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    Technology Base: (1) Self Sufficient (2) Unreliable Warp Technology (3) Reliable Warp Technology (4) Sorcerous Warp Navigation (5) Barter and Trade* *If Insular, re-roll   Self Sufficient: This xenos empire has just enough capability to maintain its coherence.  It's technology allows it to converse with other planets, send occasional dignitaries to another world, and maintain a standard of living for its citizens.  Much of this technology will be barely functional for the vast majority of the xenos in the empire, but the high-ranking figure-heads will have more accommodating surroundings.  Xenos empires in this stage cannot exist beyond a single star system.   Unreliable Warp Technology Xenos technology experts have discovered the warp, and created crude devices capable of transporting ships through the immaterium.  These are either highly unstable and expensive inventions, or rare modifications of found equipment from other civilizations.  The Empire will have enough capability to keep these ships functioning, but the technology is far inferior to the STC designs found on any Imperial vessel.   Reliable Warp Technology: A rarity in the Expanse, this xenos empire has discovered a technology on par with Imperial STC warp designs (or 'discovered' the STC design itself).  Their ships are still limited by distance and the vagaries of the Immaterium, but the empire has the ability to patrol its borders and punish its foes with powerful warships.   Sorcerous Warp Navigation: Through the most heretical means, the xenos empire has managed to breed or enslave sorcerers capable of navigating the warp consistently.  The empire's warships and trade vessels are capable of long, accurate warp journeys throughout the Koronus Expanse, and are more than willing to use them.  Very few empires have this level of ability, and if the Imperium learns of this threat they will pay handsomely in bounties and land holdings in the xenos empire to have them destroyed.   Barter and Trade: The Xenos empire has little or no ability to traverse the warp themselves, but they have good relations with another civilization (see their trade allies) that allows them to move almost unhindered on their allies ships within the bounds of their own empire.  Few loyal Imperial citizens can understand the mindset of a xenos empire such as this, but there is surely profit to be made.     Goals: (1) Survival (2) Expansion (3) Find Wonders (4) Please Warp Deities (5) New Technology   Survival:
    The Koronus Expanse is a harsh and forbidding place.  This xenos empire is finding that out the hard way.  They are under threat from exterior forces and internal strife, and are fighting tooth and nail (and claw and tail) to continue their heretical existence.  Assistance against their enemies will be met by grateful gifts and trade rights.  Appearing as yet another threat will turn the xenos war machine against the Explorers.   Expansion: Growth and death are the only two constants in the Expanse.  These xenos have chosen to expand, no matter the cost.  Their entire empire is directed towards discovering habitable star systems and colonizing every scrap of usable territory they can find.  Vast forges over their homeworld turn out the colony ships and exploration vessels, as well as the combat ships and varied supplies, required to keep such an effort going.   Find Wonders: Through religious fervor, the xenos empire has turned to the dead civilizations of the Expanse and seen great works that they can coopt as their own.  Exploration ships zip in and out of their ports, forever searching the detritus of the past for relics and wonders that will help them survive.  Churches on their worlds will be built around these relics, and ownership of ancient pieces of technology and art will signify status in their culture.   Please Warp Deities: Through choice or by corrupt persuasion, the xenos empire has turned its entire economic focus towards pleasing the foul deities of the immaterium.  The xenos ships search far and wide for slaves and sacrifices, and their religion is focused around dark rituals and heretical artifacts. Around their empire, the warp seethes and stretches at these offerings, and bouts of demon infestations indicate that it is only a matter of time before their warped architecture and corrupt government collapse into a warp infested wasteland.   New Technology: The Xenos empire believes in the heretech notion of progress and technological invention.  Their skilled forges and tech masters are forever refining and developing new technologies capable of catapulting their empire into a stronger position in the Expanse.  Given a piece of technology (whether Xenos or STC), this empire will have specialists capable of dismantling and learning from it.  The best specialists are then able to develop new creations that the Adeptus Mechanicus would be horrified to learn of.    Historical Contacts:
