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  1. I read recently that there was a rumor about watch fortress Erioch being built on a Necron Tomb world, but haven't seen any indication of that yet in the books I have for DW. Is this in one of the books, or is it a theory among the fanbase hinted at from somewhere else?
  2. I want/hope there will be a generic Defender pilot with an EPT slot so I can take the /x7 title and Juke.
  3. Games Workshop briefly did a game called Aeronautica Imperialis: fun ships, basic maneuver templates, and speed/altitude settings. I can't help but feel like it was based on something else, but I really liked the (fairly) simple mechanics. Downside was that it took longer to play a standard game than X-Wing (something I really like about this game: quick matches) and it wasn't as well balanced.
  4. Giant Pictures Incoming. I think #1 is the mandalorian ship, but I'm not positive (it's almost a Y-wing derivative with those extension pods). And it looks like we have a new Sith ship that was modeled after Maul's vessel from Ep. 1 (#2). I think #4 has a chance to be just an A-wing, but it looks too long to be that... problem is that it just doesn't show up on screen long enough to be sure. 1) 2) 3) 4)
  5. Since everyone else is ignoring the prequel ships as options in these rants (aside from the likes on my post, always appreciated), I figure I'll ask a constructive question: If FFG released Republic and Separatist fighters, do you think they would count as separate groups? Would they try to connect the Republic with the Resistance and Separatists with the Empire? I'm not sure I'm convinced either way, though I'd be up for adding two new factions to the game.
  6. I want to see some Clone Wars expansions: V-Wings, Jedi Starfighters, ARC Fighters, Vulture Droids, droid tri-fighter...
  7. Team Covenant looks like they're out of stock in everything. Does this have anything to do with the price updates FFG is making, or is it going to be harder in general to find individual cards in the future?
  8. Thanks for the ideas! The other thing I've been liking about this so far is that no matter how powerful the players get, no matter how many ships they buy, or allies they make; the Empire is always stronger than they are. This should be fun.
  9. I have a player who is an apprentice of a Jedi (now dead) that initially survived Order 66. It works well into the story so far, but I'm beginning to get concerned about how to properly keep them from showing off that they're a trained Jedi Knight. Or at least how to punish/complicate things for them if they decide to. Obviously an Inquisitor getting dispatched to assist the local ISB detachment is the first step, but if things continue I was planning to have Vader show up to end things for good or drive him back into hiding. The Force and Destiny book has a short section saying to not stat out Vader and just have him do his thing, but I want to make him an implacable force instead of a game-breaking annoyance that pulls the players out of the game and gets them frustrated at me. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make him powerful enough to fear, but not so blatantly invincible as to be cheesy?
  10. Ancient Trails - So It Begins is a classic Traveller adventure that recently got put up for free on DriveThru RPG (at least as of this posting): http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/82145/Ancient-Trails-So-it-Begins-Adventure-Bundle-BUNDLE In good faith, I decided to adapt it to the Star Wars setting in general, and the Edge of Empire ruleset in particular. I also made a few changes to wording for understandability. To get the most out of the module, I suggest downloading the original file from the link above to get images, maps, and handouts. If anything I've done in the document below is against forum rules, let me know and I'd be happy to take it down or modify it to comply with the rules. Link to the Star Wars Ancient Trails - So It Begins: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10bZZP2rU-OaDABGkH0YMfxcDIvC4agL6zwn2aTd0l0Q/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Encounter: Aftermath“These people have never known the light of the Emperor, and their Noble’s heresy has left them unable to fully understand their position in the galaxy at large. We will need to guide them, and show the rest of the Aldanis system why connecting to Winterscale’s realm and the Imperial Cult is the only true way of life.” -Demni Winterscale There is 20 PF to be handed out at the end of capturing the capitol (extensive damage to infrastructure from the war can bring this down to 10 PF; perfect execution of the war can bump this up to 25 PF) Demni Winterscale will get 7 minimum (she has powerful ties to the Haephestus Expedition), but may be willing to allow 1 more profit factor go to Caine after successful negotiation. Lord-Marshall Gustavius will get 3 PF (he’s being paid through other avenues). Agrippa Strith will get 5 PF. Base, Caine will get 5 PF from the war. If Heavy damage occurs, everyone loses 1 PF for each 4 PF lost, though Caine and Strith will lose more (1-4, 5-8, 9-10). Loses go in reverse order as listed (Caine, Agrippa, Gustavius, Demni). Available AssetsThe following is a list of assets that Caine can negotiate for (out of the pool of PF he won during the campaign): Production capacity in the Northern Hives (2-5 PF) Ownership of Trade