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  1. Great advice; I shall give this a try on some test foam so I understand the finish and how subsequent paint coats may look. This is another great suggestion and one that I hadn't considered; the stone / cement look when dried is intriguing and could be just what I'm looking for on these buildings. I'll again do some test runs to see how things turn out 👍 It's an MPC (amt/ertl) model kit I think it's 1/48 scale. Slightly small for Legion but doesn't look too out of place
  2. Hi, Yes 1/2 inch foam board. You can get it in thicker sheets, but this is perfect for model wall construction. Great stuff re; your Lah'mu inspired board - should make for a dramatic setting for games of Legion. All the best with the build! Cheers
  3. Two more buildings for the table. I think these are going to be the last two for now... I'll look to magnetise the roofs... Cheers
  4. Created a proto-type door for the Tatooine buildings... (It's dirty because of the smudged pen ink ) Initial thoughts; Not bad for a first attempt. One of the biggest challenges was bending the archway into shape. I used a hairdryer to heat the plasticard but it takes some time to get the desired curve. The rest of the shapes were fairly straightforward to cut out. There may however be a simpler solution for the slats on the inside of the arch; I note you can buy plasticard sheets with this type of design pre moulded... The biggest consideration at this stage is that I'll be needing to build around 9 or so doors. And whilst I'll scratch build them all individually if needs be, I've also been investigating the option of creating molds and casting the extra doors to save time. Decisions...
  5. Two more buildings for the table; Like the larger cantina / market building from the last post, I decided to make the roofs removable to allow for mins to be placed inside... And the second building; I still need to make plasticard doorways for all the buildings. I'll look to do them all in one batch at the end. Cheers
  6. Yes, 1 inch square grid; It helps with sizing and mapping out placement of walls etc. and is roughly the base size for the minis, so helps with scaling
  7. Do It, do It, do It! 😂 The foam is Celotex insulation board, you can pick it up from Wickes in various sizes and thicknesses 👍 The wood for the bases is 6mm mdf. Again from either Wickes, stamco or even Homebase. I have used 3mm in the past but there's a risk the board will bend when the wood glue dries out and 'pulls' on the surface. Cheers
  8. Thank you Vayasan! Most of the time im ok with just building from the design that's in my head. But for the bigger buildings, like the landing pad / cantina, I like to sketch out a few designs before cutting the foam. Sometimes the drawings are for specific areas of the model, stairwells for example I.e. how will they join the floors and at what points, do they work in the context of the minis themselves? I also like to build in 'blocks' of core components and not glue them in place, preferring to just place it in situ and reflect on it for a day or two; does it look right / would it benefit from being moved to a different position - the tower atop the landing pad is an example. Either way, go for it - you'll do great 👍
  9. Cheers buddy! I've been watching demo vids for BF2 and it's funny you mention Naboo; it had really got me thinking about a Naboo board... I love the renaissance / Venetian inspired building designs, with sweeping columns and arched, fountains and planters... To also apply a war torn / rubbled finish, would make for a really dramatic and cinematic looking gaming board 👍
  10. That's a very good question ABXY! Thankfully, my gaming group is pretty relaxed about the sort of in-game foiballs that can occur between scenery and mini placement etc. With players generally taking a pragmatic approach / putting a marker in place. But... your solutions are spot on 👍 And would defiantly provide a great solution. For some reason, I'm minded to see what I may be able to do with those little 'tables' they put in pizza boxes Trim two of the legs down to the depth of a step and remove the third leg altogether... could work? I'd spray them black to make them look cool Come to think of it...i could use them in the cantina as tables for scenery... mmm........
  11. SW Battlefront is great and agree, provides fantastic inspiration for map design and builds. I think you're right about table/game sizes and that smaller tables can provide a more focused, intense gaming experience. I always like that x-wing throws you quickly into the mix, where the skill of those first few moves is key to ensuring you're prepared for when the first attack run hits! For this table I'm thinking of a 4x4, with option to go up to 6x4 (I've been gaming for too many years...). And whilst I'm not sure if FFG will introduce official rules, envisage my gaming buddies and I holding four player games of Legion. I like your ideas of mixing interior and exterior environments; it holds both a lot of appeal from both a table design and tactical gaming perspective. I have two more boards / enviroments is like to build; imperial hangar bay and hoth (with tight tunnel fighting, alongside operation rooms / open cargo spaces etc.) I echo your thoughts around multi- level combat and how this can effect commiting to certain table designs 👍
  12. After making towers, I wanted to go back to making a building that would provide some interesting options for in-game mini movement and cover... I envisage this building to be a cantina or market bizarre, full of shady corners and even shadier characters... I designed the building so that each floor could be removed, allowing easy access for minis during gaming and opening up the available gaming space. I'll magnetise each component to keep the structure rigid during play...
  13. Excellent! looking forward to seeing the build. The use of the label sheets is a great idea 👍
  14. Fantastic work! Just had a look and they look great! (And you've made loads, awesome 👍). Love all your IA stuff as well