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  1. Hi, Not an AH question at all but since you have worked quite extensively with Strange Eons, this could stand a chance to get answered here. thedearth2 has made excellent card templates for Edge of the Empire RPG (on RPG side of these forums) PSD files (if someone should need them) How would I make image layer mask for card's portrait image with Strange Eons? Is StencilFilter what I am looking for? Could someone copy paste an example how to handle image masks with Strange Eons?
  2. Buy sticker paper for your printer and you are able to play without the custom dice set if you have spare d8, d12 and d6s. Won't be pretty but you could still play while waiting for the proper set. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/StarWarsRPG/edge-of-the-empire/beta/support/SWR01_Dice%20Stickers%20(high-res).pdf
  3. I'd say 15-20 storm troopers came aboard that shuttle. Most of them having some drills or handling cargo in hangar when players approach the area. If that doesn't drive PCs to another direction I don't know what will. If they somehow manage to steal the shuttle TIEs will attack stolen shuttle since the Empire doesn't allow theft of its vehicles. Cargo could still contain same type of story seeds as Krayt Fang you never know what the empire was hauling.
  4. White Wolf made years ago NPC and scene cards dubbed SAS (Storytelling Adventure System) http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/54404/Storytelling-Adventure-System-Guide . Someone could style them for EotE. NPC damage tracker sheet like in Twilight & Traveller + some other GDW games.
  5. Star Wars the Essential Atlas: descriptions of multitude of planets and stellar maps & history of the SW universe only for ~20€/$ http://starwars.com/atlas/ or http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-The-Essential-Atlas/dp/0345477642 Wookieepedia everything SW http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
  6. I use index tabs those are good if you use them in color schemed by theme or function. In addition I usually take a copy of index and glossary so if I need to check something during a game I can give those to players and say find me a page while I make us some coffee or do some single player RP. Never seen those transparent post-its before I really hope our local bookstore has those.
  7. I have the Essential Atlas. It's a good book containing both SW history, planetary and sector data. Price was just over 20€ if I my memory serves me right.
  8. With sense it is as clear as it can. Page 281. - some species are more resistant to force powers. - some species are immune - sense allows only read emotional state and surface thoughts resulting imperfect snapshot of anothers mind and cannot call information on demand. GM should allow access to valuable information.... However sense should not allow automatic win situations but provide information how to proceed. Should help them with their work not do their work for them. Influence has checks with control upgrade otherwise just strain is possible. Move Control 2 allows pulling objects from secure mountings, or opponets grasp with dicipline. So if force user can rip vehicle mounted blaster repeater loose with move it should also be enough to rip anything out of even wookies hands. Move and damage... Damage is resolved following all the rules for ranged attacks p. 284. So I would say cover and other defensive benefits should apply as opposing pool for the required dicipline throw.
  9. As we are talking about minions. Do minions get one action per minion per round of combat or just one action per minion group per round? Both could be reasonable: 1. minions are just poor fighters so skill bonuses would present group of storm troopers firing walls behind PCs and getting perhaps one hit. (One acton) 2. Minions are weaklings and only their combat resolve is low. They get morale bonus from the group as they act together represented by skill die per minion rule. And by facing nemesis level enemies (PC) they trigger fear which is presented with removal of skill dice to minimum of basic attribute when alone. (Action per minion)
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