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  1. My first response to a post here in quite some time but this is a question that may deserve an answer. While I still have all the ships I ever bought I've suffered through two major downturns which basically have taken me away from the game. The first down turn was when FFG gained its "new" corporate overlords and the price I was asked to pay to stay current with my ships jumped what seemed like 20% or more. This took my ship acquisitions from "I'll pick up copies of them when they are released" to "I HOPE I can find the ships I don't yet have when they are ON SALE" although this plan runs into the nice issues where finding one for a good price doesn't help when shipping is factored in and when I want to place a large order there are ships I don't have but want that are out of stock/unavailable. The second incident was of course the 2ed coming out and DEMOLISHING the game I'd been with since almost the beginning and turning it into something complete new that would not only need to be relearned but require additional cash outlays just to keep my current collection in "playable" condition. I may never have been a "tournament player" but I'm certainly not a fan of such binary "win/lose" scoring (maybe this has also changed in the last year or since 2ed came out) when I believe that many games really should be scored as a DRAW where neither side holds enough of an advantage to be declared the winner. This was souring me way back when this change first happened.
  2. So is that the same as them remaining in play so the damage card remains assigned to the condition with an indeterminate status while it await reassignment to some ship that is still in play? The way I read that when a ship assigned a condition card is destroyed that condition, at least in its current status, is also removed but that seem to disagree with some of the earlier posts.
  3. How does the condition remain "in play" when it is not assigned to a ship? I know that as long as the condition remains in play it will keep its damage card but I don't see how the condition remains in play when it's not assigned to a ship. I have to believe that when a ship assigned the condition is destroyed then the condition is also discarded which would it turn discard the damage card that is on it.
  4. When it comes to mirror matches think of them more as training exercises being done on a simulator than an actual combat mission and they will make a lot more sense to you.
  5. This is what he should have been looking at. He knows the Focus token will change results so just do all the random (rolling) stuff first.
  6. 1. Yes. Ship only "counts" when it is at its starting and stopping point. Where the template goes doesn't matter for edges. 2. Target Lock for Defense??? Unless you have something that allows that TL will not alter your Defense Rolls. Using on an Attack is probably IS recommended to use TL to reroll dice before spending a Focus token to change dice; once the Focus is done if you then TL and reroll eyes they stay that way. 3. It all depends on. If you're required to spend that token as part of making the attack then you get none of the normal benefit. If you still have the token after making the attack (you don't need to spend it) then you may use it for its normal effect. 4. You have that one right.
  7. The "may roll" part is to indicate that it is an expansion of the standard rules. This is different from the "may" when it is representing an option where you could do this or that.
  8. While it may be off there is still a lot of valid statements in the OPs post.
  9. Downloads don't always work.
  10. The Conversion Boxes seem to be missing the pieces needed for some squadrons. You're going to need at least TWO of each of them to field some potential squadrons you can field now. Maybe all these newcomers only have 4 TIE Fighters but it seems to me that even if you only bought one of each product you'd have five of them. When it comes to X-Wings there are 3 now and soon will be 4 granted that 4th may already come with that 2e stuff. All but need an App to play. This is going to SUCK unless it is stand alone and doesn't need to update every 5 minutes. Not everyone has internet connections that can handle much data transfer. You know, if they've got the app then why bother selling dice when they can just include the die app as part of the bigger thing and everyone can now use that? Wonder if I get rid of my collection at the retail prices which of course seem to be going to jump once again.
  11. Gunner only cares about if you get "hit" or not and could care less if you actually SUFFER any damage as a result. There are times you may be taking cards from an attack yet the attack would miss and potentially trigger a gunner effect.
  12. So take out some of the face-up cards that pretty much EVERY ship that has any hull fears and replace them with crits that many ships wouldn't give two hoots about. Rotor Malfunction: You must REALLY hate out of arc attacks to think you need this one. Now I'll give you that many of the most used large ships have some kind of turret not all do so you're not hurting those one bit while you are trying to get in your Turret nerf. Life Support Failure: Again a card that can completely miss. Sure many large ships have crew on them for support but some of them don't. Now you've got another card that some people would MUCH rather see than a Direct Hit. Damaged Shield Generator: On an epic ship this could be murder but on most large ships it's almost completely worthless. Shield Regen isn't much of a problem although I guess you're trying to pick on a certain K-Wing here. This means the only way this card will be useful is if you could somehow get lucky and slip it UNDER a ship's shield by dealing it a (face-up) card instead of damage. How many ways of doing this are there? Two? Three? I don't see this as spicing the game up as much as it's simply trying to nerf some things you may consider problematic while encouraging other things. It may not be a thing right now but is IG-88 going to care about any of these? PS. Now if FFG put out new large ships that have their own "damage deck" just like the Epic ships already do some of these things could make sense in that limited application.
  13. Neither is the correct answer. When a ship is destroyed they are placed, FACE UP, in a discard pile. This means that what has come out of the DD on destroyed ships is public knowledge. If you empty the DD then you will shuffle the discarded damage cards to create a new DD. As for Kylo he when he gets to put ISYTDS into play he gets to look through the damage deck so that's that. He MAY find a Pilot card, or he may not for whatever reason, and place it on the condition; if the condition doesn't have a card on it then it leaves play. You'll note that Kylo will let you know what Damage Cards are in play but currently unknown as to where they are. There could be 8 face down cards in play and all could be Pilot cards leaving Kylo nothing to find but person whose deck was searched doesn't know what the face-down damage cards are either.
  14. If the S-Foils are closed then the X-Wing CAN NOT perform a BR-Action on its own and thus Expert Handling is going to add Stress. Your Dual Upgrade is only one or the other; you can't have both at the same time.
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