Houses operating the outer-system Void Docks (2-5 PF) Production Capacity in the Capitol Hive (1-3 PF) Recruiting Rights in the Southern Hives (1-2 PF) Ownership contracts for docking berths in the Northern Spaceport (1-2 PF) Mines pulling semi-rare ores out of the Western Reaches (1-2 PF) Void and Dry Dock Capacity (1-2 PF) Granaries and Storehouses outside the Capitol (1-2 PF) Military Supply Contracts and Maintenance Rights (1-2 PF) Palaces in the Capitol Hive (1 PF) Negotiating Rights with the AdMech for access to acquired tech (1 PF) other... NegotiationsIf Gustavius whittles down Caine’s army, Caine loses 1 PF; if Caine one-ups Gustavius or humiliates him by revealing Gustavius’s secrets, he gains 1 PF from Gustavius’ share (though now a powerful Mercenary company doesn’t like him) If Caine is a junior member of Demni’s delegation and makes her look foolish, he loses 1 PF; if he makes her look good, he gains 1 PF from Agrippa’s share If Caine is a full partner and causes a major disruption to the others’ war efforts, he loses 2 PF from the final output (and continual disruptions to his supply chains from intrigue) If Caine is a full partner, and he does something incredibly outstanding, he gains 1 PF Caine can reveal dangerous secrets from any of the three main characters (gaining 1 PF for each, but gaining an enemy in the process) Caine can ‘call in a favor’ if he did something incredibly heroic to personally save a main character or a major portion of their fighting forces (except for Agrippa Strith, who will only be indebted if Caine personally save Agrippa himself), gaining up to 1 PF from each main party (Demni, Gustavius, and Agrippa) Note: Caine should also negotiate for assets that he wants here. Note: it is possible to end with a negative PF from this campaign (representing the enormous expenses incurred from the invasion and continued rebuilding programs, and no control over profitable assets)
  12. Encounter: The Aldanis High Council“Puppets, all of them! I would rather burn this hive to the ground rather than let interstellar usurpers take control of this proud Empire! We must make plans, call in our loyal generals, determine how best to stop the hemorrhaging long enough to organize the demolition parties…” An Insane Emperor Minsgrove, just before his assassination Caine will be sorely tempted to just level the capitol hive (not sure why, he just likes dispensing simply with his problems). The other Rogue Traders will countermand those orders if possible or, if Caine overrides them, will saddle him with the costs of destroying the hive (-5 PF, minimum). The High Council will have retreated to their sanctuary spire. There are several entry points for an invading army that wants to confront/capture/kill them: Private landing field: a series of platforms and automated docking arms with hangers near the middle of the spire. Has quick access to the meeting chambers of the council, but will require someone to evade or disable the defensive turrets protecting the hangers. Grand Entrance: the large arch that allows access from the upper hive to the Sanctuary Spire. Protected by the last remnants of the Royal Defense Army (with shaky morale, and an understanding that they’re going to their death). The grand promenade is gilded with gold and hand-polished sandstone sculptures of ancient Aldanis heroes. Glass Mosaics on the walls display the long history of Aldanis fending off invaders. Sanctuary Dome: the most straightforward entrance. It is a large armored dome over the top of the central chambers. A few shots with a heavy aeronautica weapon, and a skilled descent with grav-chutes will quickly land Caine in the middle of the action. When Caine enters, he’s going to come in on the tail end of an argument between the three heads of the Aldanis Government. Emperor Minsgrove is going to be dead on the floor: shot at close range by a las weapon (Earl-Marshall Lindover is holding an ornate long-las pistol that looks like it could do the job). Admiral Pelagius is slumped over in an ornate chair. He is poffering vague and unconvincing threats at Lindover about the death, and has no idea what to do when Caine enters. Earl-Marshall Lindover will put his weapon away when Caine enters (unless Caine shoots him right away, then all bets are off), and will propose a deal: Put Lindover on the throne, and let Pelagius keep his position; or Aldanis will descend into anarchy. ImplicationsIf Caine leaves them in place through his own decision: Aldanis recovers quickly (+2 PF to Caine), but remains a hotbed of dissent. Pirate ships that attack elsewhere in the Expanse continue to operate out of hidden bases in the outer Aldanis System, blending into inbound/outbound trade traffic. Lindover will eventually start embezzling money. If Caine allows the RT council to decide (they’ll keep them in place): Aldanis recovers quickly (+3 PF to Caine), but the other council members put enough spies and informants in place to keep embezzlement, piracy, and insurgency to a minimum. If Caine kills them: The Royal Defense army goes underground and starts a campaign of guerrilla warfare. Pirates will flee to various hidey-holes across the Expanse, making them difficult to stamp out. Doesn’t affect the immediate negotiations, but will lower the system’s productivity in the long run. Would be a good background endeavour for an up-and-coming Dynasty leader to clear out the resistance.
