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  1. If you want to mirror Predator then it should be two dice against PS8 and higher. That way it covers the two highest natural PS levels just like Predator covers the two lowest natural PS levels.
  2. A little bit different at least for a while: YES. Better: No. Changing the points just changes the target but you'd soon be back to having the same lists dominate just like you do at 100 points although 120 points will allow dominant lists that 100 points do not.
  3. It may not be possible but I'm thinking of a case where a ship could have damage cards yet not be below 50% hp. You're saving Chewie in case you get that inbound face-up but there's potential for it to put you back over the 50% mark if you don't see the crit. In the grand plan that is probably one of the less optimal uses but using it on some face-down damage card before you're dead but while you'll still be below 50% hp is less optimal.
  4. Using Chewie on the first damage card would effectively save two damage which is as much as it could save at any time. It's just that it is far from optimal unless you know those that two damage will not come back to give up points. If you're going to lose the points anyway it's better to use it as described or to stop the death blows.
  5. The window that could take a ship from half points to not using Chewbacca is pretty small.
  6. The "opportunity cost" was covered with the title granting two modification slots to start out with. If you value offense that much then is it really less valuable that Stealth or Auto Thrusters depending on the environment? The Protectorate may have TL on the action bar but it seems to missing that Evade action so saying the TL is free is a bit misleading. I'll give you that in a direct comparison the Power Creep Protectorate gets the +1 hull, TL instead of Evade, and some different upgrade options than the Interceptor but it also costs a touch more unless you're trying to make the Interceptor into a Protectorate.
  7. Why the **** would anyone want to make the Royal Guard title so much worse by adding a point cost to it? Now as something new I'm still not sure you can really justify it although I'm betting there are plenty of EPT upgrades, as well as a number of modifications, that could easily justify those two points. Your PS "restriction" may be a bit punishing but if you're going for low PS anyway then you're probably going for cheap and the 2 point cost is already a non-starter Interestingly enough doesn't the exact same source you fight the Royal Guard title in also include a modification to give a ship the TL option? It seems to me that was often in the discussion when ImpAces came out as someone like Fel would often pick a Stealth Device and the Targeting Computer enabling him to take those double modified attacks.
  8. With Chewie crew you get to wait to see the incoming damage card. This means you can let face-down cards pass by before jumping out and taking out a face-up card you'd rather not deal with. I'd say there are three times you want to pop Chewie: You are about to take a Face-up damage card you'd rather not deal with. The damage card that is about to destroy you or maybe the one before. When the damage you'll take will reduce you to 50% of your starting 'hit point' thus allowing you to avoid/delay giving up half points for a large ship during competition. Chewbacca sitting on a ship under 50% hitpoint unfortunately does nothing even if he could have been used to keep a ship above the 50% mark (between preventing a damage card and giving back a shield) and thus not award half points.
  9. To me it seems Dash's ability should be declared on for the turn or not before maneuvers begin. I'm certainly no fan of the idea that he can have it on, then off, then maybe even on again all during the same turn.
  10. @StevenO this^ the bypassed overkill cards could easily be the difference in many matches if they were dealt, especially if the removed major explosion on several double damages. Random card are RANDOM cards. If you are worried about one particular card you have as much chance at it being the first card drawn as the last card drawn. Now KNOWING which cards have been removed from the deck does give you some information about what is still in the damage deck although it tells you NOTHING about which of the unknown cards in play or in the DD is what. Besides that it's next to impossible to gain any real benefit from knowing there are three unaccounted for Direct Hits instead of four. If not for ISYTDS the game would play 99.999% the same if you just used any kind of damage marker to represent completely unknown damage and only draw an actual card from the deck when it would be played face-up or if you need to "flip" a marker to know what it represents. We all should know where the 4 came from but some seem to think you'd draw cards just to remove shield tokens as well. While the Simultaneous Attack rule may come into play if it doesn't then there really is no point to even draw the otherwise needed damage cards except to remove them from ISYTDS's search pool. Guess more revealed damage cards could also expose a "stacked" damage deck with illegal content but that should be taken care of at the start of the game by inspecting your opponent's damage deck before shuffling.
  11. Casual game: don't worry about the "nerf" because who wins really shouldn't matter. Competitively: I guess it's as much your opponent's responsibility to make sure everything, including your stuff, is being played correctly. Those marked sleeves may be appropriate of course.
  12. I don't believe you could ever use C3PO on the roll with Lando. C-3PO works when rolling Defense and Lando is just telling what random generator to use for his ability. Change green dice to red dice for Lando and "evade" results to "hit" results to give Evade tokens and you'd have the exact same thing except it would be a little less intuitive.
  13. Actually the A-Wing only needs to be dealt two damage cards (one if if it's the right card) to be destroyed. That still doesn't mean it couldn't be dealt 6 cards before actually leaving the table. While it's technically correct to deal all of the extra damage cards the only time it is actually meaningful is when Kylo and his ISYTD condition are in play, unless I'm missing some new cards, or when some of those cards are face-up and can affect something else happening.
  14. Pretty much my thoughts as well. "Oh I have a great idea. Let's now find another kind of dice, roll it for each and every ship in the game, do MATH with that roll and information from the ship, tabulate/correlate/order all of that new information, NOW get back to playing the game we mostly know for the remainder of the round. Of course this is all being done for one round so we'll repeat the entire process again next round." How are we tracking the "new" effective PS for all of these ships? A bunch of new tokens numbered 2-17. With all of this work "improving" initiative what happens when there is tie? Going to use the roll or actual PS to break that fine but what if there is a tie-tie? Now it seems we'll have to generate another random outcome. Might want to take a look at just about every game where numbers can be different and the power level of pieces can vary greatly. I think back to DDM and SWM from WotC where you wanted to "out activate" your opponent so that you could force him to commit his main pieces before you had to use yours so you could use what he was doing against him. DDM actually went and set a limit to the number of units a squad could have (granted there were some ways around it) because of how problematic it could be.
  15. I'll second digitalbusker's response. ISYTDS only affects the ship it is currently on.