    (1) Chaos Invasion (2) STC Remnants (3) Eldar Plot (4) Conquest (5) Rogue Traders   Chaos Invasion: At some point in the past, Chaos Warbands invaded and tried to sack the empire's richest centers of culture and learning.  If they were successful, the Chaos Warbands now control the empire.  If they failed, the empire bears the scars of Chaos on the surface of their worlds.  Barren wastelands, warp spawn infested fields, and cracked moonscapes are all hallmarks of a Chaos invasion.   STC Remnants: This xenos empire has uncovered or acted as the descendants for a historical STC system.  Despite their xenos forms and lack of knowledge of the Imperial Creed, their technology base is built around equipment that is compatible with Imperial designs.  Perhaps these are identical to sanctified Adeptus Mechanicus equipment, or are merely the false imitations of more perfect STC forms.  In either case, only a servant of the Omnissiah would be able to tell the difference.   Eldar Plot: Like many caught in the Eldar web, this xenos empire has been nudged and guided by the hand of a Farseer for some arcane purpose.  The Xenos themselves do not know they work for the Eldar in this matter, but nonetheless are directing their civilization towards a Farseer's goals.  It is likely that there is an untouched garden planet at the center of their empire, kept pristine through religion and culture, that they will fight to the death to protect from outsiders.   Conquest One of the more fearsome empire types, this xenos civilization has already encountered other empires and conquered them.  The remnants of this successful invasion lay on one of the outskirts of their empire in differing architecture, void stations, and bruises to the surface of the planets they were forced to bombard.  With a successful invasion already under their belt, this xenos empire believes that they are up to any challenge.  They are arrogant, selfish, and focused on the glories of their past; assaults against their honor are not tolerated.   Rogue Traders:
    This empire already has experience with the creature known as the Rogue Trader.  An Imperial expedition has already been through this area of space and set up trade routes (importing low-grade Imperial products, exporting raw materials).  Profits may be smaller now that the empire knows a Rogue Trader's tricks, but they are also more receptive to trade with the Explorers.   Void Ships: (1) Trade Only (2) Advanced Industry (3) Warfleet (4) Stolen (5) Ramshackle   Trade Only: This civilization has not yet managed to produce true warp-capable war vessels.  Any defenses they maintain will be purely system-based, or anchored in orbit, or dug into a planet.  They use their trade ships to organize their empire, and have no ability to attack their neighbors.  These empires will be canny negotiators, and their diplomats will be trained to defuse situations before conflict arises.   Advanced Industry:
    Xenos engineers have managed to build up a sweeping industrial fleet capable of plying the void.  This consists of complex asteroid mining vessels, research hulls, and exploration ships.  What the empire lacks in pure offensive firepower, it makes up for with cunning strategy and advanced technology.   Warfleet: A practical xenos empire knows that their only true defense lies in massed firepower.  While not all of it may be warp capable, this xenos empire has built up a staggering array of combat ships armed with macrobatteries, lances, and torpedoes.  Their fleet is a sledgehammer, and their worlds are anvils.  Each planet will have significant defenses in high anchor, and will respond to any aggression with disproportionate firepower.   Stolen: While the Xenos empire isn't able to build their own void ships, they have become extremely adept at stealing ships of passing traders and pirates.  Their fleet is mismatched, and of varying quality, but their boarding crews are unmatched and their captains enjoy close-quarters boarding actions.  The Explorers should be careful, lest their own vessel be the next addition to the empire's fleet.   Ramshackle:
    The xenos empire has a fleet, but it is a fleet in name only.  Even the Orks, in their crude way, have more advanced technology.  This fleet looks like it could fall apart at any moment, and that a single warp transit would shake the ships' spines apart.  But the xenos empire persists, and they are not afraid to throw numbers at problems when their ships lack the quality to handle a situation elegantly.   ...Coming Soon: An Example Xenos Empire
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    Allies/trade partners:
    (1) Rogue Trader Dynasty
    (2) Eldar
    (3) Stryxis
    (4) Chaos Warbands
    (5) Other Xenos Race

    Rogue Trader Dynasty:
    As in the history of the Expanse: He who was here first, gets the first spoils.  The local empire has a history of trading with a Rogue Trader Dynasty, who have already opened the empire up to Imperial trade.  This will make docking, resupply, and negotiations easier; but it may bring the Rogue Trader into conflict with the Dynasties representatives that want to keep the profit of this empire for themselves.  This Rogue Trader Dynasty can be a renowned or infamous one.  Renowned examples are: Winterscale Dynasty; Chroda Dynasty; House of Saul; Armengarde Dynasty; etc.  Infamous Dynasties are ones which have yet to make a name for themselves.