  13. For atmosphere, I would expect boarding alarms to sound throughout the ship, gellar field warnings to cascade through automated vox casters, and the ship's choir to begin chanting litanies to the Emperor on every open vox channel they can. Expect terrified ratings, random glitches in servitors crewing basic systems, and techpriests chanting arcane binary that would only be understandable to someone versed in voidship maintenance. To add to it, you could have the entire ship drop in temperature (or, alternatively, get very hot), and the smell of ozone to spread through the corridors. Bulkheads and controls might be covered in thick condensation that turns to sticky miasma on touch. These effects can spread as far as you want throughout the ship, but you can definitely bet that the crew will be panicking in the background as the PCs go about their business. (Rules-wise, it would be like the ship's crew rating taking a fear test against a demonic opponent; which it would most certainly fail)
  14. Encounter: Assaulting the Capitol Hive of Aldonis “You’ve taken me from one dark end of this Expanse to the other. We’ve smashed demons, xenos, warp-worshippers, and unnamed horrors that haunt the void between stars. Leave it to selfish heretics to build something we actually need to save... “Oh, and I’d suggest taking out that artillery base first” -Solomon Wolfe, to Tobias Caine on the front lines The Capitol has 3 lines of defense: Outer Earthworks (trenches and earthen tank dugouts) Mid-line Bases (heavily fortified airfields, with extensive bunkers, trenches, and defenses) Interior Fortresses (massive, void shielded citadels that protect the main entrances to the Hive’s shield bubble) By this point, the enemy should have suffered heavy casualties, and morale should be shaky. Retreating behind their fortifications is the last thing they are able to do that might still save them (it’s worked in the past). Caine needs to capture at least one of each facility, which will set in motion the fall of others. Gustavius hates this kind of siege warfare (it’s expensive), but Agrippa Strith revels in it. The Capitol A dense hive of heavy fortifications, outlying military bases, tens of thousands of kilometers of trenches, and the best of the Aldonis’s military. This is a siege that will be difficult to win through brute force without capturing the rest of the planet first. Main Defenses of the Aldonis Capitol Outlying Military Bases Each base is a self-sufficient fortification meant to act as an external refuge to nobles under threat from internal politics, and as a first line of defense against another Hive attacking (which has happened more than once). Each has a mix of trenchworks, heavy artillery positions, C&C facilities, and Aeronautica runways. At least one of these will need to be captured/destroyed before the assault on the Hive itself. Interior Fortresses Imposing matte-black castleworks with integrated void shields. These protect the main strategic paths towards the Hive from the out-habs, and contain the heaviest weapons the pocket empire can house on a planet’s surface. They protect anti-orbit weapons, and can project power out towards the outlying military bases through intelligence gathering equipment, super-heavy artillery, and reinforcement tunnels. In a normal crusade, the Imperium would direct Titans against these fortresses, or request the Adeptus Ordinantus. These are ancient structures, impossible to target from orbit via some effect that the fleet’s coordinators don’t understand; and impervious even to atomics (though, if Gustavius is convinced to use one, it will do a lot of damage to the surrounding areas). Royal Defense Army The solid core of an otherwise inconsistently trained military on the planet, the Royal Defense Army has equipment on par with the Imperial Guard, and training to stand up to the worst fighting the Imperium can direct against them. They are overwhelmingly mounted in APCs and fight alongside Leman Russ analogs. Their officer corps is effective, and their morale officers maintain solid respect from their soldiers. Giga-shields Ancient void shields protect the main hive of the planet, making it nigh-impervious to orbital bombardment from everything short of a full Imperial