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  1. Hi guys, been reading some of the stuff on here about the third edition and the extremely long post by the person that didn’t like unbreakable bonds and I’m a little on the fence. I have second edition and love it. I want to enter into the new runebound and get the unbreakable bonds because I will be doing a lot of solo play and I’m just looking for feedback on the system . Will I be able to accomplish what I want? Is the expansion good for this? It has stellar reviews but I’m looking for more feedback on here. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi guys! Thinking of picking up descent for me and my gaming group. Wanted to make sure this was for me and group. As much as games are now a days I try to only buy board games that have a solo component and group and campaign also. I don't know a lot about this game but I've seen it around for awhile. We like the dungeons and dragons dungeon crawl games like legend of drizzt and such. Do you think that this game can fit my needs. Thanks!
  3. What about allies ? Second edition has so much flavor with the different allies you can recruit. I agree with most peeps said but let's not forget to add allies. I don't even know why they didn't start out with them. Anyway, should be good!
  4. When warhammer adventure card game first came out, I thought I'd sit back to see how the crowd liked it and see some reviews , even though I knew I wanted it. Well, I waited to long and now it's been back ordered, on the boat, and whatever else, long story short is my local game store still don't have it. But....I looked on craigs list and found someone selling it for 30$ in new condition. Went and picked it up and couldn't be more happy. Also picked up warhammer conquest and 4 expansions for 30$. I hit the jackpot! Can't wait to play this thing now!
  5. I am so curious about this game. Runebound comes off at 59.99 and warhammer is 39.99. I'm wondering how much play we will actually get from this game. For 39.99, used to be a good value but now a days the way games are priced you have to wonder if warhammer quest is gonna have alot of play and replay value. That being said because I am a runebound and warhammer quest fan I plan on getting them both.
  6. la1cajun

    Solo play?

    There is a thread on BBG under runebound 3rd edition of 2 videos of someone doing a solo play through. It's broken into 2 videos, not 2 separate solo plays. Check it out. I watched some of it but I have to go back and finish it.
  7. Thanks Julia for such a fantastic review. My game group plays this, second edition every once I awhile but I ran into the second edition kinda late and its when all the expansions were running, and still are, really expensive so I have no expansions for it though it's a great game. When this came out I really was excited because I can get in on it from the ground up. I think I'm gonna order this one and, because I'm such a old warhammer fan, order the warhammer card game too. I think both will be great.
  8. la1cajun

    Solo play?

    Ok, last post on this topic was before game was actually out I think. I would like to know since the game is out now, has anyone seen or heard of the solo variant. I don't see it in the rules. My wife and kid is going on a trip next weekend and week for thanksgiving and I'll be making up the house . So I was thinking of ordering this to play some solo adventures. They must have some kinda rules somewhere for solo play . Thanks The Cajun
  9. I've had my first few play throughs and the dungeon has been different every time. I havnt made it out yet. Last game I dared to open a door and got a spring trap spear to the head..lol..at least thats the way im telling it! Ive died a different time every time Ive played. I can already see that the game needs more cards. Some stacks have just enough, like the dungeon deck, but others, like the trap deck and others need more, they would never last playing with 4 people. youd be reshuffling them and getting the same cards over and over. I really like the game, i can only hope that some sort of expansion will come out to increase variety in game.
  10. ah crap, i see now. I just saw all the combat cards, just because you play the card with your highest attack doesnt mean you will have a hit. The monster may play a card that don't have any wounds suffered from that particular attack. So it can be different every time. Are there monsters in other decks that you come across besides the monster deck. Says monster deck only has 20 in there. The Cajun
  11. Thats what i mean. The same exact cards every time no matter what the monster is. I dont get it honestly. Im an old RPG guy and monster battles should be there but mean something. I think I will do the dice rolls myself.
  12. I just ordered my game revised edition. I was reading the rules for combat and it seems redundant. Every monster you face your still dealing with the same combat cards, no matter what i select it will do the same thing every time. Why dont I just pick the card that does the most damage everytime and the monster pick his/her card that does most damage. Just seems stupid. Am I reading wrong? The Cajun
  13. Thanks Pzvie! Already ordered. Will be in within a few days. Got revised edition. Thanks for the comments. I can only wish they would bring back other classics like warhammer quest. Can you imagine the cash this company would make. Man it would be like warhammer nuts!
  14. HI guys, thinking about getting this game. I like the fact you can 1-4 player it, so when I have a game itch and no one is around I can still die on my own..lol. I am familiar with the game being brutal, just wanted to know if its worth the cash and if you guys really enjoy the game play even though it does have a low success rate. Also is the game different each time when you play it? Thanks! EDIT: I did find game for 43$ with free shipping on amazon as well The Cajun
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