    For a reason that only they know, the Eldar have taken an interest in this particular xenos empire.  Eldar occasionally walk openly in their cities, and Eldar Corsairs feel secure resupplying in the empire's ports.  This means that the empire has access to advanced technology of the Eldar, but also means that the Eldar want something here.  The Explorers will need to tread carefully, lest they accidentally stumble upon the thing the Eldar are protecting.
    This Empire trades regularly with Stryxis merchants, freely trading eclectic goods back and forth in the jovial manner that the Stryxis enjoy.  Above the Empire's worlds, their trade docks overflow with various goods from all across the expanse (both mundane and fantastic).  The Stryxis obviously see something of worth here, and likely will eye the Explorers warily (but with all the outpouring of praise the Stryxis are known for).
    Chaos Warbands:
    Either by choice or by conquest, the xenos empire is a central point of resupply and operations for local Chaos Warbands.  Foul ships wade into and out of the empire's trade ports.  In pens across the empire, slaves and sacrifices wait to be shipped to their next destination or be traded for the basic supplies required to keep the warbands raiding.  If the Explorers are able to trade with heretics, they will find the many icons and dangerous relics Chaos worshipers are known for.  Otherwise, they may have just found one of the most dangerous concentrations of heretics in the Expanse.

    Other Xeno Race:
    The Expanse is full of unknowns, and anything could be possibly.  A Kroot society could be trading work with the this Empire for weapons and/or chance to evolve.  Some feral orks might have been subjugated and now act as slaves (Ramshackle Ships anyone?).  Maybe the Slaugth have infiltrated their society and set themselves up as rulers.  Or maybe another unknown Xeno Empire resides at the edge of their society, and the only thing know about them is communication about a "Greater Good."

    Xenos Type*:
    (1) Humanoid
    (2) Insectoid
    (3) Deathworld Survivors
    (4) Beasts
    (5) Warp-twisted
    *There is a 1/5 chance of a mixed empire with 2 or more types of xenos (5 on a 1d5)
    Despite the benevolent gaze of the Emperor, these heathen xenos appear humanoid.  While they won't be mistaken as Imperial citizens, their unnerving similarity strains the bounds of Imperial Faith.  Explorers will gain a bit of luck in dealing with this xenos empire due to physical similarity, but will suffer if any of their crew are devout Imperial purists.
    These foul xenos look as disgusting as their heretical empire.  They have thick exoskeletons, several spindly arms with manipulators at the end of each, and clawing mandibles that look able to crush a human skull with each bite.  The xenos language the empire uses will be difficult to decipher unless the Explorers have some reference point to go off of, and their xenos architecture will cause problems for the crew.
    Deathworld Survivors:
    This Empire beat the odds, growing a technological civilization (or a heretical xenos approximation thereof) after evolving off of a deathworld.  They are truly dangerous creatures, as apt to kill and break bones as they are to trade.  If any of the Explorers go onto their void stations or, Emperor-forbid, one of the xenos planets, the xenos environment will be actively hostile to life.  Pets can kill gun servitors, air filtration units can choke crew with allergenic spores, and command consoles can report status by chewing on the Explorer's limbs.
    As disgusting as Insectoid xenos, but with the unfortunate quirk of being warm blooded and with fur-like coating.  These xenos creatures will often have claws on at least one pair of limbs, and have cultures that revolve around honor duels and personal combat.  They will be expert hand-to-hand fighters, and their military forces will either be highly regimented or centered around individual combat prowess.
    (roll again to see what these xenos creatures were before their encounter with the warp)
    This xenos empire pressed their luck at some point in the past, either calling on warp deities or by being too close to an active warp storm.  Their bodies are twisted, as is their minds and goals.  The Empire will have a higher than usual rate of sorcery, and their culture will have been affected down to the core by the warp exposure.
