowed as is. Sorta mimics what was in Empire At War pc game..closest I could think of anyway. No battle reports to report on yet but will be in May.
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