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  1. poll: how long have you been playing?

    Entered while waiting for the wave 2 to restock. Not a big fan of where the game is. Too many nerfs. Too much whining about this and that. Game is also growing too complex. Have spent too much but basically haven't bought much since the online price hikes took effect. Would like to add the more recent ships to my collection but waiting to find them on sale that is unlikely to ever come again.
  2. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    I suspect your ticket to the game has fine print telling you all of those things you aren't supposed to do with your purchase and holding it effectively being a contract.
  3. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    When it comes to your own personal recording of a Football game or some other sporting event I'm not sure they "own" your content. There's pretty much no question that the NFL "owns" the broadcast you see on TV but how much of the rest of it I highly question. You take a selfie video of you and your partner with the field in the background does the NFL own that and have the right to sue you out of existence should you post it to Facebook? When it comes to movies if you have legally obtained your "spoilers" there really isn't anything a studio should be able to do to keep you from putting it out. If you're on public property where photography/videography are legal and someone happens to be filming a movie down the street where you can see it you should be able to shoot away. Now maybe you'll run into related issue with "modelling release" type information about a person's image. Back in the days of film and difficult audio recording these things weren't so complicated by these days when it seems everyone has a decent camera and audio recorder available with them at all time these issues are a lot more complex.
  4. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    The thing is you're not "rebroadcasting" their broadcast. You're making your own granted there may be provisions on the ticket that say you can't do that. If you want to look as some crazy IPs you might want to look at Paris and the Eiffel Tower which some seem to think is illegal to just photograph.
  5. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    I'm not sure what the tickets you'd buy to get in say about "recording or telecasting" the game on your own. Considering the game is actually broadcast "free of charge" on publically available TV makes me think there isn't a lot that could be done to stop someone with their bootleg, single camera, view of the game. Unless your entry into the game specifically says you couldn't I don't see why you couldn't.
  6. TIE Aggressor nowhere to be found.

    I'm not so sure about that. There certainly was a time Amazon's prices were generally higher than you could find elsewhere but right now anything that is below MSRP is almost "good" although that does mean knowing what that price number is to begin with.
  7. Ion Drift?

    Do you have an issue when you do it once and then the target flies off the board? If that's ok for you then why should doing it multiple times in a row be any problem? What would be the alternative if a ship would fly away because of ionization? Give it something that allows it to ignore the ionization?
  8. touching but not overlapping

    Can you show me where the ships are touching? That is "touching" as in the game term that prevents two ships from normally attacking each other as opposed to the common English idea of two things in extremely close proximity. I don't have the references handy to look through them to find it for you right now. Now if you can find where they are touching and where touching is defined you'll probably find your answer there as well.
  9. touching but not overlapping

    No To elaborate there is no "touching" condition unless there was an overlap to establish it. If a ship doing a k-turn "fits in perfectly" then it never touches the other ship so there is no overlap. If it DOES touch the other ship then there is an overlap and the ship wouldn't complete the turn and would move back along the movement template until it is no longer touching. If you're trying to k-turn over a ship this usually means that now you're on the opposite side of the ship but still facing it.
  10. You can't show that because it goes to show that actions can be wasted! Of course ISYTDS has let you look through your opponent's DD so you now know what cards are still available in it and by extension which may be hiding face-down out in play.
  11. Snap Shot measurement rules?

    My mind is that checking range/arc using Snap Shot doesn't tie you to anything and technically could (should!) be checked every time an opponent moves while you could still make the attack. Then again I'm not opposed to allowing measurements at pretty much any time provide of course they don't take too much time aka stalling. Range and direction are both public information so I see no reason to punish those who may have a less than exact sense of spacial awareness.
  12. Actions certainly can be wasted! Ever see one of those discussions about "missed" opportunities including taking Actions when they could be taken but not doing so. I'll point out how the Action Cracken grants can easily be "wasted" if there is no target in range that could perform a useful action.
  13. Noob focus question

    Unless it is specifically spent on something else spending a Focus Token on attack will turn all the "eye" results showing at the time into "boom" results. If used with a Defense Roll it turns all "eye" results into "evade" results. Note that if you make more changes after spending the Focus token those things are NOT changed by the Token. In other words if you have a Focus and TL token on a target and attack it you should spend the TL FIRST if you are going to spend it. If you roll four attack dice and get "kaboom", "eye", and Blank (x2) how you spend the tokens matters: Spend Focus first you get KB, Boom, Blank, Blank and if you then use TL to reroll the Blanks you are stuck with what comes up even if they are useless "eye" results; if instead you spend your TL first to reroll the blanks if you get "eye" results from that you can then spend the Focus to turn those rerolled "eye" results into "boom" results along with the original "eye" result. As for the OP's question about using a Focus token to turn all the "undesirable" results into "good" results could you just imagine how powerful that would be? If it worked that well there would be almost no need for Target Locks aside from special purposes including firing a lot of ordnance. It would make Defense much more reliable taking a die that is good 5/8 of the time with a Focus spent and making it good all the time; Evade could still add to results but if you roll just 2 dice for Defense Focus would still yield better results on average.
  14. Measuring range on activation

    I'm going out on a limb and saying the "epic rule" is only for "Epic" games. Is there anything in the standard game that requires measuring for that? When it comes to measuring a Seismic Torpedo can be an interesting choice. Declare its use and pick targets to measure range and arc to which you're pretty sure aren't valid yet it's still a perfectly legal use.