    ...to be continued
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    I heard this idea mentioned in another thread, and it caught my interest.  These are some initial variables to roll from, and I'm open to suggestions on what other information is needed, or what other background may be helpful.
    1) Size of the Xenos Empire
    2) # of planets they control per star system
    3) The Empire's outlook on the Koronus Expanse
    4) Their Allies or trade partners
    5) What the Xenos look like
    6) How advanced their technology base is
    7) What their ultimate goals are
    8) The most important group they've encountered during their history
    9) What type of void ships they operate
    Size of the Empire: (1-2) 1 system (3) 2-5 systems (4) 5-10 systems (5) 11+ systems   One The xenos empire occupies a single star system in the Expanse.  They likely have a few void stations scattered throughout the planets of their home star, and make occasional raids outside (if they have warp technology), but their entire population clings to a single source of light.   Two-Five This empire has just begun to colonize and conquer star systems outside of their home.  They are just getting a feel for multi-star empires, and are inexperienced on the galactic stage.  What they lack in experience, they make up in fresh raw materials and optimism about their place in the galaxy.   Five-Ten A burgeoning xenos empire that has likely reached the peak of its power.  It controls the worlds that it wants to control, and has likely fought at least one war to keep it that way.  They know of the major players in the Expanse, and are not afraid of what lurks in the darkness.  They probably should be afraid, since this is when major calamities begin to befall large empires   Eleven+ The largest xenos empires in the Expanse.  There are blessedly few of these, and they are major political players in their portions of the Expanse.  They know of many other empires, and are not afraid to deal with powerful organizations or enemies.  Xenos Empires of this scale are fearsome opponents and powerful trade partners, able to obtain things that can make a Rogue Trader incredibly wealthy.   Number of Planets Controlled: (1-2) 1/system (3) 2/system (4) 3/system + multiple large void stations (5) Thriving void presence   One per System: This empire is only starting to get its feet (or other appendages) wet in the game of colonization.  They have not yet developed terraforming technologies or equipment able to let their civilization thrive on hostile planets, so they keep to the highly habitable worlds of a star's green belt.  The xenos empire has likely built a few small void stations for defense and research throughout the areas they control.   Two per System: The xenos have begun to master harsh climate colonization, and have sprawling domes and proto-hives across planets that can barely sustain life.  Their burgeoning population is beginning to spread into the void, with a handful of large void stations hanging above the most important worlds.   Three per System: The void is a conquerable mistress, and this xenos empire is dedicated to proving it.  They have hung huge void stations for trade and defense above their worlds, and their ships ply the lanes between planets that are even marginally habitable.  Here, the xenos empire will be exploiting every resource they can find.   Thriving Void Presence: Every cranny of the empire's occupied systems are filled and exploited.  The xenos realize that they are a force to be reckoned with, and are beginning to think about their long term legacy.  Powerful ships defend huge void stations that rival the hives on the planets below.  Above their most populous planets, the xenos are starting to build icons and monuments to their glory.   Outlook: (1) Trade Friendly (2) Wary of Outsiders (3) Hostile to Outsiders (4) Insular* (5) Unconventional Economy *Do not roll on the Allies/Trade Partners table   Trade Friendly: This empire is more than willing to open trade negotiations with anyone who has valuable goods to import.  They likely have some controls to prevent undue competition or destructive animals/diseases, but their trade docks are happy to have the Rogue Trader visit.  The orbital facilities and ground-side space ports have ample equipment to quickly load, unload, and repair a foreign vessels needs.   Wary of Outsiders: This empire looks inward often, knowing that the Koronus Expanse is a dangerous place.  While a particularly clever and well spoken Rogue Trader can probably gain docking rights (often through a bit of extra bribery or promises to local officials), the trade docks are more suited to ships of their own species.  Rogue Trader vessels will struggle to find the supplies and equipment they need, and what they do find will be more expensive than expected.   