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  1. Thx for the update. No, I did not think of reading the FAQ. Did now. What is the Slam-Nerf? Can't seem to find it, is it the rule about slamming after beeing Ionized? Not that I used these cards a lot, but the mindlink and Biggs nerfs seem really strange. But seeing as I lost a bit to both it's fair. I ran Sabine (TIE), Rex (TIE), Jess Pava(R2-D2) and i Think Poe(R5-p9) last i played in a regional. It was such a fun list. Lord knows mandaroo with mindlink and biggs made some matches hard. Maybe that funny list is the one to try again. I would also consider Dash or Rey +Poe/Corran or Miranda. As I like those ships a lot As for Empire, I've only ran them once in a tourney, so maybe it it's time to unpack the Decimator I bought a year back
  2. So. This game is a "on" and "off" game for me. Never disliked the game, I absolutly love it, but sometimes life comes in the way and you don't really have time for it. I've not played since april, and my last really big tourney was in february. Now I am gonna go to regionals again in January. But it's been a while since I've played. I got not all, but most of the ships up until wave 10, what I am really wondering is: How is the current meta? Open to many lists? Or are there something that is really awsome? Last thing I remember was the awsome scum lists: Dengaroo and Fenn/Manaroo/Shadowcaster. Both mindlink-strategy ish lists. And the Manaroo-nerf that came after them. Any new ships I should get? Is there any of the new ships (wave 11-13) you warmly would recommend? And any of the new upgrade cards that I should get? And if anyone cares to answer for some of these? Third, how relevant would you say these pilots/ships are for play in tournaments today? Kanan Jarrus/Hera (Ghost) Corran Horn (E-wing) Dash Rendar (Yt-2400) Rey (yt-1300) Other YT-1300's Poe Dameron Miranda Doni Biggs B-wing U-wing Firespray Upsilon Shuttle Decimator TIE's Interceptors Defenders Strikers Phanthoms(Whisper) Inquisitor's Tie FO-fighter SF-fighter Mist Hunter Jumpmaster Star Viper Quadjumper Firespray for scum Z-95's Y-wings Thank's (I got some more ships, but did not list them, as these are the ones I like to play the most)
  3. I wanted to start a discussion. In my original post I obviously pointed out that " The pros obviously outweights the cons. ". I LOVE scum I wanted to know what ppls general perception towards non-xwing players knowledge of the Scum-faction was. Good discussion thus far. Thanks for not understanding anything. What about my statement " The pros obviously outweights the cons. " did you not understand? All I wanted was a discussing. No scum ban. But maybe a discussion about small loca-store tourneys with perhaps more narrative play. Say you run a tourney where rebels always have to face imperials and vica-versa. Nothing I said was aimed at official FFG tourneys. I never talked about removing Scum from the game. Good points and a good post
  4. I disagree. Depends on the tournament scene. I discorvered x-wing while playing at a warhammer fantasy tourney some years back. After having played my game I had some time before the next round started. I walked over to look at the ships. Had I looked today I don't know if I would have had the same impression.
  5. I am gonna rant a bit, som bare with me. I was thinking about tournaments that are open to the public. Say in a game store. People come and look at the ships and recognize the ships. The ones they usually don't recognize are the rare scum ships. If you've watched the movies you know a Tie from an x-wing, and you know what the falcon is. When you run a paratanni list and someone in the crowd comes to have a look they understand nothing. In short. I think playing rebel/empire in tourneys vs rebel/empire and scum is better for recruiting people to the game. What scum got goaing for it is that the faction adds more fun and variety to the game. The game is richer. To vison the game without scum is maybe impossible today. But it startet without them. The pros obviously outweights the cons. But would it not be ok to ban scum from some smaller homemade tourneys, if there is something at a convention for ppl to look at. Would it not be better only to recognize the two most known factions? I know FFG wants to earn the most money and sell all their products, and I enjoy the game, but think objectivly with recruiting as the only goal(they can discover the scum faction later on). How fun is it to watch hundreds of mindlink-list games and let it be your intro to the game? Run discussion.
