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  1. Looking for an even matchup for teaching newbie

    And here there are some who have said that learning formation flying is an essential part of the game. Having Howlrunner in encourages that and also shows how teamwork can work within a squadron.
  2. Looking for an even matchup for teaching newbie

    If you want completely "even" just go for a true mirror match. Of course this isn't really even as initiative would change things but otherwise you are looking for two different, but somehow matched, squadrons. Although it may not seem to be very even back in the early days a suggestion was to use a 50 point Chewbacca as the simple ship against a trio of Imperial Fighters. Two very different ways of playing but arguably very possible to match up as well as being thematic.
  3. Do your Rules Questions get answered?

    While they may sound official the answers you get may not turn out to be any better than what you'd get here. They aren't official until the hit errata or the FAQ and perhaps even worse they will sometimes change over time and depending on where the answer comes from.
  4. New forum things

    But maybe there are times that sad would be more appropriate than disagree.
  5. There is truth to that and when a mistake happens that shouldn't things should be "reset" to best represent those mistakes not happening. What I never what to see is someone who seems to casually miss all "missed opportunities" that would benefit him especially if they would have really hurt if they were somehow noticed but never seems to let a "missed opportunity" go when it would cause maximum grief to the other player. Nym could even be a good example of this: Casually forget to have a bomb go off because it may hurt your ship although Nym's controlled didn't say one way or another or perhap Nym had been used a time or two on a bomb but this turn his ships would be the ones damaged by it so this time you STICK IT TO HIM for not mentioning it being used and DEMANDING that the bomb goes off and hurts his ships. Mistakes happen but it's how you respond to those mistakes that determines what kind of human you are.
  6. New forum things

    The heart is too associated with "love" due to FB. It could be altered to something that show agreement without going so far as overwhelming support. I think the "Thanks" is a great way to respond when someone just answers a question you have or otherwise solves a problem. I'm not sure the "Haha" should be seen as good or bad. On one hand it can be laughing along with something trying to be comedic then there is also the sarcastic side of that which really isn't all that nice. Confused is interesting as a way to get reactions that implies something is wrong. Sad is good because there are just so many things we shouldn't be happy to see. Maybe not so much here but we still see them. I guess this could also stand in for the basic anger reactions as you are upset with someones comment about something.
  7. *Advice Wanted* - Declaring Dash's Ability

    This is what can irk me about Dash and perhaps other things. To me you either use the ability or not without having the on again, off again BS going around. If you use Dash's ability when moving then it should still be active when performing actions. This use Dash and land or a rock and then turn off Dash to test a BR only to turn it back on to try a BR or Boost somewhere else is BS to me.
  8. "Missed Opportunities" should NEVER be a thing. There are times that something may deliberately be ignored but if there is a trigger of any kind it should be FULLY acknowledged by both sides to prevent any issues. This certainly is not "playing your opponent's squadron too" but just making sure that everything is progressing as it should with completely public information. It may be Nym in this question but it comes up all the time; if an ability triggers it should be acknowledged.
  9. Jabba/Cloak

    Consider instead that BobaFett comes and removes the Cloaking Device while a ship is cloaked. Now the Cloak Token is still subject to all of its normal rules but the text from the card has been removed. Now when the CD's own effect removes it you're still doing everything even if the card is staying because you're removing the token instead.
  10. Damage cards are NOT Upgrade Cards and thus not legal targets for EI. You could use the Action performed from the damage card to trigger EI but you would have to pick an actual upgrade card's action to perform. Now if you had multiple actions that could target Damage cards you couldn't target cards of the same name but you should be able to target multiples that flip the card face down. The "this" in each of those cards is different.
  11. Omega Leader vs. Accuracy Corrector Autoblaster Turret

    To put this another way there is nothing stopping you from using Accuracy Corrector to cancel your dice results but Omega Leader can then prevent the ADDITION of two hits. You can use it but you probably will not like the results of its use.
  12. Beginner Question - extra dice

    When it comes to "too few" dice you just note what dice results you have and roll (not reroll or roll "extra" dice) the remaining dice you need. All of the results still count as "dice" even if they were just recorded results when it comes to later modification steps. Although it is highly frowned upon (due to possible stalling for example) it would be possible to make all of your "rolls" using just one die.
  13. What's the point of Wedge?

    If we want to criticize Wedge for abandoning Luke during the trench run consider the reason that if the enemy decided to pursue him as "an easy kill" they would have had to break off pursuit of Luke giving him an easier time to complete his mission. Using WWII analogies Wedge would be an initial fighter pass at a bomber formation who then breaks off hoping to draw any escorts after it making the job of his brothers easier.
  14. Your Year in Review

    TOO MUCH!!!! To me X-Wing is imploding and going supernova. Big price hikes for what get out of the ships meant few new ship purchases. At the same time those new ships come with all sorts or MUST HAVE upgrade that add to the ever more complicated game making it so much harder to understand. And while so many of you seem to be overjoyed by them all those massive nerfs have really taken a lot of the fun I had with those older ships away. This forum has gone from more than daily visits to something more akin to "what's this link I have in my browser favorites section?"
  15. Thweek Shadowed - Adaptability

    By the End of the setup Phase Adaptability will have done its work and that is the value that would be copied. Seems pretty clear and the whole reason when ship's PS is going to be copied is set first is to allow for this possibility.