Hostile to Outsiders: Here, a Rogue Trader will need to be at the top of their craft to gain docking and trading rights.  This empire likely has a religious streak that makes them cynical and suspicious of anyone not of their own species.  Any docking rights will be provisional, and the local officials will expect a thorough inspection of the Rogue Trader's ship for any contraband.  Trade will be done through improvised docking equipment, and resupply will be very difficult and expensive.   Insular: The Koronus Expanse is a dangerous place, and some of the only groups to truly thrive here know that shooting first, and asking questions later, is sound survival instinct.  A Rogue Trader entering the domain of an Insular Empire will be asked to leave or be shot on sight without question.  While a canny Rogue Trader might be able to talk their way in (a task made nearly impossible by the empire's xenophobic fervor), they will find few goods to be traded, and even fewer merchants willing to trade with them.   Unconventional Economy: It isn't that this empire dislikes Imperial dogma or Throne Gelt, they just have such a different concept of value and trade that a Rogue Trader will be hard pressed to sort out how the economy actually functions.  Perhaps the locals require a particular dance routine in addition to their monetary trade value, or perhaps the xenos creatures require specific pheromone sequences to induce the desire to trade with another merchant.  In any case, it will take all of a Seneschal's effort to deduce the economic structure of the empire and figure out how to exploit it.     ...To be continued
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    - When a solid business strategy for protecting your assets in the Expanse is to found a Space Marine chapter
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to Forsparda in Universal class mass conveyor is it worth the trouble?   
    oh were not seriously considering using the mass conveyer in combat its only to haul the junk around, we have a small fleet with 3 lunars 2 frigates and a transport of some kind, we were asking about the various races because we havent seen them in the books we have
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to musungu in Watch Fortress Tomb World?   
    It's never explicitly stated to be of Necron origin - in Core (p. 328), the description says "[Erioch] is built on a ruined artefact that was old when Terra’s star was first forming." which might mean anything, including 'crons. To further complicate things, Erioch's underlying structure is said to very, very closely resemble a Ramilles-class star fort in RoB (see p. 228.) The trope of Humanity's defenders occupying xenos structures after booting out the previous occupants is also quite popular - I think both Steve Parker's Deathwatch and Andy Hoare's Alien Hunters partially take place in DW watch fortresses of xenos origin.
    Considering the books (particularly the ones before The Outer Reach, so, well, almost the full series ) are full of vague hints and prophecies about looming threats and apocalyptic events, partially to provide some creative space for aspiring GMs without spelling everything out, and remembering that DW is set in 816.M41, well before the Imperium's first recorded contact with the 'crons in 897.M41, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that vagueness must mean evil space Egyptians -- especially as some locations and prophecies mentioned in early books are confirmed (or hinted even more heavily, wink wink) to have Necron connections by tOR. Still, even tOR generally leaves to the reader to connect the final dots, and the other books are even less specific.
    As a general rule, only the Outer Reach will give you confirmed Necron locations or activities, so if Erioch is not in that one, and I don't remember it, it's not "official". On the other hand, based on the hints the possibility is definitely there.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to That One Guy in imperial veterans speculation thread   
    There are just so many brutally lovely squad possibilities with IV... I just absolutely cannot wait for it to come out.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to Okapi in imperial veterans speculation thread   
    Vessery/Glaive/Glaive with x7 and Crack Shot. (Almost certainly) exactly 100 points, lots of free actions, should absolutely outperform any generics, laughs at stresspigs, and has enough tricks and durability to threaten aces. Probably plays a bit like Brobots.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to Jo Jo in imperial veterans speculation thread   
    Glaives should have an EPT. The are the Royal Guard Pilot of the Defender line. I think they'll be 34 points, but I will be presently surprised if they are 33.
    Highly doubt they'll be 33 though. Being able to run 3 with Juke sounds a bit crazy.