  6. So regionals in Norway on saterday. I'm between these three lists. Which one should I go for? I want to run new ships, so It will be one of these. Lists have to be filed in in about 6 hours :/ List one: Major Stridian, Fire control system, Systems officer Zete specialist, fire control system, special ops training Imperial Trainee, lightweight frame, adaptive ailerons Imperial Trainee, lightweight frame, adaptive ailerons list two: Poe(ps9), PTL, r5-p9, integrated astromech, black one, pattern analyzer Rex Miranda, extra munitions, plasma torpedoes, TLT, seismic charges, guidance chips, Sabine Wren list three: Poe(ps9), PTL, r5-p9, integrated astromech, black one, pattern analyzer Rex Zeb Orrelios (TIE fighter) Jess Pava, R2-D2, Integrates astromech, Pattern analyzer
  7. is it a 100 pts tourney? Dash is better with engine upgrade, for getting out of range 1. I also suggest Kyle Katarn or Kanaan as crew. A miranda with bombs benefit from Sabine as crew. Marksmanship on poe is a wierd one. As it has mindof the same bonus as his abilety. Swap it for say Predator or veteran instincts.
  8. I will consider that. Have not played tourneys for over half a year. I guess it's a better use of points
  9. Imperial Trainee, Lightweight frame, adeptive aleirons, 19 Imperial Trainee, Lightweight frame, adeptive aleirons, 19 The Inquisitor, PTL, Tie/v1, 29 Quickdraw, Veteran instincts, Fire-Control system, Special ops training, 32 Thoughts? I've flown it twice today vs a friend. Beat both Corran/chewie and triple x-wing(Poe, Pawa,Nien-Numb) I am considering this list for a tourney, as well as a tripe x-wing list with Pawa, Poe and Nien-numb, stress-numb and healing droids on the other two)
  10. I also see one big and then one smallbox. For the Big one I've heard people talk about "The Dreamlands". I don't think that will be the case, because of that they are in the gate deck. I Really think a Egypt-style sideboard in Arkham, Kingsport, Dunwich, Innsmouth (and perhaps Vermont+Boston) can be a thing for the next big-box. Then there might be an eight expansion, that adds more cards to all Acient ones. As for new Acient ones I have no Idea. There will be three. Maybe Eihort and Glaaki?
  11. I used Akachi and Hank today for the first time. They might have a place in my top ten. I love Charlie myself, but I think Jenny does sortof the same thing, but a bit better. Those two are rally a toss up, Jenny basicly brings anyone two free sucsesses with the free Debt thing.
  12. So. Simple question really. Who are your ten most perferred investigators. Be it theme, skills or whatever reasoning you like. 36 to pick from ( http://eldritchhorrorgame.wikia.com/wiki/Investigators ) Mine (I think) 1. Jacqueline Fine 2. Trish Scarborough 3. Michael McGlen 4. Silas Marsh 5. Joe Diamond 6. Jenny Barnes 7. Jim Culver 8. Charlie Kane 9. Mark Harrigan 10. Lily Chen My 4 man team usually consists of the top two on this list + 1-2 other from the ten listed.
  13. http://eldritchhorrorgame.wikia.com/wiki/Jenny_Barnes
  14. Very quickly my favorite character became Silas Marsh. Because of that extra movement. It always comes in handy. I saw someone on youtube running these four: Silas, Lily, Jaquline and Trish. And boy did that team work (well Trish dies all the time for some reason) The team is pretty well spread around the map from the start, Silas can run to whereever. Jaquline get's a clue every or every other turn due to sheer randomness with conditions. But most games I've actually lost 2-4 investigators, so I have a tactic for picking the backups: 1. Charlie Kane (He is a super reserve, you don't need him to farm items from the start of the game. 2. Pick whoever starts close to whatever problem you need to solve (it's following the rules) 3. If you can't find a good replacement pick then go for Jim Culver, he is well rounded, stars with a clue and all.
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