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  1. We see a few glimpses of Poe's die in the game trailer. He is Red, has 3RD/1R, 1 Dr, and Sp.
  2. A - Nori B - Bard C - Eowyn D - Elrohir E - Frodo F - Ori G - Boromir (t) H - Eleanor I - Glorfindel (lo) J - Denethor K - Gloin L - Idraen M - Dunhere N - Gandalf O - Haldir P - Galadrial Q - Elladan R - Mablung S - Celeborn T - Gimli U - Hama V - Dain W - Eomer
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/289728827885901/ Its time for Toronto's first Conquest LCG tournament! November 8th at Meeplemart in downtown Toronto. Registration at 12:30 Tournament begins at 1:00pm $5 entry fee Store Credit for first place based on attendance ****Deck construction will be limited to the contents of a single core set**** Minimum of three 55 minutes rounds of swiss. More depending on attendance.
  4. Interested in trying out the new Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG by Fantasy Flight Games? Meeplemart will be running demo games on Saturday, October 18th, between 1:00 and 5:00. Decks and tokens will be supplied, all you need is to bring yourself! https://www.facebook.com/events/708718092539412/?context=create&previousaction=create&source=49&sid_create=2212388197
  5. Thats actually completely incorrect. Their empire was pulled into the warp because their hubris created slaanesh. They live in the webway and extend their lives as long as absolutely possible to forever avoid the pull of slaanesh. This is also why they no longer use their psychic abilities, fear of its connection to the warp. Ultimately this is the only connection that doesn't make sense, every other connection has basis in the table top game and the fluff (maybe not Orks and Chaos but really Orks will ally with anyone they don't feel like killing). I think that Necrons and Tyranids were probably left from the base game because of the way that they would mess with the ally wheel. No one allies with Tyranids... so that doesn't change the wheel at all. And Necron basically will ally with anyone who is convenient in that moment but only if absolutely necessary, so really they don't have allies. I think the base factions make most sense. And also *ahem* Tau is a very popular faction that peaks the interest of many fans of the universe.
  6. I want the tutorial video now! I neeeeeed it!!!! FFG why do you hurt my wallet so... looks like I'll be at 4 LCGs by the end of the year...
  7. Cool ok well hopefully I can make it down at some point.
  8. I'll be at work but maybe on a future date. Is tuesday a regular day that you play?
  9. I'm around and interested in starting. I've requested to join the facebook group.
  10. I frequent 401 games and have been wanting to get into the game. I would love to meet up for games sometime. I also play the LotR LCG there sometime. Message me, I've looking for more people to play LCGs with.
  11. I'm in the downtown, I play with a friend (and by myself sometimes) at 401 games. Message me if you want, I've been trying to find more players to play with.
  12. I haven't had any arcs like this that I've noticed and I have a fair few. I would message FFG parts replacements. They should send you some new ones as these have dubious playability.
  13. I would keep an eye on meeplemart. They seem to get stuff semi regular, they have a good discounted price, and they have flat rate shipping so if you order like 4 or 5 small ships at a time you get your order around retail depending on where you are in the country.
  14. As a note I believe the blue were given to the national top 16 and the red were from worlds.
  15. I think the problem is their is seemingly no moderation in this forum. If you go to the forums for other games you will actually find posts that a pinned with things such as frequently asked questions, guides for new players, player resource pages, and so many things like that. I've been to sections of the FFG community that have like 10 sub forums. I'm not really sure why x-wing has never been given the same attention.
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