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  1. I cant believe the sheer amount of complaining in the first 10 topics on here today. Makes me remember why i dont get on this site anymore and have shifted to TC and AFM almost exclusively. Why did I get on here today?
  2. I can safely say my doomshuttle has maybe 2 turn of kinda ineffectiveness before it is right back in and shooting for 3 rounds a second time. Doomshuttle is best when you dont need vader. Its not hard to make the doomshuttle very strong offensively unlike what others like to say about it.
  3. So I bought the Koshka set and really need help. I find the lack actions to be a problem against much larger armies. My Grandma gets killed so easily by allied rocketmen and the big axis guns decimate her. I guess in general I just really do not know how to use this unit nor what to buy to complement her. Is Koshka in Grandma an absolute must? How do I keep my very short range on grandma effective and be a good officer. How do I get my troops to better complement her. I really really want to use Koshka effectively. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Have you checked your numbers lately?? WOW
  5. Nikto litko or something like that already has 3rd party dials.
  6. You guys are all paying waaaaaay too much. I got mine for $4.99 US at Harbor Freight Its sure to be online too
  7. I think this is a little over the top. Some people have opinions on the game because they enjoy it very much. When something affects the game they like in a way they do not like (in this case everyone rushes to falcons+3PO to counter phantoms and over saturates the game with similar lists) it may be something to discuss in detail without resorting to "you hate my fluff you're not a real Gamer" type comments. Constructive comments that back up an opposite view will work better not only to develop a less saturated meta but also more civilized boards. OP: I'm still trying to find a good Rebel squad (no turrets) that can go after Phantoms and Falcons as well. I've done very well countering Phantoms by activating a high pilot skill X or E and using R3-A2 and following with low skilled accurate shots. I'm still working on it but I find that Wes really does well with R3-A2 and effectively shuts down ACD and as a bonus, leaves him naked and alone facing the rest of your list. I just get tired of bad players blaming FFG and everybody else for their own failures. I am not trying to be a dicky-doo, but enough of this crybaby crap already. It is negative useless static just clogging up our wonderful forum. Tired is what I did got when the crap started to overwhelm this forum. Not unless we want to call each other names ( I would rather not). I was just bring the fact, the fact that 7 out of 8 people at my last tournament in the Los Angeles area was falcons. The other was a phantom. Overreaction maybe. I find it rediculous that the phantom alone is the cause of this. I hate that every list even my **** own was a falcon list. I have loved falcons since the day it was released and I guess I feel my area has been trampled by all the extra people all of a sudden just picking them up and dominating. I dont suck and am not complaining, I am just expressing my feelings on a forum like I should be able to and get half decent feedback on my probleam not necessariliy yours or his.
  8. Its still rediculous, I thought it was more falcons due to Paul Heavers article on tc
  9. So seems as Nationals was overwhelmingly dominated by falcons, It seems because of the phantom you have to play a falcon or die trying. Almost all of the top 8 were falcons of some sort. This is exactly what I was afraid of when the phantom was announced and It really is bad. My local tournament, 7 out of 8 squads had falcons and one phantom squad. I think FFG really screwed up bad here. The new meta just sucks and I am very disappointed and saddened.
  10. I dont know exactly where ridgecrest is but if you ever want to get together just let me know and ill try to get a group out there.
  11. No swarms at all. I guess the mini swarm may count, but the swarm seemed dead at this event.
  12. Sometimes I cringe when I think about the money I have spend. Looking at my signature and the mats, the KR Multiceses and supplies, tournament fees and Applied Perspective tokens, rules and other stuff, my guess is around 2500. And that includes wave 4 and rebel aces preorders.
  13. I say get 8, the absolute most you will ever legally be able to play.
  14. I have a hotzmats already and I cant say im satisfied with it in the least.
  15. I bought this, and I know its awesome cause its the same on my gameshop has. They forgot where they got it from but I found it.http://www.frontlinegaming.org/shop/frontline-gaming-and-tablewar-gaming-mat-space-6x4%E2%80%B2-pre-order/ Its 6x4 but ill make it work
  16. Thatll have a helluva template!!
  17. Once again MF amazes us with his abilities. My corvette now looks like a pile of junk sitting on my table comparatively. I also kinda cringed seeing led's directly to the battery.
  18. I did the same hoping the guy might come back. ****. Never saw him again.
  19. I do not see anywhere a 6x3 playmat that I can order from continental US. Everything I find is from Europe. I would also like a playmat to be made out of that thin mouse pad material. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. You absolutely must get this done to your hawk then. Its awesome. http://www.ebay.com/itm/X-Wing-Miniatures-Game-Custom-Painted-HWK-290-Magnetized-SEND-IN-YOUR-PIECE-/291140330450?pt=Games_US&hash=item43c950e3d2
  21. I have used plain old loctite for all my mini's, it works just fine and is unnoticeable, but the barells on the b-wing are probably toast since they just dont have the surface area to get a good bond.
  22. Try using that squad over and over, and go here on FFG and read the mans tale that actually won the world champs with that squad and youll be better than anyone in your area.
  23. One E doesnt look good to me. Thanks for the direct comment.
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