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    I want/hope there will be a generic Defender pilot with an EPT slot so I can take the /x7 title and Juke.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to That One Guy in imperial veterans speculation thread   
    I'm very certain that's what the Glaives are. At least I hope so. You'd think they'd learn their lesson with the Defender, not to have an expensive ship that needs some love to make it work and not give it an EPT, but then they went and did it again with the Starviper. But With the release of the Jumpmaster they're breaking the mold in regards to who gets EPTs. So hopefully they'll get it right this time.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to MonkeyInSpace in How to Create a Negative Play Experience in 10 Easy Steps   
    Or you can just grab one the next time you're at a casino.  They usually don't do much in the way of security in those places.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to Punning Pundit in How to Create a Negative Play Experience in 10 Easy Steps   
    It's called a "croupier stick", and you get get them for ~$15 on Amazon.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to godofcheese in How to Create a Negative Play Experience in 10 Easy Steps   
    I've seen this situation happen.
    However: Player turns up late after rounds have started should be given a match loss (not a bye)
    As far as the top cut how we handled it (which I still think is fairest)
    the player who had to leave gets the "Top 4" prize.
    5th gets to join the top 4, but gets no "Top 4" prize - they will earn the "Top 2", or "Champion" part of the prize if they make it that far. Pair as per normal, which in this case would be 1v5 and 2v4.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to ToadPhxSquadron in Top Cut Drop Rules?   
    Our larger events, we explain up front we are not passing out cut prize support until after the round starts and the expectation is to be playing in order to win.  We will take the top 4, in order, that play in the cut.  
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Anyone know which third party makes these templates?   
    Makes it easier to line it up on all sides, sometimes there is no space left and right.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to SmartCookie in Anyone know which third party makes these templates?   
    They have space for the nubs if you place it om the front or back of the ship.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to force kin in Anyone know which third party makes these templates?   
    Wait. What's so cool about them?
    I don't understand the notches thing. The 1-steaight is the same length and width as a ship base, so it functions perfectly for marking. I'm failing imagining how a notch would make this any better.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to Hobojebus in Newbie question again: is there any upgrade for asteroid management for imperial?   
    Nope we don't cheat we skilfully fly around those big rocks.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath got a reaction from librerian samae in 3-d x-wing   
    Games Workshop briefly did a game called Aeronautica Imperialis: fun ships, basic maneuver templates, and speed/altitude settings.  I can't help but feel like it was based on something else, but I really liked the (fairly) simple mechanics.  Downside was that it took longer to play a standard game than X-Wing (something I really like about this game: quick matches) and it wasn't as well balanced.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to Lampyridae in 3-d x-wing   
    I'll see your Ad Astra Squadron Strike and raise you Attack Vector: Tactical. Just how many crewmen bunks were evaporated by that laser strike? Let's do the damage soak and find out...
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to SabaccShark in Sure ain't cheap, cost to play x-wing   
    People will keep buying because it's a great game set in a great universe, and compared to other miniatures games it's very cheap and requires no painting. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish with this thread.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to WickedGrey in Did I do wrong by allowing my opponent to change his dial at SC?   
    Judging the validity of the choice based on the outcome of the game isn't how I would think about it. Making it retroactively wrong because you didn't win isn't cool. Same for only allowing the move if you think that it won't harm you very much.
    Either you're playing the kind of game where you let the other player correct honest mistakes, or you're not (and you also don't ask to regen Corran after you've forgotten).
    Personally, I try to hold myself to a higher standard of behavior than I hold my opponents to. I just played in a store championship where my opponent (who ended up 1st in swiss) forgot to regen his double regen list a couple of times, and I allowed the regen to happen (though after the second time, I said "okay, but this is the last one."). I don't recall asking for any missed opportunities that game, and that's how I like it. Would have been nicer to win the game, but poor choices on my part precluded that.
    Edit: I should note that both lenient and strict styles are legitimate. No one should expect or demand leniency, and no one should attempt to shame someone who wants to play strictly by the rules.
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    CaptainRemiVandigrath reacted to ParaGoomba Slayer in Can We Expect an Errata on TLT For Post Store Championship Season?   
    If you do this, the entire meta will be engulfed by fat turrets. TLT must remain a borderline OP card for it to be relevant or else literally the only Rebel squads we'll see will be Poe and Han/Dash.
    Yeah, there's been power creep in this game alright. Phantom, Corran, Wave 5, Poe, etc. Not TLT, which calms some of that **** down.
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