Navy fleet. Ground forces will have to fight local forces until units can penetrate under the shield, and begin bombarding the Hive directly. Outer Earthworks This is a standard assault, and will test Caine’s remaining soldiers against the damage he’s managed to do against Aldonis. He can modify the outcome with solid Tactica Imperialis checks, proper negotiations with fellow RTs, and scouting to see what forces Aldonis has on the front line (proper counters win him more points). Advantages: Caine swiftly captured the Northern Hives; Caine turned away the Aldonis Counterattack Disadvantages: Landing Zones were collapsed; Aldonis Counterattack successfully damaged Imperial supply lines Mid-line Bases Capture a base: gain supply dumps and airfields just out of range of the Capitol’s inner defenses Interior Fortresses Giant, black monoliths of adamantium and guns. They are ancient according to the locals, and rumor says that they existed before the hive was founded. Each one has a solid block of adamantium and some unknown metal in the very center that no one has been able to enter, though humans have happily taken the rest of the fortress and turned it into a human habitation. These fortresses block the main land approaches to the capitol against invading forces. Natural (or unnatural, given the unknown origin of the fortresses) effects block effective targeting from orbit, preventing direct bombardment. Caine will either need to get spotters close enough for direct targeting and ranging, or slip special forces in and sabotage the fortress's defenses, or tunnel under it and rip it apart.
  15. Encounter: The Ice Deserts of the Southern Reaches“Yesss...Much cold, more than expected. My troops...not so capable here. But we steal cloaks and hats; now much better. These hardy enemies be only snack to Shaperate.” -Swift Claw, Xenos retainer to Agrippa Strith Conquring the Southern Reaches isn’t required to pacify the planet and is a hotbed of resistance fighters. Taking control here and bringing it under the Caine Dynasty banner will provide a steady stream of raw recruits, low-tech manufacturing, and divisions of hard-core (but unruly) soldiers. Ironically, Agrippa’s forces are pushing hard into this region, with the local commanders being very tight-lipped about what their boss wants in the frozen plain. Agrippa himself is dismissive of any line of questioning here, and acts as if he doesn’t care about the soldiers being churned in the cold meat grinder. Agrippa’s forces wouldn’t lightly expend this much effort. GM Note: a heavy amount of needling and effective rolls will eventually reveal that Agrippa actually has no idea why his forces are fighting there. His lower Generals in charge of those armies convinced him that it was worthwhile, and he’s trusting them. Particularly astute observation on the front lines in the Southern Reaches will see a larger number of Dark Eldar fighters here than anywhere else on the planet. They are the ones behind the heavy attack. Their plan is to destabilize the region to act as prime slaving grounds. Not that they’d tell anyone else that. ThreatsIce Troopers (protected against the conditions and trained in them) big artillery emplacements lots of small hives to act as strongpoints Terrainbitterly cold, driving snow: giant snow dunes in places (hiding enemy ambushes) open wastes Individual EncountersMicro-hive 616: An underground strongpoint of almost a million souls, Agrippa’s forces have designated it 616. It is holding off an advance with dug-in artillery, and a complex field of trenches. Caine will need to sneak past enemy lines in the night and infiltrate a power bunker providing warmth and power to enemy defenses. Destroying the bunker with heavy melta charges will allow the advance to continue. Aldanis Ice Mites: A surprising number of soldiers have complained to the medicae corps about a mysterious rash that slowly spreads up from the legs, until it starts eating away at the skin. For most, it’s just uncomfortable; but for forward units in combat it can become fatal. Caine will need to investigate the units that are struggling, find the mites, and convince the Magos Biologis in Demni’s retinue to create a countermeasure.
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